VIP E-Cig cartridges

VIP E-Cig cartridgesVIP is another electronic cigarette brand which is based in the UK. I must say that it’s quite popular here, but I don’t prefer it. (Just my personal thoughts).  There are many cons about this brand, however, there are also several pros. Main thing that I like about this brand is VIP E-Cig cartridges. Yes, maybe this isn’t the best brand available, but at least cartridges are quite decent. Huge bonus for VIP E-Cig cartridges is that they are pretty affordable. Also it really nice that you can choose various packages. At the moment they offer 4 different packages – pack of 5, pack of 10, pack of 20 and pack of 50 cartridges. This is great, because you can easily choose. For example, if you just want to try a new flavour, possibly you will choose pack of 5, however, if you want to re-stock your most favourite cartridges, then you will choose pack of 20 or pack of 50, which means you can save money.

There are still several brands offers only pack of 10 cartridges or more. This can be waste of money, if you just want to experiment with different flavours. If you want to read full VIP electronic cigarette review, please click here.

pack of 5 cartridges costs £8.99,

pack of 10 cartridges costs  £16.92,

pack of 20 cartridges costs  £31.90,

pack of 50 cartridges costs £78.90.

Also there are quite a lot flavours available. You can choose from 7 different flavours or you can choose to receive mixed pack of cartridges. They offer following flavours:

  • Apple,
  • Strawberry,
  • Menthol, 
  • Tobacco,
  • Coffee,
  • Vanilla,
  • Cherry,
  • Mixed flavours ( includes 1x cherry, 1x apple, 1x coffee, 1x vanilla and 1x strawberry)

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