South Beach Smoke Review


South Beach Smoke – Introduction

South Beach Smoke is a professional-looking brand of E-cigs that offers a wide variety of different starter kits, disposables, and accessories for vapers of all levels. They have been featured on some pretty distinguished news and media outlets, and have also recently been making waves for their new Air Vaporizer, which is basically an e-go style E-cig made from stainless steel. Though this is one of their newest products, it is definitely not the only product that they offer. This company carries a wide range of minis and disposables as well; including several kits that can get you started vaping with minimal difficulty.

My first impression of South Beach Smoke was good, though I do have to admit that I was a little bit put off by the initial price point. Their most basic starter kit seemed to be a bit on the expensive side… which made me wonder whether or not the product itself was going to be worth it.

Let’s talk about what I found out.

What Makes South Beach Smoke Special?

So what makes South Beach Smoke stand out among other options? To answer this question, I went to the official business website and looked in the FAQs. According to South Beach Smoke, their product is a ‘revolutionary, innovative electronic cigarette smoking device which offers the smoking community a better smoking alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes.’ They also say that they use ‘advanced technology’ to allow people the experience of smoking without the tobacco, tar, ash, flame, carbon monoxide, or bad smells associated with the habit.

Of course, these are the types of things that most E-cig companies can say… so what makes South Beach Smoke stand out among these? I would probably have to say that the biggest difference between South Beach and other comparable companies is in their presentation. Their product packaging, branding, and designs are definitely professional. In fact, browsing the website definitely made me want to place an order, just because it looked so clean-cut and stylish.South beach smoke review

Another thing that I really liked about this product was the fact that it seemed to be made of high-quality components. There are a lot of cheap E-cig products out there, but this is not one of them. The components seem solid, the devices seem well put-together, and the batteries hold a very good charge.

The cartridges are priced a bit higher than what I am used to, but there are also a ton of different flavour options to choose from… which seemed, in my opinion, to distract me from the higher prices and made me feel better about the whole experience. If I had to spend extra on cartridges, at least I could get the specialty flavours that I really wanted… and that made the experience a much better one.

Packaging and Design

south beach smoke packaging

I have to say that I was very impressed with the South Beach Smoke packaging and design. The products were professionally presented and had a very stylish flair to them. The Air is especially sleek and attractive (and also very reasonably priced, I might add!). The design team responsible for the look of the website also deserve kudos for making the site as user-friendly and as professional as it is. It definitely makes the products stand out as being worth the time to look around at.


south beach smoke cartridgesI was very impressed with the array of flavours available on the company website. Of course, I really love specialty flavours, so I was thoroughly impressed with the ‘Custom Blend’ option in the e-liquids section. With this option, you can take up to three different flavours and have them combined to make a new, unique flavour of your own!

Vapour production was also very good with these E-cigs (I believe that this may be attributed to the slightly higher-than-average voltage of the batteries). They generated a very satisfactory plume of vapour, as well as a very satisfying throat hit (one that was just as good as the throat hit from a traditional tobacco-filled cigarette). Some users reported a weird after-taste in some of the flavours… though while these flavours may not have been the best that I have ever come across, I definitely didn’t think that they were ‘weird’. I quite liked some of the specialty flavours, and the tobacco flavours seemed fine as well. As far as nicotine levels go, most of the flavours come in five strengths, ranging from 0mg for nicotine free to 24mg for the strongest strength.

Battery Performance

Battery performance on these E-cigs was pretty good. They actually offer two different types of mini batteries. One is called the High Capacity battery and one is called the Standard Capacity battery. There is a bit of a price difference between the two (£29.99 vs £19.99 respectively), but it definitely seems that the high-capacity model is worth the money if you normally spend the better part of your day away from a charger. Another great option is to buy a kit that contains a PCC.

South Beach smoke battery


In the end, I was very pleased with South Beach Smoke. The prices were a bit higher than I am used to paying, especially for their cheapest starter kit… though the Air was actually a very good price (only £29.99). I should also add, however, that I believe the quality of the products to be worth the higher price tag. Some E-cig companies do offer less expensive options, and while some of them are pretty good, there are many that leave quite a bit to be desired. With this E-cig company, however, I can safely say that, in my honest opinion, you will be buying a product that was produced professionally and that will be of a very durable quality.

If you are in the market for a new E-cig or are looking to buy your very first electronic cigarette, then this is definitely a business that you should consider checking out. They offer a huge variety of different e-liquids and flavours, and make getting into vaping about as easy as it can be. I would probably recommend buying a disposable to start things off, just to save money… but I would also recommend the Air for vapers who are looking for a fantastic E-cig experience right out of the gate.


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