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RedCig – another premium E-Cig brand?
RedCig is an electronic cigarette brand that offers what they call a ‘premium quality’ alternative to traditional cigarettes in their products. RedCig claims that their electronic cigarettes actually feel and taste just like real cigarettes, except that they don’t contain the harmful byproducts found in tobacco smoke. Instead, they burn a scented, flavoured nicotine vapour that looks and tastes just like a real cigarette, but without the dangers and health risks associated with the real thing.

First of all, here are some key facts about RedCigs that are helpful to know. For one, they are tar-free. Two, they contain no tobacco whatsoever… making them a genuine and real electronic cigarette. Three, they are technically 70% cheaper, which means that they will save you a ton of money in the long run if you use them to replace your normal cigarette habit. They are also legal everywhere, making it easy to take them with you and to use them at any time.

Also, since there is no secondhand smoke, people won’t have anything to complain about if you are ‘smoking’ a RedCig in a public place… which is a definite plus in my book!

Packaging And Shipping

RedCig starter kitRedCig products are delivered in user-friendly packaging that gives them the look and feel of real cigarettes. The starter kit, for example, comes in a box that looks like a cigarette box. It has ‘REDCIG’ printed right on it, in clean and easy-to-read lettering. As far as shipping goes, RedCig will actually ship to you free of charge if your order total equals just £40 or more. Therefore, if you order a starter pack and just two of the 5-cartridge refill packs, you can actually get free shipping.

Since you will likely use up your initial cartridges fairly quickly, you are going to want refills anyway. Buying them all at once is a great way to save money. It’s really just like buying them directly from the store, except for the fact that you don’t even have to drive or walk to pick them up! RedCig also has order tracking, so you will be able to know exactly where your order is at all times. This is a big thing for me because I want to know when I can expect my orders to arrive… so this is a feature that I regularly make use of whenever I get the chance.

Batteries and Responsiveness

The starter pack of RedCigs comes with one RED tipped battery that lights up when you inhale through the mouthpiece. The flavoured smoke liquid is then turned into vapour that is completely harmless, yet looks and feels just like smoke. The battery is charged with an included USB charging stick, making it easy to keep charged wherever you are. Plus, the RED light in the end of the battery lights up when activated, which gives the RedCig an even more realistic look because the tip glows red just like a real cigarette when you inhale through it.redcig battery

Flavours & Accessories

You will likely be pleased to know that there are five different flavours available in RedCig refills. These flavours are light tobacco, regular tobacco, menthol, cherry, and apple.

Redcig flavours

There are a variety of accessories available for the RedCigs products, including a USB charger and a power adapter that will allow you to charge your RedCig through a UK power socket.

Warranty and the Money Back Guarantee

RedCigs ship with a 30 day money back promise and a one year warranty, which means that they will basically refund or exchange products that the buyer is unhappy with within thirty days for any reason, as long as the products are returned unused and unopened. If an item gets damaged, then they will replace it if the damage occurred within a year of the initial purchase.

RedCig refills

Customer Service

Offering a phone number and a physical store location are definitely bonuses, as most companies tend to give out only email forms with which to contact customer service.RedCig offers a number of ways for their customers to contact them, giving them some definite points for customer service. They seem friendly and easy to deal with, and can be reached by phone, through email, or even in person at a physical business location… which is given on their website, along with a Google map of how to get there.

Starter Kit

The RED Starter Kit comes with everything that the average smoker will need to get started. It includes 1 battery, enough refills to equal 100 cigarettes (it includes a mixture of tobacco and light tobacco flavoured refills to start with, though you can always add more later), a USB charger that makes charging the battery easy, and 1 card case for storage and easy transport. The case even looks like a real cigarette case, which adds to the realism and helps, on a visual level, to make this E-Cig feel more like a real pack of cigarettes.

Of course, not all electronic cigarettes are equal, which is why I decided to give RedCigs a try. They have been featured in several notable media publications, including BBC, the Daily MailThe IndependentThe Daily MirrorThe Sun, and others, and have received very positive reviews… so I definitely thought that they might be worth looking into.


In the end, RedCigs seem to be high quality products at an affordable price. Of course, electronic cigarettes come in many forms and styles, but RedCigs offers a down-to-earth, affordable product for the no-frills smoker. If you are looking for a high quality electronic cigarette that can truly replace your real cigarette habit while saving you a ton of money in the process, then RedCigs are definitely an option that you should consider trying.

They also have a great rewards program on their website that allows you to get reward points and referral points every time you buy from them or refer a friend to their store. These points can get you free products, and can really add up if you become a regular customer.

Of course, you have to use the official RedCigs website to make use of this rewards program, which is exactly what I recommend doing as opposed to buying their products somewhere else. As a matter of fact, the real REDCIG products can only be purchased from the official website.


  1. purchased this while ago. there were only few reviews available on the internet, but i decided to try redcigs. i must say that vapour production is great. also flavour is pretty nice with a decent throat hit. in my opinion overall redcig performance is 8.5/10

    another great thing – it’s an affordable kit.

    • Hi Victor,

      I am really glad that you found your E-Cig and that you really enjoy!

      Keep up the good work!!!


  2. redcig brand is the real deal! purchased ultimate kit and now i am vaping it for like 3 weeks already wohooooo. in my opinion this is one of the best kits i have ever tried.

  3. Great and helpful review! Thank you so much. Personally i purchased Redcig myself like 1 month ago. Great taste and vapour production. Also haven’t smoked since then. Wonderful!

  4. There are so few reviews about Redcig i am wondering why so. When I read review on this site i decided to give it a try and i don’t regret it!!
    Redcig offers really great and top quality electronic cigarette. I purchased Deluxe kit and i really love it.

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