V2 Pro Series 3 Review


V2 Pro Series 3 Review

A lot of changes and developments have taken place recently in the electronic cigarettes industry. It is a growing industry, yes, but it is also not without its stumbling blocks. For example, there was that issue on the FDA putting out restrictions on the accessibility of these e-cigarettes. Even the marketing of e-cigarettes is being looked into.

Naturally, e-cigarette companies have to adapt to these changes and make their own moves to counter the challenges constantly cropping up. One countermeasure is to keep on coming up with innovative ideas and implementing them effectively and efficiently. For V2 Cigs’ part, it is not enough that they continue with their existing product line. They are looking into new offerings, and that is exactly what the V2 Pro Series 3 is all about: something new. True, V2 Cigs has established itself to be a very reliable name when it comes to e-cigs, particularly for those who are just starting out. With the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer, they have definitely stepped up their game.

v2 pro series 3 review



V2 Pro Series Vapourizer Review

The V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer is one versatile e-cigarette. Aside from e-liquid, it can also make use of nicotine gel, nicotine wax, essential oils, and even loose tobacco leaves. To add to its functionality and versatility, it also boasts an edgy design that any discriminating e-cigs user would not say no to. The fact that it comes at an affordable price is also a major point in its favour.

But V2 Cigs did not go the easy way and copied what other e-cigs manufacturers did. Instead, they boldly came up with their own design with the V2 Pro Series 3.

Do not look for any threading in the V2 Pro Series. Attachments are made through the three magnetic drop-in mechanisms on the design. The three attachments are specifically for e-liquid, essential oils, and loose leaf tobacco.

v2 pro series 3 packaging

Unfortunately, users cannot choose just any attachment for the vaporiser. Except for e-liquid, the cartridges for loose leaf tobacco and essential oils must be purchased from V2. Other brands aside from V2 Cigs just won’t do. On the bright side, the cartridges have low prices. One e-liquid tank costs only £7.99. Those who want to make use of essential oils or loose leaf tobacco can purchase cartridges that cost £15.99 a piece.

One other advantage of being able to use only V2 loose lead and essential oil cartridges is that users won’t have to worry about leaks and problems caused by incompatibility. After all, V2 Cigs designed the V2 Pro Series 3 with V2 tanks or cartridges in mind.

Leaks are further prevented, thanks to the forward thinking applied by the designers of the V2 Pro Series 3. The small indentation at the top is put there to exactly fit the right type of cartridge. This means that having the wrong cartridge will not work (hence the exclusivity and zero incompatibility issues mentioned earlier).

Users who are used to, or familiar with, eGo e-cigarettes, won’t have a hard time adjusting to the V2 Pro Series 3, since they have basically the same size and measurements.

Of course, there won’t be any problems no matter what e-liquid tank is used. This is not the same for the loose leaf and essential oils, though. Why is the type of cartridge very important? Each cartridge formulated by V2 Cigs for the V2 Pro Series 3 has its own distinct characteristics. The loose leaf cartridge, for instance, requires preheating for several seconds before it can be used. In order to do that, the button must be pressed for a few seconds until the red light turns green. If you are using a cartridge other than a loose leaf one, you wouldn’t have to do this.


V2 Pro Series 3 as an E-Cigarette

E-cigarette design has certainly obtained an upgrade with the V2 Pro Series 3. Clearly, V2 Cigs had been keeping its eyes and ears open and implementing design concepts that e-cigs users have been looking for in their e-cigarettes.

One of them is the use of a magnetic charger. This is inarguably more convenient and user-friendly than traditional chargers. The strength of the magnet is also commendable, since it adds protection, securing the e-cigarettes even when it is accidentally left hanging or dangling from a USB port or a car or wall adapter. And it even ensures that the e-liquid does not leak out!

Another convenient point with the charger is how it allows the e-cig to be used even while it is charging. The V2 Pro works while charging and charges through a USB port or wall/car adapter.

The e-liquid tank is made from high-quality plastic that isn’t too bad on the eyes, either. Many may prefer a glass enclosure, but the quality of the plastic more than makes up for that. Even when exposed to heat or impact, the plastic is impervious to melting, bending, or cracking.

Users who are used to e-cigs with bottom-coil attachments may find the vapour produced by the V2 Pro Series 3 to be warm. This is normal since the e-liquid cartridge used is a top coil cartomizer that makes use of a wick. However, users should be cautious against putting the device to work too much, too soon, and too fast. This could result in the e-liquid flavours burning and losing their essence.

V2 Cigs put a solution to this by putting a mechanism where the V2 Pro automatically cuts off after pressing the fire button for around 10 seconds. This will effectively put a stop to burning.

What about throat hit? Certainly, there are other e-cigarettes that may fare better when it comes to throat hit, as compared to the V2 Pro Series 3. However, within its league (meaning, its price range), there is no doubt that the V2 Pro Series 3 will give you the most satisfying throat hit. I am definitely impressed at how it could produce so strong – and so much – a flavour, considering its modest price.


V2 Pro Series 3 as a Tobacco or Essential Oil Vapourizer

The main reason of many in taking up electronic cigarettes is to quit smoking tobacco. I was successful in doing exactly that when I made the switch. I no longer had any desire to get a taste of tobacco in any way, taste or form. That is why I was not able to test the V2 Pro Series 3 using the loose leaf tobacco and essential oil cartridges. Doing so would totally defeat the purpose of me taking up e-cigs in the first place.

Battery life of the V2 Pro Series 3 is also impressive, lasting 12 vaping sessions before the battery has to be recharged. The tobacco vaporizer’s chamber – which is detachable and, therefore, easier to maintain – must also be kept anywhere between 160 and 180 degrees CelsiusV2 Pro Series 3 Cartridges[vc_separator]

V2 Pro Series 7 and 9 Vapourizers

V2 Cigs clearly means business, refusing to stop at the V2 Pro Series 3. On the pipeline are two more APVs, rounding up V2 Cigs’ three vaporizer releases. I am talking about the V2 Pro Series 7 and Series 9 vaporizers.

Early sneak peeks show that the upcoming vaporizers make use of larger cartridges. However, it does not look like the cartridges can be used interchangeably with that of the Series 3 units.

The decision on whether to get the Series 3 or wait for any of the other two (which are undoubtedly more expensive) would depend largely on what e-cigarettes you are currently using. It does not make sense to wait for the later models if you are already using a more expensive one.

Of course, your vaping preference would also factor in the equation. If, like me, you want to steer clear of tobacco, then you might as well steer clear of this one or, at least, its loose leaf tobacco cartridge.

V2 Pro Vaporizer Series


V2 Pro Series 3 review: Conclusion

Without a doubt, smart e-cigs users will be drawn to the V2 Pro Series 3, with its intelligent design, user-friendly operation, and affordable price. In fact, it wins a lot of brownie points on design alone. From the design of the vaporizer itself to its magnet charger and its long battery life, it is definitely one device that users of electronic cigarettes would want to get their hands on. Ask the experts and they will agree that the Series 3 has the best price-performance ratio in the e-cigarette industry today.

It stands out for its ability to handle not only e-liquids but also loose leaf and essential oils. Nicotine gel and wax are also included. I do not think there are other brands out there that can do the same.

The design of the cartridge also ensures a leak-free vaping experience. This is certainly a plus since it eliminates any mess that is likely to occur.

The impressive battery life is also another strength of the Series 3. Add to that the convenience of using a magnetic battery, and there is no longer a need to worry about having to constantly maintain the battery. It’s a general perception that internal batteries perform best when it comes to vapour production. V2 Cigs managed to crack through that perception with this one.

So if you are still wondering which e-cigarette to use in your switch or on your quest to quit smoking nicotine, the V2 Pro Series 3 has a lot of features that make it the perfect choice.



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