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Vapouriz has been one of the fastest growing companies in the United Kingdom. This company was founded in 2011 and over the past few years it has expanded rapidly to become one of UK’s leading distributors of electronic cigarettes. The company does not only serve the United Kingdom but it has expanded its market base to cover South America and Australia. The company distributes a wide range of electronic cigarette products as well as selling quite a number of electronic cigarettes. The company also offers a wide range of cartomizers flavours and one thing that is quite unique about this company is that it always keeps the nicotine concentration low. The nicotine contents are kept at a minimum of between 1.2% and 1.8%. The many flavours offered by Vapouriz include Tobacco, Cherry, menthol, classic tobacco as well as caramel tobacco.

In order to satisfy the different needs of the customers, Vapouriz provides over a hundred different variations of different flavours which are also in four different nicotine strengths. Currently, users can have a total of five different starter kits and these are: Tank, Solo, Gemini Pro, Gemini and Gemini Hard. These five different starter kits may look confusing but users can get full details on the comparisons of the starter kits in order to help them adequately choose what suits their needs.

Each of the five starter kits has got different specifications and it is important for the users to carefully examine the composition in order to choose what is best for them. Nonetheless, one of the major and very popular kits is the Gemini Pro. This kit is a favourite to many users and competes favourably with other brands of the same level. The Gemini Pro starter kit includes one USB charge cable, two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which are rated 180mAh, a mains adapter, five refill cartomizers and one portable charge case which is rated 1250 mAh.

Packaging and design

vapouriz flavourAt first sight the Vapouriz Gemini Pro kit looks very appealing to the eye. The kit arrives in a black cardboard box which has a plastic window that reveals the portable charge case. The contents inside look even better as they are neatly arranged and the designed of most of the things inside the box are spectacular.

To begin with, the portable charge case is made of rubberised black coating which feels comfortable and convenient to handle. The charge casing has space for two batteries and three cartomizers. This is pretty much convenient and does quite better when compared to most of its competition. Apart from the excellent aesthetics, the portable case looks quite durable and would satisfy the needs of most of the customers.

Apart from the PCC other components such as the USB charge cable are quite decent as well. The cartomizer’s flavour can be identified easily as there is a hygiene sticker at the vaping end. The flavour type is clearly printed on this sticker and users wouldn’t have a problem identifying the flavour they want. There is also a user manual included in the kit. The user manual is very informative and would especially handy for users who will use the kit for the first time. However, for people who are experienced in sing electronic cigarettes, the user manual is of no significance as it only states the obvious.

Flavour and Vapour

The Vapouriz Gemini Pro kit features a 2-piece electronic cigarette which is quite common and popular among the users. It also features a rechargeable batteries as well as a cartomizer. However, users should take note that with the Gemini Pro kit, the flavour options are restricted to either menthol fresh or classic tobacco. Using this is kit is fairly simple and straight forward. Just like any other 2-piece electronic cigarette, vaping starts with screwing the cartomizer into the battery. Users should then remove the hygiene sticker which is placed covering the vape opening. Once this is done, users can in inhale through the vape opening and this would activate the automatic system. At the battery’s tip there is a green light that will light up to indicate that the battery is in use and the electronic cigarette is in use.

The two flavours available are nothing special from the normal flavours that other e-cigs offer. However, the amount of vapour produced is enough and the satisfactory.


The two lithium ion batteries should be charged for a period of between one and two hours in order to fully charge them. Once fully charged, these batteries would last users the whole day and they wouldn’t need to charge them again during the day.

vapouriz battery

Conclusion and Summary

In general the Gemini Pro kit offers above average performance. The performance is commendable and users would actually enjoy the experience of using these kits. The aesthetics and the flavours are all above average and this is why you should choose this electronic cigarette brand.



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