Survey: Significant Health Gains from Switching to Electronic Cigarettes


Survey: Significant Health Gains from Switching to Electronic Cigarettes Many health gains get reported by users of e-cigarettes, going by a new survey that International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published today. The survey was conducted worldwide, with questionnaire availed in 10 diverse languages, which assessed experience, side effect, use patterns plus benefits which consumers of electronic cigarettes observed.

19,441 vapers in total took part in the study, with over 80 percent of them substituting smoking with use of e-cigs. Those remaining cut down on smoking consumption down to 4 from 20 tobacco cigarettes daily. The main survey findings showed that vapers employ e-cigarettes as a way of reducing or completely substituting smoking for reasons of health. They kick off using high nicotine levels, with over 1 out of 5 participants beginning with nicotine concentration levels above 20mg/ml. Electronic cigarettes proved effective substitutes for smoking even with individuals having high smoking dependence.

The majority of consumers used 2nd plus 3rd generation gadgets. Above half of them reported some side-effects, which in most cases were temporary and mild, with the symptom most common being dry throat and mouth. Significant gains got reported for such physiologic functions as breathing, olfactory and gustatory senses. There also were improvements in disease conditions preexisting (especially respiratory disease, hypercholesterolemia and hypertension.

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, who hails from Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center found in Athens, Greece, was lead-researcher and primary manuscript author. He said that this was considerably the largest published study done on electronic cigarette users till now. He noted that though the survey assessed experience relating to dedicated users alone, it still is vital examining how the group uses e-cigarettes for instructing smokers about how to use the gadgets with success in switching from use of tobacco to electronic cigarettes.

The survey discovered that individuals who substituted smoking completely were much more likely experiencing health gains relative to dual users. Dr. Farsalinos indicated that the finding was anticipated and that E-cigarettes did not possess therapeutic properties and that employing them as opposed to tobacco is certainly expected to occasion substantial health gains. All research done till now touching on safety profile of electronic cigarettes supports this fact.

We should however wait for follow-up surveys done over the long term in order to define overall impact on health of electronic cigarette use.

An appreciably small minority of 0.4 percent reported they were not smokers during initiation into usage of E-cigs. They consumed less liquid and used lower levels of nicotine, with over half utilizing non-nicotine liquids. Dr. Farsalinos stated this was quite a minute percentage of electronic cigarette users, which was consistent with complimentary surveys showing nonsmokers adopted e-cigs to minimal extent. He added it was important emphasizing none got into smoking after initiating use of e-cigarettes, which debunked gateway to smoking theory.

The survey is on offer for free along with full text access here


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