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So that our customers can get the best deal on starter kits, accessories, cartridges and even the e-liquids for V2 cigs, we are providing you coupons and discount codes! You’ll simply enter the V2 Cigs discount code when you get to the checkout for your online order and to get you off to a good start, we’re offering a 7.5% discount that is an exclusive site-wide offer. This is a once-in-a-rare-opportunity great discount that you don’t want to pass up.

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About The V2 Cigs

Designed by a Florida manufacturer in 2009, this is a definitive electronic cigarette is the V2 Cig. It is a pen-size e-cig that comes as a two piece unit and gives you a vapor punch like no other e-cig. The reputation that this company has made in a short time is one of fearsome and flawless reputation, which you’ll see why once you try their e-cig.

You couldn’t go wrong when you buy the V2 e-cigs. They offer a variety of sizes I both automatic and manual batteries with ten flavours of cartridges, e-liquid cartridge flavours and a large selection of starter kits too. There are some great extras in the different kits like the neat carrying cases and portable charging cases as well as USB pass-through e-cigs that will keep any vaper happy.

When it comes to the UK rankings of e-cigs, the V2Cigs is at the top and that accolade didn’t come easy either. It has been broadly praised as a vaper’s best option for e-cigs today among all the different ones that are on the market now. And with more than one million totally satisfied customers, that only confirms why they are that top ranking in the UK. They have over one million unique visitors to their website every month which has helped V2 make its name well known among vapers. With V2 will give you nothing less than an exceptional quality with dense vapour clouds and well-captured flavours, guaranteed.

The two-piece V2 electronic cigarettes come in four colour options for the battery which means you can change your e-cig appearance from a basic white to something more stylish like chrome or jet black. They also offer vapers an automatic or a manual style. Not only is the Power Cig a low price point of £15.99 for the starter kit, but you can upgrade for £29.99 and get one battery, ten cartridges, a USB charger and a wall adapter.

Even though there are ten flavours that are all a well-executed aroma and taste, there are three limited edition flavours as well. There are the tobacco replications that claim to be the best in the industry and have proved that to be true. There are also basic favourite flavours like cherry, coffee, and the basic menthol too. The V2 has a multitude of battery options that give an impressive vapour production. Their reputation has been built on having the best vapour of any e-cig and so far, it has not been easy to prove that wrong, which has made V2 the best brand for smokers to try if they are searching for throat hit that is decent with a good vapour cloud. In addition, they put their e-cigs through an extensive testing with a unique batch testing number that is shown on each pack of their cartridges. This is an assurance that you are getting only the top-quality of their products.

To learn more about V2 products, you can read the latest V2 Cigs reviews and find out what current customers are saying.[vc_separator]

If This Is Such A Great Product, Why Offer A Coupon?

You may wonder why V2 is offering coupons and discount if their product is so great. Well, great things usually cost more, which is the V2 Cigs’ one downside. They are on the higher end of the e-cig industry and they know this. While their products are well worth that slightly higher price, they want to encourage more smokers and vapers to try them. And even they the old adage you “get what you pay for” is true in most cases, but you’ll find that does not apply to V2 products and their coupon offers. Because these are not a low quality e-cig product, the company is simply offering you a money-saving offer that they feel will make you a life-long V2 customer once you try them.

For the person that is a new V2 Cigs user, we recommend that you start with the Ultimate EX kit, which was our favourite. There are 3 EX batteries included with matching caps, a month’s supply of refill cartridges and a portable battery charging case. There is also a carrying case, a USB port charging adapters, and a charger that fits a car cigarette lighter. There is also a wall outlet charger that is included in the kit as well. Currently, the price of the Ultimate EX kit for the V2 Cigs is £134.99 but with our generous V2 Cigs coupon, you’ll pay only £124.87.

The makers of V2 understand that not all of us have the budget to afford this though. So for the budget-minded person that wants to enjoy the pleasure of their products, they offer the Standard EX kit for £64.95 but using the coupon, you will get the V2 Cig for only £60.08. It will come with 2 batteries, 10 cartridges, an adapter for a wall outlet and USB port adaptor too. You also get the most important feature, the brilliant new EX batteries along with cartridges, all of which is what makes the V2 Cigs stand out from their competition. This is two times the amount of cartridges that other manufacturers offer in this same price range.

For the more experienced e-cig user, our V2 Pro vaporizer series is just what you need and want! Unfortunately, this product doesn’t have any coupon codes at this time. It offers vapers an innovative series of vaporizers which allows vapers to vape with e-liquid and loose leaf tobacco, as well as nicotine gels and waxes all with one single device. This gives you a thicker vapour and lets you switch seamlessly from the loose leaf tobacco and enjoy a minimised risk of harm that is possible when vaporizing tobacco instead of burning it. This is a great plus should the government ever regulates e-liquids, making them a challenge to obtain.[vc_separator]

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