ROK electronic cigarette review


ROK electronic cigarette review – does this kit really “rocks”?

Demand for electronic cigarettes is increasing and ROK has managed to become one of the leading e-cig retailers in the United Kingdom. At the moment ROK offers 5 different electronic cigarette starter kits. All kits range in price from £19.99 to £49.99.  All ROK e-cigs are designed to look like a real tobacco cigarettes. In this review we will take a closer look at their ROK Jet Black starter kit with market price of  £49.99. Lets take a closer look.

ROK electronic cigarette review – Packaging/Shipping

The ROK Jet Black starter kit setup looks great as soon as you unpack it. The case is branded really well and the whole packaged looks really fancy.
Package includes:

  • Jet Black Portable Charging Case
  • 2 E Cig Batteries (140mAh)
  • 2 Cartridges (One Medium 1.1% Nicotine & One Strong 1.6% Nicotine)
  • USB Charging Lead
  • Instruction Manual
ROK electronic cigarette review – Battery/Responsiveness
ROK Electronic Cigarette BatteryROK Jet black starter kit is more powerful than other ROK starter kits. ROK Original kit batteries were smaller and also power was lower (90 mAh). As you understand, that lower power affect amount of vaping time you can get from a battery.

What improvements come with ROK Jet black?
First of all, they increased the length by about 1 cm; however, the width of the battery remains the same. And here comes the best part – now batteries are 140 mAh which is a huge improvement for a small-sized battery. Therefore, batteries last longer.

Don’t worry about the size of battery – they are still one of the smallest batteries on the market. ROK Jet black e-cigarette is really designed to look like a real cigarette.

Personal charging case (PCC)

ROK Jet Black PCC

With ROK Jet Black kit, you will also receive a PPC. Once fully charged, case will re-charge your batteries for 5 times, before the case needs to recharge itself.

You can easily charge your case by using USB cable and your computer.
Also charging the batteries in the PCC is a really simple task, just place your battery into the PCC and that’s it. Close the case and press the power button for 5 seconds.

You will see the red light that indicates the battery is charging. Once your battery will be fully charged the light will turn green, and you will be ready to use it. You can also check, how long will last your PCC. To do that, just press the power button twice, and you will see a number of white dots indicating the charge on your pack. 5 lights mean that your PCC is fully charged.

The quality of batteries is really good. They work very well without major issues. I must say that I would love that batteries would last longer, but you must expect this if you are buying a small e-cigarette. (Same size as real cigarette)

ROK electronic cigarette review – Vapour/Flavour
rok kit flavoursROK Jet black starter kit comes with only 2 tobacco cartridges, one medium 1.1% and one strong 1.6%. In my opinion, tobacco flavour taste is really good. Also the throat hit is decent. For me, cartridges lasted for around 120 drags. Approximately, 1 cartridge is equal to 40 normal cigs.

However, this is a really tricky part when it comes to e-cigs because this really depends on your technique. (How huge is your drag and so on). 10 cartridges cost £17.99.

Also the vapour volume is great. When I was using ROK Jet black, it felt almost like Green Smoke! I am pretty sure you won’t be disappointed with vapour volume and taste.

ROK offers 8 different flavours:

  • Tobacco low
  • Tobacco medium
  • Tobacco strong
  • Menthol medium
  • Menthol strong
  • Café strong
  • Cherry strong
  • Vanilla strong

(Medium is 1.1% nicotine. Strong is 1.6% nicotine)

One thing that I don’t really like about ROK is that they offer only 10 cart packages.
I think that they should also offer 5 cart packages, because if you don’t like the flavour 10 cartridges are way too much.

Flavour and vapour volume is decent. Maybe it isn’t the best I’ve tried but ROK Jet Black won’t let you down. Also cartridges last quite long. The only downside is that carts are available only in big packages (10 cartridges per pack). This could be a problem for you, if you want to try out new flavours.

ROK electronic cigarette review – Video

Returns/Warranty/Customer Service
ROK Company offers a seven-day return; this is on unopened/unused product. Don’t forget to check their website for up to date information!

I must say that ROK customer service is responsive and helpful. You can contact to them via phone or e-mail.


I must say that ROK Jet black is a great product with several important improvements. The most important improvement is the life of battery. Jet black batteries last almost 2x longer than Original kit ones. Another great thing – there is only £10 difference in price. I would definitely choose the ROK Jet Black kit.

Also cartridges are pretty good – nice flavour, good vapour volume and strong throat hit. The bad thing is that kit comes only with 2 cartridges. (Most kits come with 5). So if you like your Jet Black kit, you will need to re-order a new pack of cartridges straight away. In my opinion, ROK Jet black targeted to new vapers, who are looking for an e-cig which looks like a real cigarette. I am sure that you won’t be disappointed with ROK Jet black performance.

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