Proven fact: up to 74% of smokers use E-Cigarettes to Quit


E-cigarettes are a miracle product that is changing the world of cigarette smoker’s one user at a time. A study conducted by the University of East London showed us that 74% of all non – smokers quit or drastically lower their usage of cigarettes by using e-cigarettes. You can find the full experiment online at your personal convenience but here is the overall basis of the experiment and its most influential discoveries.

 The Study:

  • The researchers examined a large group of E – Cigarette users (1,347 people), mainly non-smokers. The researchers asked these people a series of questions regarding their level of addiction to cigarettes and how it compares to how often they use or used e-cigarettes.
  • Other questions were asked that pertained more to how the use of e-cigarettes impacted the users with – drawl symptoms, side effects and cravings.

Results: Impact on Cravings

  • Cravings are the cause of people relapsing or simply returning to their addictive habits.
  • Results pertaining to the users cravings showed that 91 percent of e-cigarette users exclaimed a significant decrease in their cigarette cravings.
  • Because the decrease in cravings does not necessarily mean an immediate decrease in cigarette consumption, it does naturally conclude that overtime the use of e-cigarettes should cause a decrease in actual cigarette use.

Overall findings/results

  • The most important and influential result from this study, was that 74% of the participants reported that they had had not consumed any cigarette or tobacco product in anywhere from a couple weeks to several months, since using an e-cigarette product.
  • The remaining 14 percent concluded that although their cigarette consumption had not stopped altogether, it was significantly decreased over time.
  • The group reported an ease in their breathing. Their lungs felt free and clear and there was a reduction in “smokers cough” in nearly each participant.
  • Even though a complete halt in cigarette smoking is much preferred, these results are outstanding. The fact that 88% of the group of people concluded a substantial decrease in their cigarette use is amazing. You have to remember that this study wasn’t simply twenty people, it was over one thousand! Nearly all of them shared a decrease in smoking. That’s amazing.

Negative Effects of e-cigarettes

  • Good news is that the group of participants concluded little to no negative effects of using the e-cigarettes.
  • The most common effect that is easily treatable was throat irritation and mouth irritation.
  • Less than one percent of the tested group said that they experienced this problem for an extended period of time.

Problems or limitations with this study

  • Bias information. Since almost all of the participants were gathered through e-cigarette websites, it is automatically assumed that the results would be positive and more influential than conducting the study on others who are brand new to e-cigarettes. This does not mean any of the information above is false though; it just means that perhaps negative effects were less reported because of the fact that these people are from supporting e-cigarette websites.
  • Memory – Due to this study consisting almost entirely of ex-smokers, the results being recorded were purely from memory. Memory can fade, it can be altered over time, and a lot can happen to it as time goes on so the results may not be as precise as they could be. If the study was conducted on current cigarettes smokers who are making the switch and then are observed over time, the results may or may not vary.


This experiment provided a great insight on the effects of e-cigarettes. Although this experiment has its limitations, its overall effects are so grand that it is hard not to overlook the slight limitations. Besides, what experiment doesn’t have its limitations? The process of determining whether or not e-cigarettes are all around better for you than regular cigarettes, will take time to fully conclude. There are negatives to both, but there are way more positives to e-cigarettes. Even though this study may have contained some bias information, the overall results come out on top:

The use of e-cigarettes result in a significant reduction of tobacco cravings, limited negative effects as compared to cigarettes and an all – around halt or at least severe reduction in the smoking of cigarettes and other related products.


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