No risk from second hand smoke with E-Cig


Second hand smoke kills people, and that is a proven fact. Tobacco puts off chemicals that cause cancer not only to the smoker but to those around them.  There are plenty of sensationalist news articles running rampant and attracting a lot of negative attention with false allegations like e-cigs give off harmful second hand smoke. That is just misleading, and anyone who believes this simply do not have all of the fact. This includes lawmakers and politicians.

It is non-argumentative that there are in fact some traces of VOC’s and nitrosamines in the vapers of e Cig liquids. Still, the exposure from vaping are way below the threshold of toxicity or concern. Studies also proved that the nicotine exposure from e Cig vapours are nonexistent. Vapours inhaled in any amount are simply noneffective on people in its proximity.  The vapours are not toxic. Vapours also diminish in seconds unlike smoke which tends to linger.

Yes, there are a very small fraction of chemicals that are found in traditional tobacco cigarettes, and this was unavoidable in order for them to be successful for people trying to stop smoking. However, these are barely detectable levels, and the huge amounts of toxins found in tobacco are exempt from the electronic cigarette.

The danger to the persona vaping in minimal if at all, and there are no dangers to by standers at all. In addition, with the electronic cigarette there is no side stream smoke like that found in tobacco cigarettes.

Furthermore, if a bystander passes through vapours they will not be exposed to toxins and the scent is almost undetectable.  This does not excuse anyone from the unspoken etiquette of vaping. It is still impolite to blow smoke in the face of others, and one should remain respectful in public places.


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