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Totally Wicked is not a new brand in the electronic cigarette industry. By all means this electronic cigarette was among the first ones to be established with invent of the electronic cigarette industry. This company has been in existence for very many years and consequently it has gained massive experience. The company produces a variety of high quality e-cigs. The users have always rated Totally Wicked brand as one of the best and thus you have every reason to choose this electronic cigarette brand.

Currently, this company produces twenty three different rechargeable electronic cigarette starter kits. These kits range from the price of 19.99 pounds to 139.99 pounds. One of the most attractive and very popular kits is the Tornado eGo-c Slim Full Kit. The features are superior and the package includes one cone atomizer, two atomizer heads, one USB charge lead, one battery housing, three tank cartridges, a 10ml bottle of 18mg e-liquid and last but not least: two 360mAh lithium batteries.

Though there are wide varieties of flavours that the users can always choose from, the Tornado eGo-c Slim Full Kit offers users only two flavours: the menthol and tobacco flavours. The electronic has always been growing rapidly and this has seen the establishment of new companies which have brought significant competition to pioneer companies like Totally Wicked. The result has been new and better products in the market and for a start, we are going to look at the Tornado eGo-c Slim Full Kit as compared to other competitive kits offered by Jac Vapour and Green Smoke.


Totally Wicked review – Packaging/Design

totally wicked packagingThe Tornado eGo-c Slim Full Kit package comprises of a single cardboard box which has everything that is listed above on this kit. The box is white matte in colour and the top face has a beautiful logo. When you open the box, you will first of all see a user guide which has all the information you need concerning the use and maintenance of the e-cig. Below the user guide are the battery housing and the atomiser cone placed in a tray. There is also the bottom compartment which has three tank cartridges, two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, two atomizer heads, a USB charge lead as well as the e-liquid.

Every e-cig company has something unique about its product. With Totally Wicked, the unique thing is the USB charger. Unlike any other electronic cigarette charger, this USB charger is able to support two batteries and can charge both of them simultaneously. This offers better convenience to users and is much more efficient than any type of charger.

The batteries of the Tornado eGo-c Slim Full Kit resemble the AAA batteries. However, they are lighter and more durable. When this cigarette is assembled it is about 130cm long and about 1cm wide (diameter) which is an average size. Users also have the option of choosing which colour they would like. The available colours are red wine, brushed steel, black, pearl and Pink. However, each colour has a gold trim that runs throughout the device and this is why the Tornado eGo-c Slim is the best by far when it comes to aesthetics.


Totally Wicked review – Flavour/Vapour

totally wicked e-liquidTotally Wicked offers a very wide range of flavours for its electronic cigarettes. However, when it comes to the Tornado eGo-c Slim Full Kit users have been restricted only to two flavours and these are the tobacco flavour and the menthol. Furthermore, these flavours have a nicotine content of 18mg set as the standard. When compared to products produced by Jac Vapour and Green Smoke, Tornado eGo-c Slim is quite complicated and not very easy to use. This is because the e-cig comprises of six components that have to be assembled. However, it is not hard to assemble these components but the competitors offer something simpler than what Totally Wicked offers.

Tobacco flavour is the more popular among the two flavours. When vaping this flavour, the feeling is much more similar to smoking the tobacco cigarettes. However, with growing competition, many other companies offer the same or similar products and there is nothing which is very unique about this flavour.


Totally Wicked review – Battery/Responsiveness

totally wicked batteryThe Tornado eGo-c Slim Full Kit includes two 360mAh rated batteries that are rechargeable. However, the package lacks the personal charge case though this is not strange to electronic cigarettes that use cartridges. Charging the batteries is one of the easiest tasks and much more convenient. This is accomplished by placing the batteries in the USB charge lead and plugging into a USB power source. Charging takes about two hours because of the simultaneous charging of the two batteries.

The only tedious thing about the Totally Wicked e-cig brand is assembling the various components for the device to work. There are some people who are not just good in assembling things and this would be a bother to them. The company ought to do better on this sector and producer more user friendly devices. Nonetheless the devices are durable and would serve you for a pretty long time if they are well maintained.


Totally Wicked review – Warranty

Any products purchased directly from the Totally Wicked website will be covered for a period of twenty eight days from the delivery date. However, this warranty only covers functionality of the products and not customer dissatisfaction.


Totally Wicked review –  Conclusion

There are many e-cig brands in the market that you can choose from. Most of the products produced by the electronic cigarette companies are of good quality and satisfactory. Nonetheless, if you want something that you can always trust, then, products from Totally Wicked are the best. The many years of experience in the electronic cigarette industry that this company has gives it an edge over its competitors. Cases of malfunctioning devices are minimal and there aren’t any queries about the quality of the flavours either. If you want good value for your money, Totally Wicked is the place to look at. This is a reliable and recommended brand for anyone who wants to enjoy vaping.


  1. I bought one of there’re years ago. The battery still charges but it doesn’t take the eliquid. I’m stuck with loads of cartridges I can’t use.


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