Skycig cartridges

There is good reason why Skycig has risen to become one of the most popular electronic cigarette brands in the UK. One of the main reasons is their cartridges.

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Skycig, as a company, are really concerned with creating quality products. This could be the reason they are now one of the biggest brands in the UK, as well as why their customers are so content with Skycig products.

One thing I have noticed about Skycig cartridges is that they do not get warm. The cartridge stays cool even if you are vaping heavily. You can keep a hold of the cartridge the whole time you are vaping, with no chance of getting burned. I enjoy Skycig cartridges and feel they produce a very satisfying amount of vapour, and also deliver a solid throat hit.

Another great aspect of Skycig is that their cartridges never lose their flavour – they taste great from the first drag till the last. I have tried a lot of E-Cig brands, but for the most part, you end up with a bad taste when your cartridge starts reaching its end. This has never happened when I have been using Skycig cartridges.

Skycig cartridges are honestly one of the best E-Cig cartridges I have tried. When it comes to different flavours, Skycig has a lot on offer. At the moment, Skycig has seven to choose from:

  • Classic Tobacco
  • Tobacco Gold
  • Crown Tobacco
  • Crown Menthol
  • Crown Vanilla
  • Crown Cherry
  • Cinnamon

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