What is an E-Cigarette?


So what is an E-Cigarette? An E-Cigarette, also called electronic cigarette or e-cig is an electrical device. It vaporizes a polyethylene glycol based liquid into a mist, simulating the act of tobacco smoking.This is a very popular tobacco replacement. Electronic  Cigarette looks very similar to the traditional tobacco cigarette; it also feels like a traditional cigarette. Furthermore, there are hundreds of tastes which you can choose from.

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E-Cigarette history

We have known E-Cigarettes since the year 2003. Since that time, they have been very popular, especially in Europe and USA. Millions of people around the world use these cigarettes instead of using tobacco cigarettes due to the fact of danger causing them lung cancer.

The main difference of E-Cigarette is that it is less harmful for your lungs and body. This cigarette works very similar to the ordinary cigarette when you smoke it. If people choose an e-cigarette, they rarely return to the tobacco cigarette.

In most cases, the cartridge includes the atomizer too. When it connects the main battery, the coils have been activated too, and it causes transforming the nicotine liquid into vapour. This vapour looks and feels very similar to smoke from a real cigarette.

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Your dream came true

What is an e-cigarette

Imagine – you can smoke anywhere you want. No restrictions, no other limits. If you want you can smoke in a shop, in airport, restaurant, etc. Sounds too good to be true? Not anymore! You can smoke almost everywhere you want. Why?

It is very simple – E-Cigarette does not produce ash, smoke or other poisonous ingredients, which are produced by regular cigarette. It produces only the pure water vapour.

Now you probably think what is the point of using an E-Cigarette, if it does not produce anything, you usually inhale while smoking regular cigarette? Again, the answer is really simple. E-Cigarette produces the most important ingredient you want – nicotine.

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Why try E-Cigarette?

There are many reasons why to switch from regular cigarettes to E-Cigarette. It is free of tar and other chemicals, and it’s also cheaper and healthier.

A very important bonus to E-Cigarette is that it doesn’t produce second-hand smoke. This is really important if you have kids or other non-smokers around you. So why stick with old-fashion regular cigarettes if you can use a brand-new type of cigarette?

We believe that E-Cigarette is the future of smoking. We are sure, that E-Cigarette will bring the new era of smoking, so don’t think long. We suggest you to try it yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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