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Nucig Ltd is another major E-Cigarette brand based in the UK. In 2007 they released their first E-Cig called Nucig Advanced Pro. Since then it has been improved into the 4th generation Nucig Advanced Pro kit. (released in 2013). Over the years Nucig Ltd has become a global company with sales in many different countries. However, their headquarter is still located in England.

At the moment, Nucig offers four different starter kit categories: Mini, Normal, Advanced and Ultimate. Their most popular kit is Nucig Advanced Pro kit, which cost £48.99 and  is available in 3 colours: real look, black and pink. As most E-Cigs nowadays, also Nucigs produce 2-piece design E-Cigarettes.

Nucig review

Nucig review – Packaging/shipping
For this review I used Nucig Advanced pro kit, which cost me £48.99. As I mentioned before, this is the most popular Nucig starter kit. So let’s take a closer look. With this starter kit you will receive following items:Nucig starter kit

  • Lithium Batteries x2, (one blue and one orange)
  • Cartridges x5,
  • PCC (portable charging case),
  • USB power cable,
  • USB charger,
  • Main wall charger,
  • VIP card,
  • Users manual,
  • Gift box.

I must say that whole package looks stylish and well-designed and includes everything you need at the beginning.

Shipping was quite fast. I ordered my kit on Tuesday and received in on Friday, so I am satisfied with this speed. Also shipping was for free, because Nucig offers a free shipping for all products over £45. Also it is worth to mention, that unlike many companies, Nucigs offer a „real look” kits, which completely looks like a real cigarettes. I think that this is a nice psychological benefit, which makes the switch easier at the beginning.

Nucig review – battery/responsiveness
Nucig battery capacity is 140mAH and it’s 97mm long. Their wight of 11g and width of 8.5mm make them feel almost like a real cigarette. Nucig states that fully charger battery will last for around 160 drags. For me it was only ~90 drags, which is almost 2 times less. It’s quite low, but for such a small battery it’s a quite impressive. It will take approx. 2 hours, to fully charge your batteries.

As I mentioned before – with this kit you will also receive a PCC (personal charging case). PCC capacity is 1200mAH and it’s slightly larger than traditional cigarette pack. PCC can be charged using the USB charger. It will take around 1-1.5h hours, to fully charge your PCC. A fully charged PCC will provide you with the ability to fully recharge battery for 5 times, before the case needs to be recharged itself. Keep in mind that there is just one slot for a battery at a time, so you won’t be able to charge more batteries at the same time.

Nucig review – flavour/vapour
Nucig PCC
As mentioned before, Nucig now produce 2-piece E-Cigarettes. Two-piece E-Cig contains from battery and cartridge. Simply screw the cartridge into the battery and you are ready to vape.

Nucigs offers 5 different nicotine strengths and 6 flavours. Nicotine strengths available:

  • 0mg (zero),
  • 6mg (low),
  • 12mg (medium),
  • 18mg (high),
  • 24mg (extra high).

Six different flavours available:

  • Tobacco,
  • Menthol,
  • Menthol ice,
  • Apple,
  • Chocolate,
  • Strawberry.

Nucigs claim that each cartridge is equivalent to 30 traditional cigarettes. For me each cartridge lasted for around 20 traditional cigarettes. I must say that the drag is smooth and flavour is quite pleasant. Vapour volume is decant, as well. However, after a few „cigs”, vapour volume and taste wasn’t so good anymore. Keep in mind that Nucig Advanced Pro kit is a bit pricey and you can get better E-Cigarettes for such price.

Nucigs offer a 10 day money back, if you are not satisfied. However, they do this ONLY if the product is returned in „As New” condition with ORIGINAL package. They also charge £6.99 fee, to cover their initial P+P and re-stocking. All Nucig products come with a full 28-day guarantee. Please read their Terms & Conditions for up to date info!

Customer service

Nucigs are quite large company and they are serious about customer service. At the moment you can get in touch with them via e-mail, phone or creating a new ticket on their home page. Through phone they are available between 10am-6pm from Monday to Saturday.

Nucig review – overall
I must say that Nucig is an average E-Cigarette. Flavour and vapour volume is average. However, battery lasts for a short period, but that’s okay, because of the size of battery. Only really good thing about Nucig Ltd is that they offer PCC (personal charging case), not many companies do that yet. Also kits are quite pricey, so you should consider, before buying Nucig starter kit. You can get a quite better kit for same price.


  1. please read my comments below based on my own experience, not based on expert opinion….I will leave that to this great website.

    I am a new comer to the world of e-cigs and after a few glowing reviews of Nucig I took the plunge & got myself an “Ultimate mini” starter pack, some low mg Vanilla & being a roll up smoker some golden Virginia oil (VG E-Liquid) (Also lowest strength).

    After finding that the mini system batteries didn’t last as long as I’d hoped, I decided to get a larger “Ultimate pro” battery & for when I’m at home their “Ultimate min USB” battery, this is just a usb cable that you can either plug into a mains plug or something like a laptop.

    So after getting used to the lower strength liquids I found when drinking in the pub they were not as strong as I’d hoped & my craving to go back to smoking was a struggle. so decided to get some of the stronger liquid for when I was drinking alcohol.

    The issue with the range I am finding is the right combination of battery to the right strength oil, is a struggle. For instance using the stronger strength liquid with the smaller battery is a pleasant combination but if you combine the larger pro battery (even on the lower setting) on the stronger liquids can cause a burning sensation in my throat. It’s also the same with the USB cable, even on the lowest setting I’m finding a burning sensation is stopping from using the product. This has become an expensive fact finding mission to be honest.

    The rock & a hard place situation I have found myself in right now is that the stronger liquid does take my craving from smoking away, but the larger battery & USB power source is causing a very unpleasant experience of using this system.
    I have now reverted to using the lower strength liquid with the higher strength power sources is working better but I am now smoking more liquid to take the craving from smoking away…….I hope this is making sense to you all?.
    So now I face the dilemma of either just buying lots of the smaller battery’s or buying more liquids and using the larger batteries.
    or dropping the Nucig system & continuing my search……decisions decisions!


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