Vype E-Tank Review


The Packaging and Shipping

I have recently decided to quit smoking and wanted to give the electronic cigarette a try. I started out with the Vype eTank and I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant ordering online when there are several vape shops near me. But the shipping was very reasonable and arrived quicker than I expected.  And my concern over the condition it would be in after shipping from another part of the world was put to rest when I opened the box. It was packed as cushioned as fine china with all parts in perfect condition.

Each part that makes a whole device was individually packaged in thick packing material and then the whole thing was packaged within more thick packing materials. Some of my friends said that would be annoying to them, but to me, it was reassurance that Vype is a company that wants their product to arrive in top condition as it was shipped in for their customers to be able to start enjoying their device and not have to return for repair or replacement right off.

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The Battery and Responsiveness

The battery is described to give around 300 charging cycles for this Vype eTank, and while I haven’t kept an exact count, it has provided me more than 300 for sure.  Other vaper users I know have experienced way less battery use from theirs and many are asking where I got mine. My third replacement battery arrived with no power to it all, which was a concern, but I contacted the customer service department and had a new one the next day that was as full and ready to go as the first two batteries were. This eased my concerns quickly about whether buying an online brand was a smart decision. [vc_separator]

The Vapour and Flavourings

The assortment of flavours with the Vype eTank doesn’t have as many choices as some of the others I have looked at, but the flavours they do offer are awesome.  And you can create your own, which is not as common for online purchases as it is in retail stores. The bottles come in 10ml and you can choose the nicotine strength, which has allowed me to slowly wing myself off. I started with the 12 mg/ml and have lowered to the 6 mg/ml now and hope to drop to the 0 mg/ml with my next order.

Because vaping is still new to me, I started out with basic flavours of Blended Tobacco and Golden Tobacco. Both were completely satisfying and tasteful without being too strong. I’ve tried others my friends have purchased that were almost like sucking down a strong cigar and very unpleasant. My next flavour choices to try were the Fresh Apple with its mixture of zesty green apples and cool mint, and the Dark Cherry with its mix of dark cherry with red fruit notes.

I loved both flavours, but the Dark Cherry has been my favourite so far and I always order 4 when I take advantage of Vype’s offer buying 5 and get one free, using the freebie for a taste test of a new flavour. I recently received the Oriental Spice and will most likely give the caramel, nutty flavour a try before long. Personally, I am slow to try other flavours, so the buy 5 get 1 offer has been great for me.

My next purchase I’ll give the Rich Aniseed flavour a try, but I don’t see floral undertones being a flavour I’ll want to inhale. And the Vanilla with its blend of caramel tones will be on the order to follow after that, but again, I’m not a big vanilla smell fan. But if Vype holds up to their surprises with me as they have so far, these could very well turn into two of my favourites! And for certain, I’ll be looking for Vype to come out with new flavours in the near future, which I am sure will be just as great a quality as the flavours they have now. [vc_separator]

The Guarantee and Warranty

Another concern with buying online for was the guarantee and warranty. They all say they are 100% money back guarantee with a great warranty for any problems, but not all companies follow through.  I had one shipment of flavours that arrived with a leak. I notified the company and they quickly sent me a replacement order, overnight shipping! And they included a return label to send the defective order, the whole order, not just the leaky one, which was great customer service in my opinion.  I’ve heard nightmare tales from others with on online and retail purchases, so I was very nervous about this. But Vype proved to be true to their word with their device, the battery and chargers, the flavours. Just the whole overall product experience has been way beyond my expectations and well matched to buying local retail. [vc_separator]

In Conclusion

My overall opinion of the Vype eTank product is everything and more that the manufacturer promises. Their eLiquids contain pharmaceutical grade glycerol, nicotine, propylene glycol, and water, meeting what appears to be very high required standards with ingredients that are shipped in only from the EU. This makes me feel confident they are keeping a close eye on not just how they manufactured their product, how they package and ship their product, but the ingredients as well. And all this would explain why the end result is an e-cig that fulfills their promise and has given me exactly what I was looking for when I decided to quit smoking.

Taking a puff from various friends other brands here and there, I have some comparison ability and can truly say that their flavourings are the best I’ve experienced. Each flavour has been fresh when I first opened it and stayed fresh until I had used it completely. They say they test their own flavours and products at Vype and from the richness each flavour I have tried, I believe that to be the honest truth. As I said earlier, Vype has proved to be true to their word and it is going to take a great show-n-tell from another brand to get me to switch.


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