Vaping – an addiction or a hobby?


Vaping is definitely more of a hobby than it is an addiction. While smokers who are addicted to nicotine may use e Cigs to quit, most people will simply not become a vapour addict.

In reality most people who use tobacco do not switch to e Cigs with any real expectations of ceasing their smoking habit. They either are curious, or they want to have nicotine available in situations where using traditional tobacco is unacceptable or even against the law.

There are more than 4000 different chemicals found in traditional cigarette smoke, and after many years a smoker can really feel the effects of those chemicals and the toll they have taken on their health. The e Cig is a much healthier alternative.

While vaping is a newfound hobby for many, studies have also shown that almost 75% of those who stopped smoking with an e Cig also quit vaping within 52 weeks as well. Those who continued done so mostly as a hobby either with or without nicotine.

So, the choice is yours. You can quit or reduce nicotine all together, or simply test drive an e Cig as an alternative to tobacco and see how it works for you. These are the healthier alternatives in the fight against cancer and second hand smoke as well as the fight for life. Make the choice to change your life today.



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