Will Australia Ban Cigarettes and Increase E-Cig Safety & Research


Advocates that are against smoking in Australia are really pushing to have tobacco cigarettes outlawed, and they have been for years. However, until recently there has never been a major country even push to outlaw tobacco and smoking. Well with the introduction of E-cigs a lot could change.

The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia released an article stating that Australia may very well be the first nation to outlaw smoking entirely. Their government had funded E-cigarette trials, and studies are underway as we speak to clear the E-cig as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. They have made room in the budget for this one million dollar study to be completed in 2015, and lawmakers will then decide on the fate of Australia’s smokers. Traditional tobacco laden cigarettes could very well be outlawed and the E-cig offered as a replacement or substitute option for smokers to wean themselves more easily.

Coral Gartner has been elected to oversee the newest study that has been funded by the Australian government and conducted at  the University of Queensland’s Center for Clinical Research. More than 1500 smokers will be followed in hopes that researchers can find substantial evidence that the electronic cigarette is in fact the answer needed for smokers to be able to quit tobacco once and for all.

Gartner stated that , “These types of products have the potential to be beneficial to public health if they are used to completely replace the traditional cigarette. It would be a shame not to explore how they could be used to maximise public health while trying to minimise potential unwanted effects such as making smoking appear glamorous.”

Electronic cigarettes have been wholeheartedly embraced in many countries across the globe, however there are some countries who are not so welcoming. Vaping in these not so welcoming countries is still considered as an unsafe alternative, and the Australians are hoping to find that conclusion is wrong.

In early 2013 France actually banned electronic cigarette usage in public because they said a study proved that there were carcinogenic chemicals proven to have been in the vapours of the e-cigarettes. The ban is still in effect though this “study” has in fact been discredited. For example, in March a study was done in the United States which found that while there were in fact some carcinogens in the vapour they were still almost 500 times less than the amount of carcinogens which are found in tobacco smoke. The Australian government is out to find out the bottom line that lies under the contradicting studies and distinguish whether or not an E-cig is in fact a safe alternative, and the E-cig is an ever growing trend among Aussies.

A bar patron named Damian Duncan openly used his E-cig, and when interviewed he said that his electronic cigarette actually saved his life, and a Campbelltown couple said that they had tried to quit and failed after spending thousands on many different methods and trends to stop smoking. Until the electronic cigarette nothing worked at all, but now neither of them use tobacco. Kevin Husband went on to call e-cigarettes “the miracle cure.” Husband said, “I’ve not had a cigarette since November last year.” Andrew Washbourne is a former smoker and he stated that he felt like a whole new person. He had been smoking since he was eleven years old, and that was more than forty years ago. Washbourne made the switch to electronic cigarettes and has not looked back. He says, “I can now walk up the stairs again.”

There is a revolution taking place and it is making the difference in many lives around the world. It is the e-cig revolution, and it is changing the way people look at smoking possibly forever. Do you think with a replacement for traditional cigarettes Australians will embrace a total smoking ban?


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