Tobacco companies selling E-Cigarettes


Fontem Ventures, a tobacco company owned and regulated by Imperial Tobacco has joined the E – Cigarette market. Fontem Ventures has officially begun producing and marketing their own brand of e-cigarettes but they have not refrained from selling tobacco cigarettes.

Due to the widespread of e – cigarettes, many tobacco cigarette companies are being pushed to the side and losing business; so to keep their name in the game, Fontem Ventures has joined the market. Since e – cigarette ads are allowed on television, Fontem Ventures is now legally allowed to promote itself to the public providing they only advertise their electronic cigarettes and disregard their tobacco cigarettes.

Boots, a well-known U.K. pharmacy company is officially allowing customers to purchase Puritane (Fontem Ventures’ e – cigarette brand). However, they must purchase the product through the pharmacy; it is not sold straight off the shelf.

There is a lot of concern and skeptical opinions on big name tobacco companies joining the electronic cigarette market. Many people question the tobacco company’s true intentions; do they really want to help people quit smoking or are they using e – cigarettes as a means to get their company name out there again? Is it possible that tobacco cigarette companies are willing to give up their tobacco cigarettes if it means keeping their brand alive?

Fontem Ventures is not the only tobacco cigarette company joining the electronic cigarette market; BAT has also joined in the action. BAT is a well-known tobacco cigarette company that has manufactured its own electronic cigarette, Vype. Lloyd Pharmacy in the UK will be selling vype within the next few months.


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