US Smoking Rates Hit Historic Low As Ecig Industry Booms


With much thanks to the electronic cigarette market, smokers have a great alternative to tobacco and new data has been released from the CDC which reveals that the rates of smoking are presently at an all-time historic low. This data reveals that smoking rates of adults in America are now down to an encouraging 17.8%. Compared to 2005 this is a significant decrease from rates that had been at 20.9%.

In an honest attempt to quit smoking, the smokers of today have realised that E-cigarettes are an effective alternative to tobacco because they aren’t nearly as harmful. There were 45.1 million adult smokers in America during 2005, but now that number is down to roughly 42.1 million in spite of population growth being quite steady. The director of the office at CDC on Smoking and Health, Dr. Tim McAfee, stated that we are on the correct path to cutting down on tobacco use, but such a battle is still not close to being finished. McAfee also said, “There is encouraging news in this study, but we still have much work to do to help people quit.”

The current data provides a more comprehensive glance at how the smoking rates are varying across the country and particularly amidst the socioeconomic categories. As one might anticipate, there are higher smoking rates among those who live at or under the poverty line, and smoking tends to be more common among the people with lower levels of education. Remarkably, the new information reveals that the smoking rates are greater among the gay, lesbian and bisexual populace.

The use of tobacco also differs based upon geographic locations. At only a low 13.6%, the western states contribute least to tobacco use. But in the Midwest they have the highest rate at 20.5% and close behind them is the south with 19.2% contributing.

In spite of America’s smoking rates being at a historic low, it remains a vital issue with a projected 480,000 Americans perishing from causes that are related to smoking. Within the nation, it has been reported by CDC that smoking continues to be the primary initiate of preventable death and disease. McAfee declared that change can only come about if key players maintain the fight against the use of tobacco using techniques that have already been shown to be reliable.

He clearly states, “We can bring down cigarette smoking rates much further, much faster, if strategies proven to work are put into place.” He wishes to see an increase in funding go toward programs this coming year that are anti-tobacco and promote smoke-free regulations and media campaigns that hit harder than ever before. Finally, he desires to witness the tobacco prices increase to help in the fight to make tobacco merchandise less obtainable to Americans.

But it also might not be too shocking that the CDC decided to make no connection between the decreasing smoking levels and the number of increasing Americans that are using E-cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are still getting coloured as the enemy in spite of the reality that vaping has been the answer for numerous smokers quitting their tobacco habits when other methods weren’t working.

Do you really feel that electronic cigarettes are the cause for the quick drop of smoking rates in America?


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