SkyCig Review


SkyCig Review – Is This an E-Cigarette Worth Buying?

SkyCig is another major player in the UK’s e-cigarette market.
I have come across multiple different websites which claim that SkyCig is the best E-Cig brand, so I decided to check this out for myself. Let’s take a closer look at their product.

Packaging/ Shipping

skycig starter kit

Well, I placed my order on Tuesday and it arrived on Friday – a great start and I can’t fault the delivery speed. One major similarity I’ve noticed between SkyCig and Green Smoke is their packaging – they both come in a metallic container with the lid held on with magnetic flaps, but SkyCig’s box is smaller by comparison. I received the following with my purchase:

  • One wall and one USB charger
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  •  A variety of cartomizers
  • A smaller ‘cigarette-like’ casing

One thing I certainly appreciated was the cigarette-like casing – something I didn’t receive with my Green Smoke purchase. I soon realised this casing was to make your e-cigarette accessories portable, as well as to dock and charge your e-cigarettes. The case sports both a USB port and a wall-charging port, and is quite a convincing representation of a regular cigarette case – although you’d only be genuinely fooled when seeing it from a distance. The flexibility with the ports enables the user (in this case, me) to charge the batteries with ease, whether sitting at a PC, a Mac, or anywhere near a plug socket.

This means that the cig can be charged up almost any time during the day, and should mean it never runs out.

This review is outdated since Skycig doesn’t exist anymore. Now they are known as Blu Cigs!

Battery/ Responsiveness

skycig battery

Ok, so now let’s do some in-depth testing! The 2 batteries are easy enough to switch, and the charging process is noticeably different from Green Smoke’s or E-Lite’s Back-Link charging. You can recharge the batteries in the cigarette-shaped case itself, as long as it’s connected to a power source.

The e-cigarette is almost the same size as the average real cigarette, and SkyCig’s e-cigarettes are able to produce a large volume of vapour. The tip of the cigarette illuminates with a soft orange colour when the product is activated, which happens only when the user inhales.

The battery is made of lithium and can last for up to an hour. It is smaller than those of other e-cigarette brands – this is because the cigarette itself is smaller, meaning the battery needs to be too. Although the fact that it only activates when you inhale helps to preserve energy; even if regular charging is still required.

Flavour/ Vapour

skycig flavours

For a small battery [as stated in “Battery / Responsiveness”], the quality and quantity of the vapour emitted is astonishing. I can say this really ‘does the trick.’  It is claimed that SkyCig’s new cartomizers last up to 250 drags (inhales) … though my own test concluded otherwise.

For the sake of good research, I tested it myself and and managed to get around 150—160 drags. It’s possible I was doing something wrong – I’m sure everyone has their own vaping techniques which may play a part in the total inhale count, but I would expect my result still to be somewhere in the ‘normal range’.

The ‘Starter Kit’ supplies you with a pack of cartridges (1 of each flavour). I won’t go into too much detail, but here’s my take on their flavours:

  • Vanilla – Pretty good – almost like a vanilla ice-cream!
  • Cherry – Surprisingly good! I had honestly expected the cherry flavour not to taste like cherries.
  • Menthol – Minty… I used to smoke real menthol cigarettes at one point – they taste exactly alike, though this one didn’t give much of a ‘throat hit.’
  • Classic Tobacco – Tastes like tobacco – I know, right? Who would’ve guessed?!
  • Marlboro – Similar to the Classic Tobacco above, except with a ‘fuller’ flavour and a nice throat hit. The aftertaste reminded me of the coffee-flavoured chocolates you used to get in boxes of Cadbury’s Roses! Ahh, nostalgia. Though I have to say I’m not too keen on this flavour.


skycig flavours2

Testing out new flavours is an enjoyable experience, and you’ll eventually find a flavour that waters down that direct nicotine taste, allowing the ‘nicotine hit’ to be easily delivered – something you will greatly appreciate!

Just bear in mind, of course, that preferences for flavours vary from person to person, and any individual flavours that I approve / disapprove of are specific to me.

Returns/ warranty

All Top companies offer a warranty and allow returns, and SkyCig is no exception. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you find yourself unsatisfied with your e-cigarette starter kit, with no unnecessary questions asked.

While this all sounds great, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The first is their £15 “processing and restocking fee”, which means that if you are thinking of buying the SkyCig and giving it a try, don’t expect to get all your money back upon returning it.

They also have a limited 30 day returns policy and 1 year warranty. Vapourisers and batteries are classed as consumable items and have a 30 day warranty, while the charging pack and USB chargers are covered by a 1 year warranty. Therefore, for more detailed info on their returns policy and warranty, please visit SkyCig’s website!

Customer Service

SkyCig is extremely serious about the quality of their customer service. For each company, I carry out a few tests to be able to provide you with with totally honest and comprehensive reviews. So I decided to check their response time and see how fast and helpful they are.

I sent them an email and claimed that I had a problem with my battery, stating that it wasn’t working properly, and I also asked them what I should do. Their response was amazingly quick – several hours later, I had received all the information I needed, and found their customer service to be great. I sent my complaint on a weekday, so they might take longer to reply during the weekend, but that’s completely normal. Still  5/5 from me.

Overall – SkyCig customer service was excellent.

Overall – Are Skycig E-cigs Recommended?

I have to say the Skycig Electronic Cigarette is a decent product. However, in my opinion, there are a lot of better brands out there, such as Green Smoke or Cigees. Skycig is worth to try ONLY if you are looking for cig-size E-Cigarette. As I mentioned before:  This will be a decent option if you’re after an E-Cig that’s the same size as an original, but if size doesn’t concern you, then look for better alternatives, as they are available. Take a look at the top rated e-cigarettes at the top right of this page.


  1. I’ve used skycigs for 2 weeks, my first real foray into e-cigs, as a step to giving up completely. The really good thing about them is that I haven’t touched a real cigarette in that time. The bad thing is their inconsistency, which has too frequently left me sucking like a new born calf non a dry teat, unable to get any throat hit worth mentioning. I’d say the quality control must be poor because the ‘flow rate’ varies considerably from cartridge to cartridge and even from combination of cartridge to battery; plus swapping batteries (which are also of very variable reliability) alone can give different results, and too often these are frustrating and unsatisfactory. As often as not I get that foul burnt glycol taste when swapping batteries, which sometimes goes away after an hour or two and sometimes doesn’t. I’d also say one cartridge gives nothing like the equivalent of 30 real fags. 10 to 15 tops would be more like it. That is probably partly due to the cartridges feeling like they’ve run out or become so horrible to smoke so soon, but either way I must have gone through at least a couple of dozen so far in just two weeks, which means I’ve gone from 20 silk cut a day to 60 skycigs!. I’m trying Greensmoke’s as of today, first impressions much more positive – in fact having bought the ‘strong’ strength I might need to go down a peg as the first tug almost bowled me over. Not quite so keen on the flavours so far though, but if the consistency is there I can always try others.

  2. I brought the start pack to begin with but one of my cartridges wasnt working and they had to send me another one. Cartridges didnt last half as long as they said they would.

    I brought the freedom pack as i do really like the flavours and the vapour they produce but the charging pack was broken and i now have to send it back for replacement. For these 2 reasons i have been put off and cant say i will be using them again.

    The cartdriges on the freedom pack have again not lasted half as long as they are meant too. The battery life is also really bad.

  3. A lot of people are saying that the battery life is poor, which I agree with. However that isn’t really a problem as while you are using 1 battery you charge the other. As for being a on a night out.. the skycig case is a battery pack, so aslong as you’ve had it plugged in it will still charge the cig batteries while you are out & about.

    The throat hits are okay. Seen people say that they are inconsistent but if it has been a while since you have took a drag … take a couple of quick consecutive puffs & you wil then get a good throat hit.

    However, my personal opinion… I don’t really want throat hits. If everything is just the same as smoking a real fag then it is just going to be as hard to stop the e-cigs. E-cigs are meant to be a stepping stone to stopping so something needs to be different to make breaking the habit easier.

  4. A month ago, a local shop displayed your product. It may be relevant that I live in the north west of Ireland. It was of a kind I was interested in, so I bought a starter kit. Since then, I have found half a dozen other outlets that also stock your products. As a result, I have bought 2 more starter kits. Why? Because apart from the initial display case supplied, there has been no restocking anywhere of which I am aware. The shops tell me that trying to contact their supplier – presumably relatively local – and all they get is a message service. But no stock.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like the product and have recommended it. The concept, product and packaging certainly work for me. I haven’t had a cigarette since I bought the first kit (not to say I didn’t feel like one now and then).
    Please see if there is any improvement you can make to your supply chain to outlets. It would make such a difference.

    Major rant over. To the details.
    I need 3 batteries to ensure continuity of availability. Your claim of 1.5 hour charge time is ridiculous. A minimum of 2.25 and up to over 3 hours is what I am getting – from all 3, so it is not a rogue battery. I also use USB ports on different PCs and a converter plug to, so it can’t be the source of charge affecting time, either.
    All of this is predicated on use. As a 20 – 25 a day former smoker, I find it difficult to consider a 3,4 5 increase in nicotine consumption.

    Thank you for this opportunity. Please sort the supply chain out.

  5. I am so upset. I left my skycig charging and popped out for a bit. I had the scare of my life when I got back home to find the case had melted and slight burns on the table and smoke damage to the surrounding area. I shall never use this product again. Worryingly I was told a couple of days ago that this was a problem with e-cigs but put down to gossip. So scary.

  6. Horrible service from Skycig in the midst of their re-branding to Bluecigs or whatever they want to be called now, I think they should be called No, we won’t now. Taking money for product of customers and then six month later rebranding and bringing out new products not compatible with the old ones, that is not nice. An then promising customers to start them off with the new product so they would receive a helping hand – and then saying, no sorry, only a joke, we changed our mind, that is despicable.

    1. why would I receive mails telling me my new pack is coming and then being told no, no, now it’s not

    2. why was my husband repeatedly assured that the new product (Blue) is compatible with the old product (Skycig) – and now we are being told it’s not

    3. Why would they make such a big mistake as they did yesterday by sending out a final e-mail confirming that the new pack was coming and five minutes later another saying no, now it’s not

    4. why would their representative tell my colleague one thing on the phone (in front of witnesses) and now they are saying no it’s not (surprise) what she said – are they accusing a number of people of overheard the conversation of lying???

    This is one unhappy customer…..

  7. I bought one and it smoked OK, but would not re-charge., which was a bit of a bummer seeing that I had invested in several 5x refills.


  8. there I have a skycig blu a few times I have bought refills at least one of them r totally empty and this has happened again today please advise thanks

  9. I got my Blu SkyCig from a local shop and everything is great I have stopped smoking since Feb 2015 and it has done me great and now I have near enough stop smoking the skycig too.
    I have recommended them to family members and half have stop smoking all together.

    this is one happy customer :)


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