Vapestick Review


Vapestick review – Is This an E-Cigarette Worth Buying?

I’m not familiar with Vapestick’s product, but I have known them. The products have been on sale in Harrods, Argos, Costco, and most recently; Tesco.

There aren’t many reviews for Vapestick’s products so for this Vapestick review I decided to buy their Classic Starter Kit; which cost me £13.99 and only took a few days to deliver.

Review updated on 30.09.2014!


First impressions: Looks promising. The presentation quality of the packaging
and branding is very professional. Vapestick Classic Starter Kit includes:

  • Rechargeable batteries x2
  • 2x cartomisers
  • USB charger
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1x flip-top box.

Battery/ Responsiveness

Again, the Vapestick ‘looks the part’ with the branding published along the side with a nice. The feel of the product is smooth, and sleek to the touch.

The battery is responsive to the draw (inhale), and the draw was smooth, too. However, with all smaller E-Cigarettes, the total battery life is reduced and will need recharging on a regular basis. The battery should, according to Vapestick, last around 6—7 hours when recharged.

It’s a shame that this product didn’t come with a portable charging case. As detailed in my SKYCIG report, portable charging cases allow the user to recharge the batteries when on the move. Vapestick do have a portable charging case, though; it’s sold separately (£14.99 without Posting & Packaging). This accessory, in my opinion, is essential for E-Cigarettes. If you need PCC, you can simply order Full XL starter kit for £29.99, which is really good deal.

If you’re regularly on the move then you may want to find a more durable battery. If you’ve got access to a power outlet then you need not worry since you can charge the device via the wall or USB adapter.

vapestick battery

Flavour/ Vapour

You will receive 2 cartridges with Classic kit or 5 with Full XL kit. In my opinion, 2 cartridges will be enough for the beginning. Vapestick claim that 1 cartridges will last around 100 puffs; this is a realistic count when compared to other companies.

One of the major differences Vapestick has when it comes to their cartridges is that they have a separate atomiser where the majority of other leading electronic cigarette brands have moved away from this kind of ‘3 piece’ design to the  easier ‘2 piece’.

2 years ago Vapestick offered “3-piece” design, however, now they offer traditional “2-piece” design, because it is much easier to use. In my opinion “3-piece” design was pretty pointless.

vapestick cartridgesThe refill cartridges come in a nice package. (check out pic on the right). The cartridges are sealed to keep them fresh, which is a bonus. The bottle in the Classic Starter Kit comes with 2 cartridges (original flavour with 1.8% nicotine strength.).

However, Vapestick offer more flavours and nicotine strengths for Full XL starter kit:

  • Original
  • Tobacco
  • Apple
  • Menthol
  • Vanilla
  • Cherry

All flavours are available with different nicotine strength (0%, 1.1%, 1.8% and 2.4%)

The refill cartridges are screwed onto the battery. When the cartridge was first attached, I found than I had to take a few primer drags to get the cartridge to heat the liquid before it produced  decent amount of vapour.

The original tobacco flavour taste similar across the range of other E-Cigarette’s tobacco flavours, they also produce a suitable amount of vapour. Also the ‘throat hit’ is pretty good.

The menthol flavour wasn’t very good compared to the versions of other E-Cigarette brands, though this could be the result of the atomiser—I used a tobacco-flavoured cartridge before testing the menthol, so there was a lingering flavour.

However, apple, vanilla and cherry flavours were really good. I also got a decent vapour production from these cartridges.

Starter Kits

Vapestick have 4 available options:

Single Classic Starter Kit (I used this one for testing):

  • 1 battery (150mAh),
  • 2x cartomisers,
  • 1x USB charged,
  • flip-top box and instructions
  • Price: £13.99

Single XL Starter Kit:

  • 1 battery (180mAh),
  • 2x cartomisers,
  • 1x USB charged.
  • Price: £13.99

Full XL Starter Kit:

  • 2x batteries (180mAh),
  • PCC (personal charging case),
  • 5x cartomisers (various flavours and nicotine strengths available)
  • 1x USB charger for PCC,
  • 1x USB charger for E-Cigarette battery,
  • 1x user manual,
  • Price: £29.99

MAX Kit (EGO style e-cigarettes):

  • 2x batteries(650mAh),
  • 6x cartomisers,
  • 1x usb charger,
  • 1x wall plug,
  • 1x carry pouch,
  • 1x user manual.
  • Price: £19.99 – £34.99.

Also Vapestick offers various disposable kits.

Vapestick video review

Guarantee/ Warranty

VAPESTICK® offers a 30 days ‘no-hassle’ Returns Policy for all products purchased from our on-line store at

“If any product purchased directly from our on-line store has any kind of fault, simply return it to us with a covering letter and we will replace it, or provide you with a full refund, including the cost of your original postage. Please note that this Returns Policy does not apply to VAPESTICK products that were purchased elsewhere.”— Vapestick Guarantee.

From the purchase date, you may return the non-faulty device within 1 week, for faulty, 1 month (30 days), but please ensure you read carefully through their policy.

Customer Service

There’s various ways to contact with Vapestick’s customer service. They’ve got a no-charge phone-number, Facebook and Twitter page, and also via their support channel on their website (the main form of contact.) I have heard from other sources that they are quick to respond to any queries or problems, so everything is good on this this front.


The quality of package presentation, website accessibility, and flavour ranges, and also vapour volume; are good. However, the ‘3-piece’ design (Battery, Atomiser, and a ‘plug-in’ refill cartridge) aren’t for me.

In my opinion it is great, that Vapestick finally changed their design to ‘2-piece’ design. As I said before, for this review I used Classic starter kit, but I recommend to check out Full XL kit or MAX kit, because these starter kits come with more useful options. Full XL contains PCC and 2.5x more cartridges than Classic kit. MAX kit will be a great choice, if you are looking for a powerful EGO-type e-cigarette. If you begin with this product  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

But when all-said-and-done; E-Cigarettes are designed to wean you away from regular cigarettes. Any E-Cigarette is better than none (if you’re a smoker.)


  1. I bought online the classic starter for myself and one for my husband, but we have been unable to use them because the vapour is too strong on the back of our throats and makes us cough. I originally bought the medium strength cartridges as we smoke Golden Virginia roll ups which are stronger than cigarettes, but as that was far too strong, I then bought the lesser strength which is still too strong. I can,t afford to make any more mistakes buying the wrong ones again. Is there any point in my buying the zero strength? Does it have any flavour at all. We desperately want to try to stop smoking. Our Vapesticks have been abandoned in a drawer but now we want to try again, so have you any advice on what cartridges I can buy that won,t make us cough? . Thank You. Kind Regards. Janet Deprose.

    • Hi Janet,

      I’m sorry to hear that you are having some problems.
      At the moment you are using 1.1% Vapestick cartridges?

  2. A friend recently gave me a Vapestick and at first I was a bit sceptical that it would compare to smoking my normal Golden Virginia.

    The first drag was a lot stronger than I was expecting and it made me cough. After that I found that I could get a decent, satisfying drag simply by just not pulling so hard.
    I think it just takes getting used to, I haven’t smoked ‘tailor-made’ fags for years and so the size of the Vapestick was a bit weird at first and might account for getting too strong a hit the first time.

    Now I can’t do without it and it’s saving me a fortune, one cartomizer lasts me a week, shame about the battery life though.

  3. I have used Vapestick for the last year.

    When they were first released they did, indeed, have a separate atomiser. Now they have the 2 piece design. I bought the black XL range that does have a rechargeable e-cigarette box that holds one complete stick and then a slot that charges the battery part and three slots for the atomiser of your choice.

    I have found that the battery life is pretty good and have no complaints. The flavours are varied and completely depend on taste although I wouldn’t recommend the tobacco flavour. I can carry them around in the recharger box (which is matte black and is well made) that can recharge a battery around four or five times before it needs recharging.

    I’ll admit that this has been the one and only e-cigarette that I have used and it stopped me smoking real cigarettes from the outset. It’s easy to order online and they always have a sale of some sort.

    I can highly recommend them based upon my experience. I have had my set for over a year and the batteries are still going strong. A single atomiser cartridge lasts quite a while and the hit is wonderful.

    • I have smoked for a number of years now and have stopped and started and stopped and started. During this time I always still wanted a cigarette. I brought this vapestick and have been completely taken back by how successfully it has been at stopping me from smoking. In my view as a smoker it is one of the best inventions of the 21st century and I’d recommend it to anyone. Sometimes it does feel a little harsh on my throat but baring in mind I’ve not smoked a cigarette since I’ve brought it immediately overjoyed. Needless to say it certainly works for me

  4. I have used this company for a while. My last purchase had a shortage and although vapestick confirmed they would send a replacement, they never did. I sent them numerous emails and used their contact sheet. I have still not received a reply and it’s been close to a month now. I won’t be using them again and would not recommend them either. There are plenty of other e cigarette companies out there .

  5. Initially, I was really impressed with the style of the vaporisers and I have purchased about £250 of the products online.
    However, when I first bought two packs of 2x pre-filled clearomisers the black mouthpiece broke onthe one, the second one cracked and leaked in my pocket another one just doesn’t work. I still persevered with Vapestick but now have more problems with my most recent order:
    The max PLUS battery – the button has broken after only two days of use.
    The slimline e-cig re-chargable case just doesn’t work.
    The two chrome slimline e-cigs now take around 7 hours to charge before the green light comes on.
    My favorite products are in fact the pre-filled tobacco clearomisers 1.8 because I love the taste and look and also the chrome cigarette design smaller ones as these help me at work and in the office. I also find the cartomisers more robust than the refillable clearomiser and use these a lot.
    When I contacted Vapestick after they just returned the broken items – no letter and no attempt to remedy the situation via refund or replacement – I was patronised by a so-called manager and told to use their other product which was better. When I asked to speak t the MD I was told there wasnt one and could hear others laughing on the phone. Diabolical product and service – this is such a shame because I still like the flavour the best.

  6. I too have had some big problems with Vapestick after nearly 2 years of trouble freevaping. I don’t know why this has happened but it has and I feel quality of product has declined badly in recent months. I have contacted them twice and had no reply to either. Where is the so called “fantastic customer service” that I see in many of the reviews. Its seems to be non existent or they are deliberately ignorning the problems Ive had. They range from faulty batteries ….. yes plural …… and leaking tops. Out of 3 twin packs Ive just bought, 3 out of 4 so far have leaked. Its not good enough and no one sems to want to know. I never even asked for a replacement initially because having never had an issue before, I thought I was just unlucky but the more I dig the more problems I’m finding. If Vapestick doesn’t improve on their product quality then I fear the end is in sight for them. I was once an extremely happy customer but now I’m about to change brands but I will them one last opportunity to put things right.

  7. The vapstick xl starter kit… The cartomisers leak into your mouth, it gave me a horrible sore throat and cough, not to mention how dangerous that could be. Happened with 3 of the ones that actually came with the kit, and then again with a refill pack of 4 I purchased a week later. I find it hard to believe customer services when they told me they’d never had this issue raised to them before. Unfriendly customer service at best. Changing brands.

  8. Vapestic started off well when i initially purchased my kit a few years ago, but as of late its really getting beyond a joke with the regularity that they are unable to fulfil my order, just a look at their records and you can see this isn’t the first time, and it doesn’t surprise me that they are starting to get poor reviews from people.
    Surely its someones job to monitor stock levels of popular items and reorder when they get to a certain minimum stock level!? For a company of their size and generating their revenue they don’t seem to be able to keep up or organise themselves very well, constantly running out and then a 2 week wait for supplies, c’mon, really!!?
    Maybe its time to switch to another make/brand completely, their cartridges don’t even last as long as they used to, which again makes me question the quality levels have maybe dropped to try and save a few pounds for the sake of quality and satisfied customers happy with a quality product!?


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