V2 Cigs E-Liquid Review


V2 Cigs e-liquid review

In the business of producing e-liquids, there is no doubt that V2Cigs is at the forefront. Their e-liquids are definitely some of the best available today. They have been tested and proven safe, of high quality, and guaranteed to give the best value for money. As proof of their commitment to ensuring the best standards for their products, the company has even taken to publishing the ingredients they use in their e-liquids online.

v2 cigs e-liquid review

V2 Cigs recommend that V2 Cigs Platinum e-Liquids be used to fill or refill V2 EX Blanks, or cartomizers, or Blank e-liquids. They caution vapers to avoid reusing cartomizers more than 20 times, though. As for blank e-liquids, they should not be used more than 5 times. When they do, they should be disposed of immediately.

Refilling by using V2 Cigs e-liquids will guarantee that you will vape the best flavours. This will also enable you to save a lot of money. Yes, e-cigarettes need not be expensive. After all, each refill costs around £0.50 per filled e-liquid.

In short, one 25ml V2 E-liquid bottle should fill approximately 25 carts while a 50ml bottle can fill around 50 carts.


V2 Cigs e-liquids are available in five different strengths: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. There are also various flavours that you can choose from, depending on your preferences.


V2 Red Flavour

This is V2 Cigs’ attempt at recreating the famous American tobacco taste. Does it work?

Yes, it does. Although they were not able to simulate the taste 100%, they were still able to get the essence of it. In fact, even the most seasoned American tobacco users will have no trouble making the connection despite the minute differences in taste.

The resulting taste is a bit on the mild side, though, so if you are looking for a stronger or more intense tobacco flavour, I suggest you look for another tobacco flavour because you may find this lacking.

Congress Flavour

This is often referred to as a “generic tobacco” flavour. The Congress flavour has been said to be patterned after the Parliament cigarettes, only better. It has a more genuine tobacco taste, definitely stronger than the V2 Red flavour.

If you are looking for a stronger tobacco flavour, however, this may still be lacking. It is, however, decent step up from the V2 Red.

Sahara Flavour

Let’s just say that this is my favourite tobacco flavour, hitting the right intensity and strength that others find lacking in the V2 Red or the slightly stronger Congress flavour. Somehow, though, many have noticed how there is a hint of popcorn to the scent of the vapour. Still, I think it adds character to the whole vaping experience.

Menthol Flavour

V2’s Menthol reveals a strong mint flavour, hitting you where it matters the most. It is cool, crisp, and the flavour lingers for a while. At first puff, some may find it too strong. However, give it time to get settled, and you will find yourself enjoying puff after puff. It takes a little getting used to but, when you do, it’s going to be one fun vaping ride.

Mint Tea

This flavour still merits a lot of attention, even if there are already more than a couple of menthol flavours available. It combines two flavours that are well-loved: tea and mint. Unlike menthol, the mint is not too strong or overpowering. The mint taste also provides a subtle aroma to it, and it provides just the right amount of coolness and freshness. However, the tea element adds a bit of a flowery taste that also takes a little getting used to.


This is another alternative to the Mint Tea flavour. The mint element is stronger, and there is a bit of sweetness added to it. It is also noticeably smoother, which makes it ideal for all-day vaping. If I were to choose a mint flavour, Peppermint would be it.


Coffee is, hands down, one of the favourite e-liquid flavours. V2 Cigs did a marvellous job with its coffee flavour, simulating the taste of coffee. It is smooth and easy to vape, although it needs a bit more coffee to it, especially for those who are true blue coffee lovers.


Vanilla proves to be one of the best e-liquids made by V2 Cigs. It has the subtlety and that hint of sweetness that you find with real vanilla. As an all-day vape, this e-liquid is absolutely spot on.


We all love chocolate, and V2 Cigs’ Chocolate e-liquid is no exception. Vaping becomes a luxurious experience, what with its rich and smooth taste. We love how it strikes just the right amount of sweetness. Still, for those who are more used to the full-bodied taste of pure cocoa, this may come across as too sedate.


This is clearly one of the most offbeat flavours produced by V2 Cigs. However, it is quite innovative and is easily going to be a favourite among vapers. Those who are expecting a replication of Coca-Cola’s distinctive taste may be disappointed, though. It is similar, but not quite accurate. Still, there is no doubt that V2 Cigs did a great job with it.


This fruity flavour is quite robust, especially for an e-liquid. It is sweet, so it is perfect for those who prefer vaping sweet flavours, but not too sweet that it becomes overpowering.


Another fruity vape, the Cherry flavour is a solid pick. In fact, this is easily my favourite. Compared to the other fruity tastes, it is stronger, but it is still mild enough for an enjoyable all-day vape.



V2 Cigs has proven once again that it is one of the leaders in the e-liquids business, producing the best e-liquids in the UK today. No wonder the e-liquids are flying off the shelves and demand remains high. We look forward to the day when they come up with more interesting flavours that will add more colour and character to our whole vaping experience.



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