SkyCig purchased by Lorillard


Lorillard is a tobacco giant that came on the e Cig scene with a bang. They were first noticed for the Blu eCig. Now they have acquired SkyCig, which is another increasingly popular British brand. They are on a mission for global recognition, and they aren’t doing a bad job at getting there either. This is especially true because the recent purchase placed the powerhouse company in possession of one of the UK’s most popular e Cig brand.

The acquisition should prove to be quite beneficial if the history of Lorillard and Blu is any indication. As a matter of fact since Blu has been owned by Lorillard they have made their way into more than 80 thousand retail locations in the US , and they’ve become a very in demand vaping brand too. This is in sorts a non-hostile takeover. Lorillard has all intentions of allowing SkyCig to operate independently, and they are working closely with current management of the company to improve marketing and manufacturing momentum. Murray Kessler is the CEO of Lorillard, and he says that their main objective is to be the best in the overall electronic cigarette market. He went on to tell us that by purchasing SkyCig that out the objective on a global path.

Kessler also stated “We believe that with the addition of SKYCIG, Lorillard is uniquely positioned to lead the global e-cigarette industry to reach its full potential, and to do so in a responsible manner. We firmly believe that e-cigarettes may present the most significant harm reduction option ever made available to smokers in the U.S. and abroad and we look forward to working with regulators around the world to confirm this conclusion.” The cofounder of the popular SkyCig whose name is Tom Rolfe is positive about the arrangement, and he stated that, “We chose to move forward with Lorillard for the exceptional resources and expertise which the company can provide to enable SkyCig to further both our product innovation and availability.”

With Lorillard being among the largest tobacco manufacturers in the industry the merger is a win-win. This is a company that came in number 3 of the top 5, and is based out of Greensboro, NC. To make things even better they have been in business since the mid 1700’s, so there is no doubt that their name is one that can be trusted. As a matter of fact they have produced brand like Kent, Newport and Maverick just to name a few.

With Lorillard being so businesses savvy it was just a matter of time before they got their foot in the door of electronic cigarettes. Vaping is not a passing fad, as a matter of fact its popularity is increasing at rapid rates. Profits are soaring in the e Cig industry, and many are quitting tobacco all together. It only makes since to venture into the e Cig industry if a company wants to remain successful, and that is just what Lorillard intends to do.

You can find the Blu brand by Lorillard in most supermarkets, covenant stores and drug stored nationwide, and it won’t be long before the popular British SkyCig is made available as well. The 48.6 million dollar purchase sealed that deal.There are quite a few new British regulations that are set for the electronic cigarette industry, and they are due to be put into place within the next few years. Having financial backing is imperative, which is another reason that this deal is such a winner for all involved. SkyCig now stands a very good chance of being a mainstream brand for a very long time in the vaping world.

We want to know what you think. Is this a positive move for both companies? Furthermore, how do you feel the acquisition is likely to affect the SkyCig brand?


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