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Vype is a well known e-cigarette brand in the UK. At the moment they offer 3 different starter kits – eStick kit, ePen kit and eTank kit. All three starter kits are very affordable and range from £12.99 to £19.99. For this review I used most popular Vype’s kit – Vype ePen starter kit. It cost me £14.99. Let’s take a closer look to Vype E-pen..vype epen packaging


The Packing and Shipping

For a newbie to vaping, the Vype ePen Starter Kit has been an awesome device for me. It came with everything I needed to get started and was so carefully packaged and double packed for shipping, there is no doubt that it would arrive in top condition. Just because of how it was packaged and arrived, told me that I had picked the right manufacturer to go with as I begin this journey of vaping. And there was no long wait to get my product either. I ordered on a Monday and it was here for me to get started that weekend, so by the following Monday I had become a vaper and I am now proud to say that I am no longer a smoker!vype epen kit[vc_separator]

The Battery and Responsiveness

This unit came with a USB charger, which is great because I can let it charge up on my computer’s USB port while I work and it’s ready to go when I take my vape break at work. The charge holds for a long time and has a lot of charges per battery. More than what it claims to (around 300 charging cycles) it seems like to me. I did buy a backup battery as Vype recommended, but I haven’t charged it up to start using it yet, which I know I should. But the one battery has lasted and done so well, I haven’t felt the need to have a backup ready. The responsiveness of the unit when I push the button for a drag is great! So easy to operate and choose my own level of nicotine, this has made going from tobacco to vaping so smooth.vype battery


The Vapour and Flavours

The Vype ePen e-liquid caps are easy-to-change, even for a klutz like me! I haven’t had any spills yet and don’t see it happening either. With just one gentle click of the button, I am enjoying one of the several flavours that Vype offers. I started off with their Master Blend flavour and it was not a disappointment at all. It offered a rich and smooth flavour that gave my throat just the right hit. At the moment Vype offers 4 nicotine strengths: 0mg (nicotine free), 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.

With my first order of five, I went with two of the Blended Tobacco and I must say the toasted tobacco notes were much smoother than I anticipated, and I also ordered two of the Golden Tobacco flavour that gave me the smooth golden tobacco note as promised along with a sweet caramel hint too. For my fifth flavour and the free flavour that Vype offers, I went with the Crushed Mint and it gave me just what the description promised: a combination of refreshing mint and vanilla notes and that cooling finish that made my vaping experience totally new again.

vype epen caps

My next order will include the Fresh Apple, Dark Cherry and Wild Berries. These three sound as if they may be fruity, which is not something I am a fan of, but so far I have not been disappointed with any of Vype’s flavouring and I’m sure I won’t be. A co-worker ordered hers the same time and has tried all of the flavours, starting with the mix flavour package.

She has grown a fondness of the Infused Vanilla and I gotta say, smelling it, I may just have to give that blend of sweet and creamy vanilla with the caramel tones a try one day soon. I may even order the mix flavour pack again, on purpose, and keep it on hand for an emergency when I run out of my Golden Tobacco or the Blended Tobacco that I tend to favour.[vc_separator]

Vype ePen video review


The Guarantee and Warranty

My worry about ordering online has always been about any issues with returning defective or unwanted merchandise. I had misordered the multipack of flavours at first and their customer service team at Vype is just awesome. They, of course, asked me if I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep them and give them a try, but when I was hesitant, they quickly gave me the authorisation to return them and a full refund was issued quickly. As well, the first carry case I ordered for my Vype epen had a small hole in it upon receipt and they were very apologetic and sent a replacement with instructions on how to return the defective one.


In closing of my review for this marvellous Vype epen, I am overall very pleased with the product. The assortment of flavours is way above anything I would have ever expected, the price point is right on the mark and I have actually saved some money versus what I was spending on traditional tobacco products. My friends that are still smoking tobacco are checking out my Vype epen with great curiosity and I’m sure some of them, if not all of them, will be converting to vaping soon.

I ordered the e-cig carry case and the e-cig pouch that are sold by Vype for this epen and so glad I did, even though the first one was defective. It has made it easier to transport in my handbag and looks so much nicer when I pull my epen out of either one. That is one downside I have to say about the epen from Vype, I wish they included one or both of these in the starter kit, even though you don’t “need” them to get started. But it would be a nice bonus to have.

And while the USB charger is transportable and convenient when you’re close to a USB port, it would be nice if they would offer a wall charge for both EU and US voltage. They may not be the biggest sellers for this company, but it would be a bonus to offer their clients.

But for the overall value and the excellent product that Vype has on the market with this epen, those are very minor things I have mentioned. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is considering to quit smoking and needs a way to wing away or anyone that is just simply considering vaping for the pleasure it brings.


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