What you need to know about e-cigarette scams


If you are thinking about buying your e-cigarettes from a small company, then you may be experiencing some concerns about the issue of being scammed, particularly if you wish to purchase online.

The reason for the concern lies in media reports about businesses that have made a number of over-assertive claims about the e-cigarettes that they produce. Customers are encouraged to expect a lot, and then are disappointed when the product that arrives turns out to be less than perfect. There are also some businesses that hype up their products and then send e-cigarettes that are ineffective, or that break after a single use. Almost all e-cigarette users have had some negative experience, including nasty or pushy marketing, products that have faults, or even purchases that aren’t what they were represented to be.

Although e-cigarettes may have changed the way that smokers manage their day-to-day craving, it is easy to be mis-sold an item when you buy online. If you are concerned about buying e-cigarettes, then you need to understand a few things about avoiding low-quality products and being wary of e-cigarette scams by identifying the traits of these companies.

China and E-cigarettes: a history

One thing many smokers in the West don’t realise is that China was the founding country of e-cigarettes. They may also not realise that the greater majority of e-cigarette brands are made in China. What they are more familiar with is the idea that people in China work very long hours for very little in order to keep the Chinese economy going. Many companies feel the need to provide large amounts of product for a very low cost, and this can result in some businesses choosing to cut corners and make their products from cheap or unsuitable materials.

While this can mean that a number of poor-quality products can trace their origins to China, there are also other companies that don’t cut costs, including names such as Janty, Dekang and Ruyan. These companies make high-quality products that are in high demand among e-cigarette users.

Why Chinese e-cigarettes may be a problem

Even though there are many high-quality e-cigarettes made in China, one of the biggest problem lies in the production of e-liquids. This is the chemical inside the e-cigarette which provides the nicotine hit, and is essential for a good experience when using an e-cigarette. The problem is that even high-quality brands such as Dekang will allow companies to re-sell their products under another name, so that the e-liquids are often described differently, and are under a different brand, but still taste the same. This can be very disappointing.

If you want to make sure that you get a reliable e-liquid each time, and that you will be getting the product that you order when you buy from a company, it makes sense to get some experience with Dekang’s liquid products. Learn about the flavours offered by the company, and you may soon be able to spot the Dekang flavours even when listed by another company. This is because the latter will change the Dekang name only slightly.

A second problem with e-liquid lies in the product itself. The origin of the product that you are purchasing needs to have a clear country of origin on it. If you can’t see the origin name on the product, then you should assume that it has been made in China. It is quite rare for companies to sell their products within an origin name on it, and this can be a warning sign that you are dealing with a business that is less circumspect about supplying their products.

Unsupported claims and other traits

If you want to avoid an e-cigarette scam, then one of the first things that you should look out for is claims concerning the battery life of your e-cigarette. This claim will state that the battery will hold out for more than 500 draws, or vapes, of the e-cigarette. In fact, the small battery which is standard for the e-cigarette may be much less. For example, you will be able to have around 45 vapes or draws of a cigarette using a 90 mah power battery. If you can’t see a label stating how much MAH the battery has, then you should avoid buying that product.

Another trait which many scamming companies will have is poor service for customers. The majority of e-cigarette companies are new, and this means that they are often side-projects of a larger firm. With little money to hire staff, these companies are often run by two or three people. This means that they are likely to fall down on customer service.

However, small companies which are a new set-up, and where often there are two founders or CEOs, working as distributor, packer and customer service rep, may be able to provide you with a great e-cigarette. For first-timers, larger companies are still able to offer you great customer service, which will be vital when you are buying an e-cigarette online.


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