A Closer Look At Vape Coil Wire Types

coil wires

There are 5 main types of coil for vaping: Kanthal, Nickel, Nichrome, Titanium and Stainless Steel, each with their own characteristics and benefits for the user. Here, we look more closely at the different vape coil types so you can make a more informed choice about which is the best wire for vaping for you.

A Kanthal Wire Guide

Kanthal wires have been around for a long time and are still the most common option for pre-made coils. Kanthal is an alloy made up of iron, aluminium and chromium which is very resistant to oxidation and which can be used for wattage vaping. The ideal beginner vape wire for novices in rebuilding, kanthal is stiff enough to maintain its shape when made into coils, but is still simple to work with. It is also affordable and readily available, making it a great choice although it cannot be used for TC vaping.

A Nichrome Wire Vape

Nichrome is another type of coil which is perfect for wattage vaping. This alloy is made from chromium and nickel but may also have other metals in it including iron. Similar in behaviour to kanthal, nichrome’s resistance is lower and it heats more rapidly. It is simple to work with and maintains its shape well, however its lower melting temperature means that you have to take care if dry burning the coils. As nichrome also contains nickel, it isn’t suitable for those with allergies.

Stainless Steels Coils For Vaping

Stainless steel is unique among vape wire types as it can be used for either temperature control or wattage vaping. This makes it perfect for those who want the versatility to switch between modes for extra variety. Made mainly of carbon, nickel and chromium, stainless steel wire is simple to shape and holds its structure well while also offering a speedier ramp time than kanthal coils.

Nickel Vaping Wire

Sometimes called Ni200 wire, nickel wire is made from pure nickel and was the original wire used for TC mods. The downside to this vape coil wire type is that it is very soft and so can be hard to make into uniform coils. They also deform easily when wicking after being mounted, and also as they are made from nickel they aren’t great for anyone with an allergy.

Titanium Wire For Vaping

The final wire we’ll look at here is titanium. This pure TC wire type has caused some controversy, since some people are concerned that it isn’t safe to be used for vaping as it may release titanium dioxide, which is a toxic component, if it is used about 648 degrees Celsius (or 1200 degrees Fahrenheit). It is also hard to extinguish if it ignites and this means that it can be a liability for use in vaping devices. Nevertheless, many people still prefer this vape coil type and, as long as the TC mod is functioning correctly, it should be perfectly fine to use. Simple to make into coils and very easy to wick, it may be tricky to find but it is very effective.


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