Stop smoking and start sleeping with E-Cigarettes


Tired from lack of sleep? Over compensating your coffee intake just to keep moving? By now I’m sure you have considered all the reasons why you just cannot get to sleep and/or stay asleep, but have you considered smoking as a reason for your problems? Many people only associate smoking with serious health risks such as lung cancer and respiratory problems. However, your sleep is a serious health concern as well and it should be treated with the importance it deserves. A recent study suggests that smoking cigarettes can be the cause of your sleep deprivation problems hence you should also consider this among the other habits that take away your sleep.

Lack of sleep can not only result in a rough day on the job but it can also create long term effects such as depression, mood disorders and many other mental health issues. So on top all the serious health risks that already come with smoking cigarettes, sleep deprivation is now a part of the list. So what can you do? Well, you can stop smoking all together which is a tough goal to achieve or you can switch to smoking e-cigarettes, a less damaging alternative to smoking that still gives you the nicotine high that you crave.

The Experiment

The experiment tested the effects of long term and short term smoking on the sleep patterns of mice. They sectioned the mice into two categories: natural air vs. inhalation of cigarette smoke. They observed the mice for up to ten days for short term and six months for long term and recorded their activity throughout the course of each day. They also recorded the level of chemicals in the brain and lungs of the mice.

As time went on, researchers noticed that the activity levels of the mice that inhaled the cigarette smoke for either amounts of time, slowly started to decrease. The activity levels of the mice that only inhaled natural air only altered slightly, if at all. In regards to the chemicals in the brain and lungs of the mice, research indicated that there was a decrease in the most common anti-aging chemical -SIRT1- and because of this factor the protein that controls the internal clock -BMAL1- was altered as well in the mice that inhaled cigarette smoke. Similar results were found in human beings who engage in smoking as well which means that the effects on the mice most likely relate to humans as well.

The experiment was then re-conducted in greater detail. To do this, the study was conducted on mice that either had a lack of or increased level of the SIRT1 chemical. These mice were still treated with the same amount of cigarette smoke for the same amount of time. From this, researchers found that the SIRT1 chemical was still reduced due to the smoke, and this lead to a severe decrease in the BMAL1 protein which controls sleep patterns. Overall, this study proves that smoking cigarettes not only can cause serious health problems but can also create some serious sleep deprivation!

You Now Know…

So, basically what you should be learning here is that if you are a smoker who is having sleep deprivation issues, it is likely due to the fact that you are a smoker. Since smoking is an addiction, it is virtually impossible to just quit. So, the researchers who conducted this study have given you two options. Your first option is to actively use a drug that will activate and increase your levels of SIRT1 in order to reverse the effects of the cigarette smoke. However, this is not always effective. You do have another option that will supply you with your nicotine addiction while at the time cutting out nearly all the damaging effects of cigarette smoke though, switch to using e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are an overall healthier alternative to actual cigarettes. There are hundreds of dangerous chemicals and toxins in cigarettes. However, e-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) only contain a handful and they are in much smaller quantities so your health risks are severely decreased. Also, e-cigarettes are nothing more than water vapour so there are no harmful effects of inhaling smoke or causing second – hand smoke problems.


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