ROK cartridges

ROK cartridgesIf you are looking for a premium electronic cigarette which is manufactured here, in the UK, then ROK E-Cigarette will be a good option for you. ROK offers various starter kits for a decent price. Also you have a wide choice of flavours. Everything is good about ROK electronic cigarettes, however, only thing I don’t like about them is that they offer only “big” packages of cartridges. Most brands offer package of 5 carts, but ROK offers only pack of 10 carts, so this can be a waste of money, if you don’t really enjoy flavour you picked. Pack of 10 cartridges cost £17.99 which is pretty cheap. (Only £8 per 5).  ROK claims that 1 E-Cigarette cartridge (or tip) is equal to 35 cigarettes. So it’s almost two packs of normal cigarettes.

One thing I really enjoy is experimenting with differ flavours, so, for me, brands, who offers various flavour choices is the best. ROK offers 5 different flavours: vanilla, tobacco, menthol, cherry and cafe.

However, I would love to check out new flavours and I really hope that soon they will release.  If you want to read complete review about ROK electronic cigarette cartridges and other details, please check out our ROK electronic cigarette review.

I must say that ROK offers premium electronic cigarette for a decent price. However, there are better and cheaper options available, for example Green Smoke, Cigees or E-lites.

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