Tips For Improving Your Throat Hit


throat hit vapingAround 75% of vapers consider the amount of throat hit from their experience to be important, especially when starting out with vaping, and while other elements like flavour and clouds are also important, it is key to get balance between all three factors to maximise your vaping experience. The term “throat hit” refers to the sensation in the back of your throat when you inhale on your e-cig. A strong hit will feel quite similar to the feeling given by a regular cigarette, while a weak hit refers to when the vapour goes smoothly down the throat, with less sensation. If you are finding that you are getting too strong or too weak a throat hit from your current setup, here are some handy tips to help you tailor your experience to better suit your preferences.

How To Get A Strong Throat Hit

  • Use an e-juice with higher nicotine levels
  • Use an e-liquid with a higher ratio of PG – a 50/50 mix for sub ohm vaping and a slightly higher amount of PG for basic tank systems
  • Turn your temperature up
  • Choose a menthol e-juice or citrus blend
  • Turn down the airflow for a hotter vape
  • Change your wick from cotton to hemp

How To Get A Weaker Throat Hit

  • Choose a lower nicotine content e-liquid
  • Use an e-juice with a higher VG ratio (around 70%)
  • Turn down the power
  • Choose sweet flavours, or tobacco or coffee flavours
  • Open the airflow more for a cooler vape
  • Choose a cotton wick

Adjust The Nicotine Content

nicotine e-cigsThe nicotine level in your e-liquid has a major impact upon throat hit, making it punchy and more robust. A higher nicotine content is ideal for those who are just quitting smoking as it replicates the feeling you get from smoking a tobacco cigarette. Always purchase e-juices from companies which use pharmaceutical grade nicotine in their products as it is a better quality than you will find in cheaper products which may have a peppery taste and a harsh throat hit. If you use a mod or sub ohm tank, you will find that your setup is very efficient at getting you your nicotine, and you may find a higher strength e-juice too strong for you. If you have switched to an e-juice with a lower nicotine level because of this problem, but now find that your throat hit is too weak, you will need to use some of the other tips here to tailor your throat hit to suit your preferences.

Adjust The PG/VG Radio Of Your E-Liquid

The ratio of PG to VG in your e-juice will also impact on your throat hit, with PG giving a stronger hit than VG, and high levels of VG giving a smoother experience. For a stronger throat hit, vapers generally recommend a fairly even balance of PG and VG, while those who prefer a weaker hit should opt for a high VG content of over 60%. It is important to note however that very high levels of PG do not produce the most pleasant vaping experience due to the scratchiness felt in the throat from this element. High PG e-juice also produces less vapour, so you will probably benefit more from a 50/50 mix.

Adjust Your Power Settings

If you have a mod with variable temperatures and wattages, you can adjust the power that you use to control your throat hit. If you prefer a stronger experience, turn up the power to 50W which increases the power of the nicotine hit and to make the most of your e-liquid. On the other hand, if a gentler hit is your goal, turning down the power should produce the desired effect.

Change Your Flavour

e-liquid flavoursAlthough not having as much impact as the other elements that we have covered, e-juice flavour can also impact on your throat hit, with every one having a quality all of its own. Menthol is the best choice for boosting throat hit, although citrus flavours are a close second. For greater subtlety, a tobacco or coffee flavour is a better choice, or one of the sweet dessert or fruit flavours.

Change Your Airflow

Although a more minor factor, changing your airflow setting can help to tailor your throat hit effectively. With a more open setting, your throat hit will be reduced while a tighter one will make it stronger.

Change Your Wick

The type of wick that you choose can also change your throat hit, and while cotton is generally still the most popular choice, its clean flavour means that it has a very gentle throat hit. If you are looking for something harsher, a hemp wick is a much more effective solution, or perhaps silica, although the flavour may be affected too much for your taste.


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