V2 cigs UK: Full Product Review


V2 Cigs review – Now in the UK!

V2 Cigs is the number one e-cig brand currently available. Having been a market leader for a number of years, its products are set to be best-sellers for many years to come. While the prices from this premium brand may be a little higher, you can rest assured you are getting great value for money from these top quality products.

After investing for many years in the development and research of their products, V2 Cigs are now able to offer technologically advanced products with design features that enhance the vaping experience. Reliable, safe, clean and, above all, easy to use, the e-cigs offered by this brand are top notch.


Best V2 Cigs Products for 2018:

V2 Standard Kit

Standard KitThe V2 Classic Standard Starter Kit is a great value purchase for the new vaper who is just starting out with e-cigarettes, coming complete with all of the key essentials to start out with vaping. Affordable and popular, this kit supplies you with an automatic and a manual battery as well as ten cartridges in a variety of delicious flavours, a wall adaptor for recharging purposes and a handy user manual.

It also comes with the all new updated Smart Charger which features a technologically advanced internal chip as well as in-built safety features to guard against accidental overcharging while charging up your battery at double speed.



V2 Pro Series 7

pro series 7Equipped with all of the clever features of the PRO Series 3, the V2 PRO Series 7 boasts some impressive details of its own, including temperature control and variable voltage as well as a higher cartridge capacity and a longer battery life.

Available in a choice of three colours – Blue, Black or Stainless Steel, this vaporiser comes with a UK wall adaptor, a pick, and brush for maintaining Loose Leaf Cartridges and a magnetic USB charging lead for quick recharges. This product also comes with two cartridges – a magnetic loose leaf cartridge and a magnetic E-liquid cartridge for greater flexibility of use, making it suitable for all kinds of vapers.



V2 Pro Series 3

pro series 3The V2 Pro Series 3 kit offers an impressive level of performance coupled with great value for money. Optimised for use with E-liquids, this vaporiser delivers a high cartridge capacity as well as the long battery life of a bigger device, all in one portable and lightweight design.

Capable of vaporising both wax and loose leaf as well as e-juice, this 3 in 1 device is a truly versatile purchase, suited to the needs and preferences of all kinds of vapers. Available in a choice of three colours – blue, stainless steel or black, this kit comes with a handy magnetic USB charging cable as well as a magnetic no-leak cartridge. It also supplies a UK wall adaptor as well as a refillable e-liquid cartridge which can be reused up to 20 times.



EX Series Starter Kit

ex series starter kitRepresenting excellent value for money, the EX Series Starter kit contains everything you need to get started with vaping. Each kit comes complete with an EX battery and express charger together with a sampler pack of six flavour cartridges allowing you to experiment with a range of tastes including Red Tobacco, Sahara, Congress, Menthol, Peppermint and Green Tea Menthol to find your favourite.

Each EX cartridge gives the user around 400 puffs, offering a “tank” experience while ensuring consistency of flavour all the way through to the last puff. The handy viewing window on the cartridge enables you to see at a glance how much e-juice is left while the airtight seal effectively protects the cartridge from accidental leaks while optimising air flow for better vapour production.



EX Series Standard Kit

ex series standard kitThe EX Series Standard Kit is a great way to get started with the premium EX range. Representing good value over purchasing the various components separately, this kit comes complete with two EX batteries in your choice of design. It also supplies a five pack of EX series cartridges as well as a V2 charger kit for rapid recharging which can be used with either V2 EX or standard batteries.

The latest Smart Charger also comes with the EX Series Standard Kit. Developed using cutting edge technology, this charger not only delivers a super-fast recharge but it also has effective protection against accidental overcharging. 



V2 EX Series Standard Vape Pen Kit

ex series standard vape pen kitThe EX Series Standard Vape Pen Kit offers everything you need to maximise your enjoyment of vaping. Choose your favourite EX Series battery from an impressive selection of six different designs and pair it with an EX Blank e-liquid tank to get you started on your vaping journey.

This kit also supplies the latest V2 Smart Charger which has been designed to incorporate the most advanced technology for super-fast charging as well as effective overload protection. When you purchase this kit, you also benefit from a 25 ml bottle of Platinum E-liquid in your choice of flavour and preferred nicotine strength.



Classic Kit

v2 classic kitIf you are thinking about making the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping, you will want to be sure that you are getting good value for money. The best e-cig kit on the market for getting started with vaping, the Classic Kit represents a significant saving on purchasing each of its components separately.

Coming complete with a standard white automatic battery and V2 Express Charger, this kit also supplies you with a V2 cartridge sampler 6 pack in your choice of either Tobacco and Menthol flavours or Sweet and Fruity varieties to allow you to find a flavour to perfectly suit your tastes.



V2 E-Liquid Kit

v2 eliquid kitThanks to its discreet and innovative design, the rechargeable V2 e-liquid kit features a mini-tank system that is versatile and long lasting for a high quality vaping experience. Weighing just 18 grams, this device is under half of the weight of similar vaping devices, and its 4.2 volt battery supplies extra power for more vapour production.

While this device is optimised for use with e-liquids, it is also compatible with EX-Blanks for Wax to allow for gel, oils or wax vaping. This flexible kit comes complete with a V2 battery, Ex-Blank refill tank (which can be refilled up to 15 times), a USB Express Charger and two 1.5 ml ECOvape e-liquid sachets to get you started.



What makes V2 Cigs special?

V2 cigs are a unique brand and a complete game changer in the electronic cigarettes platform. These e-cigarettes are designed to offer the users authentic cigarette smoking experience, only that it is not harmful like the real tobacco cigarettes. The taste is original and unique. Users get to enjoy the maximum benefit for their money and can be assured of the highest quality at all times.

Talking about quality; V2 cigs is all about quality. These electronics cigarettes have been designed and are manufactured under the watch of some of the world’s best and top engineers. The manufacturing company has production plants in Florida and California where the engineers are stationed and oversee one of the world’s best e-cigar brands. With such efficient and reliable personnel as well as a quality measures that have been put in place, V2cigs will always be of the highest quality and the best in the world.

When purchasing V2 cigs in the UK, you will always be entitled to know what you are consuming and whether it’s fresh or not. This is one of the most transparent companies as it clearly shares with its customers the ingredients, composition as well as the date the e-cigs will not be fresh anymore. There are very clear labels on their products that provide all this information.


V2 cigs review – Packaging/Shipping


For anyone who would like to start on the alternative and safer smoking option, then the recommended brand to start with is V2 cigs. This brand accommodates all types of smokers and for starters there is a special package for you. There are starter kits for new smokers which have everything that you need to start vaping.

Once you have started with the starter kit you can be sure that your life would have changed for the better since you will never look back at the traditional cigarettes. Furthermore, users have the option of choosing between manual and automatic batteries for your convenience of use. You will only have to choose your flavour and you will be good to go. For beginners, the most basic kit costs about £22.99. This kit comprises of a disposable device, standard automatic white battery, an express charger as well as six flavour cartridges.


Lets continue our V2 cigs review with their e-liquids. They only offer high quality and safe e-liquids that have been tested and met all the internationally set standards. The ingredients used for their eliquids include propylene glycol, nicotine and food grade flavours. Our unique and very fresh flavours include tobacco flavours such as Sahara and Congress. They also have menthol and mint, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, cola, soda and grape.

One of the things as to why people prefer electronic cigarettes is because the users have the ability to choose the nicotine strengths that they desire. V2 Cigs has five nicotine strengths to choose from and these are 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4% nicotine.

flavours and cartridges


Battery Performance

They offer its customers both manual and automatic batteries. Manual batteries have switches, but the automatic batteries will automatically switch off the atomiser once you have inhaled. However, many people prefer the manual battery for thicker vapour. The performance of the battery will entirely depend on the user. However, the standard battery produces ~250 puffs while the extra high performing produces ~450 puffs.

All of the batteries produced by V2 Cigs deliver an impressive output of 4.2 volts and they are all available in three different sizes: Long, Standard and Short so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. A longer battery will have a longer lasting charge than a shorter one. However, a short battery may be more convenient for those who want to transport their e-cig conveniently in their pocket. All batteries are interchangeable and work with any V2 prefilled Classic Cartridge, EX Blank or EX Cartridge for maximum flexibility.

ex series batteries



If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase you are able to return it on V2 cigs 14 “No Quibble” policy. V2 ecig will grant you a full refund. However, if you want to receive a full refund, all products must be undamaged and in original packaging.

Also, keep in mind, that for a full refund for Starter Kits you cannot use more than 2 cartridges.

Refund for other products like cartridges, e-liquids express kits or disposable e-cigarettes are possible on then, if all items are unused and sealed, due to safety and health reasons. Also refund is not available for Sampler Packs. You are responsible for your purchase until it is received by V2 cigs, so please obtain proof of postage!


Customer Service

V2 cigs are serious company and Customer service is important for them. A lot of users rate their support very highly. At the moment, they offer following options: live chat support, toll-free phone number and also an email support.

Their customer support team can be contacted between 9 am and 5:30 pm on Mondays to Fridays so that any queries can be addressed and issues resolved.



V2 cigs discount code – 7.5%
7.5% discount on all orders with our exclusive discount code.



V2 cigs are no doubt among the best e-cig brands that you can ever get. The quality and everything that is offered on a full package are sufficient and the best that you can ever get. The only thing that you need to do is to go to their website and make your purchase in a secure and safe manner. With V2 e cig, you can always be sure never to be disappointed.



  1. I have tried 4 other brands that seemed to have good reviews and had almost given up trying to find one that actually works properly as none of them did anything for me and the quality of the products was simply awful. I live in Portugal and a friend came over on a break and had a V2 shisha with separate e-liquid, he had read reviews here and a couple of other sites – that was it! (Proper quality and proper tested e-liquids so i know what I’m puffing} Ordered from their UK site – I prefer the pre-filled refill kit as i don’t like messing around with e-liquids- prompt service lots of choices. The biggest difference is the amount of smoke produced – vapour actually – it is much more like smoking a cigarette so its easier to leave the cigs alone. They also have much smaller bling e-cig ladies range – will try that next! I have cut down massively with the help of the V2 and hope everyone else can.

    • Same! I tried quite a lot of brands before Vapour 2. My ex actually vaped those and I tried them form him and has been vaping the EX series ever since.

  2. Bought v2 cigs while ago.. all I can say that this is a great e-cigarette! One of the best i’ve ever tried. Obviously on my top 3 besides green smoke and Jacvapour. I strongly suggest this brand to any who want to buy an affordable and reliable e-cig!

    • I have never tried this brand yet, but looks like there are a lof of good feedback going on, so I will order a kit to test it myself.

      • lots of great reviews – did you try them Richard? V2 ex series seems to be the current ecig wave? What did you end up with eventually?

  3. Ordered v2 cigs 2 months ago and all i can say that this is a great deal!!!!
    They offers affordable and very reliable e-cigarette and i love it.

  4. Using these e-cigs I was able to quit smoking completely! I though it will never happen as I was pack-a-day smoker for 10 years.

    • Hey Scott,

      good to hear that you finally gave up smoking! How long it took for you? I want to quite smoking myself to and I’m about to order my first electronic cigarette kit! yey.

      • sup Niamh. I was able to quit smoking roughly in 1 month. At the beginning I was vaping and smoking a few cigs per day. After a while I switched to vaping only. Hope this helps!

  5. I purchased v2 cigs 2 days ago. Hopefully tomorrow I will receive it and will be very satisfied. :)

  6. I have tried a number of ECig brands and V2Cigs are my favourite by a long way.
    Recommend the Red 18g & 24mg especially,
    Great customer service too,
    PS:Cant wait to try the new EX cartridges and EXbattery I just ordered.

  7. I just want to write and tell you just how much I am impressed with my V2 experience both of the product and also with the excellent customer service and speedy delivery.
    I decided to give them a try to see how their products matched up with the brand I
    usually vape (naming no names but the brand which prides itself on
    the amount of vapour its carts produce). I was so taken
    with the taste, vapour and the quality of your product that I
    have ended up deciding to switch to V2. It’s obvious from the website and the quality of their products that they care passionately about providing the customer with the best possible vaping experience. As a customer, an ethos like that is definitely a compelling selling point.
    I will definitely be sticking with this brand and look forward to seeing what new flavours/products lay ahead. I rather like the look of the new batteries!

  8. Big thank you to the reviewers of the site. After looking at a number of sites and reading your reviews I bought my 3rd brand of ecig. Not much success with the other two brand but V2 is a great product – solid and well made not simply an import. I wasn’t quite sure what was meant by the eliquids being tested but soon found out that they do things different to the others – all their eliquids are independently lab. tested – this swayed me to try them and now that I have – I am pleased to say I will stick with this brand and their clean eliquids!
    Good luck to all!

  9. Got my kit a week ago and using it instead of cigarettes. All excellent so far – congress 24% is just the ticket for me! – absolutely brilliant. Thx all for posting it really helped me decide. Can’t believe how much vapour there is compared to my old ecig. Really is solid and feels properly made.

  10. Thx all for helping with all the above comments. I have finally found a e cig that really works. I cant believe the amount of vapour produced from the V2 mini tank ecig I got. Amazing.

  11. great reviews – great comments so ty all – got my shisha pen kit 3 days ago and am blown away with it. Vapour….wow!
    cant wait for the new pro kit.

  12. i have now wrestled with e cigarettes for some time – establishing V2 as the best – see my earlier posts. However with hindsight my advice to new users is to get the sampler pack cartomiser of different tobacco flavours and strengths so that you establish exactly what you prefer – this will save you a lot of trouble and time so that the transition is quick, cheap and successful. i wasted to much time not knowing this
    stop smoking – its bad

  13. I’m a very heavy vape user and all the rest gave me a sore throat and headache using e liquad and carts. Trust me .you can smoke v2 without any side effects. Also a lot of other brands taste the same, but this is the best tasting E liquad by far. Yes there are a few other top US brands but put pricing into the equation and we have a clear winner . Congrats

  14. Got my kit delivered 2 days ago – huge thanks to this site, better than any I have tried – one charge + one refill lasts me all day (15 a day x-smoker). Congress tobacco flavour tastes 99% like my bensons.
    Also have the X-blanks -very nice – slightly more of a sharp taste – but my cartridges are smooth. Tons of vapour.

  15. I just love them! Been off tobacco for over two months now and am very proud of myself. Red 18 Ex series cartridges really hit the spot for me.

  16. – After reading so many good reviews I had to try it my self and I don’t regret the decision one bit. I just really like how the e-cigs looks (I have the EX series with Rose Gold battery) and the taste is really good too. I like trying new flavours and changing strengths of the cartridges. Thank you for the commendation.

  17. Absolutely agree. I red so many good comments about Vapour2 and really wanted to try. And i am happy i did. First when i received my starter kit i could not believe how the ecig looked like. Exactly as a normal cigarette. That was great for me because as a strong smoker i would probably miss that real cigarette feeling. Must mention also that led showing how much battery left what is very useful. Also generous selection of flavours- all of them are good, have tried all of them:-)

  18. I am glad for this brand. I was always looking something with nice design and with some differences than others. Have tried few before but this one got me. Have e cig starter kit since i was trying to reduce smoking to minimum and later on i purchased Vapour2 series3. Have not used e cig for a while but for its elegant design my wife uses it. She is pleased with the simple use. She got stuck with the cherry flavour so all house smells like cherry:-) Series 3 is good for its compatibility. It has more modern design but still kept it simple. The amount of vapor i get from it is good. Good capacity of cartridges and also good choice of nicotine strength.

  19. I have been using Vapour2 for almost 2 years. I got series 3 from my wife for my birthday. She knew i was always talking about trying some vaporizers because i was planning to stop smoking one day. She has chosen this one and to be honest i think it is very good built pen. I like the size of it and nice simple design. Just one button for setting the strength and temperature make this pen easy to use along with simple way to change the cartridges. It is good pen:-)


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