How To Prevent Coughing While Vaping


caughing-vapingYou are an experienced smoker, so why have you started coughing now that you’ve taken up vaping? It’s a common problem. In fact around 57% of those who have recently begun vaping find that they have a coughing problem when getting used to e-cigs. Luckily, coughing appears to be a relatively temporary effect of making the switch, and after a few months 93% of vapers find that coughing is no longer a problem for them. However if you are irritated by the problem and want to know more about how to prevent it from occurring, read on for some handy hints.

Why Does Vaping Cause Coughing?

There are several factors that lead to vaping causing coughing fits. These include:

Irritants In The Vapour

About 10% of people have a sensitivity to propylene glycol (PG) one of the main ingredients in e-liquids. This can result in throat irritation and coughing at first, but over time it appears that our bodies become used to the chemicals and adapt, resulting in the problem going away

No Anaesthetics

Tobacco smoke has certain ingredients in it which have been designed to prevent coughing in smokers. Some of tobacco’s 9,600 ingredients have been added to make the smoke less irritating and much smoother to guard against coughing. As there are no such anaesthetics and antitussives in e-liquids, this may explain why coughing occurs.

Vaping Technique

When you smoke a regular cigarette you draw the cigarette smoke into your mouth and straight down to your lungs, however when vaping, vapers often draw the vapour into their mouth and then hold it before inhaling into the lungs. It could be this change in technique that results in the vaper’s cough.

Regrowth Of Cilia

Smoking causes the cilia (small hair-like projections in the respiratory tract) to be destroyed, however these grow back once you quit. One of the side effects of this is coughing.

Throat Hit

If you opt for a high nicotine level in your e-juice you will notice that the throat hit becomes stronger and this may cause coughing.

Vaping Device

Sub ohm devices have often been linked with coughing, so you may benefit from choosing a more basic device when you first begin vaping.


Both VG and PG attract water in order to produce vapour clouds, but a side effect of this can be dehydration which results in a dry throat and, thus, coughing.

How To Prevent Coughing When Switching To E-Cigs

There are several tips that you can try to reduce the coughing problem when making the switch to vaping:

  • Try different techniques to find which works best for you
  • Try a different ratio of PG/VG
  • Try varying the nicotine levels contained in your e-liquid to see which affect your throat badly
  • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration
  • Change the speed at which you inhale – slower inhalation may result in coughing as less air will hit the coil of your e-cigarette
  • Change your exhalation speed – a slow and controlled exhale technique may reduce coughing fits
  • Try adding a small amount of menthol into your e-liquid
  • Adjust your Ohm resistance – an atomiser that has a higher Ohm resistance is better for preventing coughing, as lower Ohms of below 2.0 will result in a hotter vape which can be very harsh on your throat
  • Try a higher quality e-liquid – some of the cheaper ones use non pharmaceutical-grade nicotine and this may also affect your throat

e-cig coughingAlthough suffering from coughing fits whenever you pick up your e-cig may put you off quitting the habit for good, in fact it is important to remember that most people’s bodies adjust to vaping quite quickly and within a short space of time, coughing is a thing of the past. You should also consider the other positive side of vaping, including the fact that it has been shown to be 95% safer than smoking standard tobacco cigarettes. It is also a cheaper alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes over the long term, and this must be a positive benefit to be considered before giving it up as a lost cause. If you persevere with vaping, you are likely to find that within a couple of weeks you will be enjoying the experience just as much as you enjoyed cigarettes.


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