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Nicolites is an English company, established in Birmingham nearly 6 years ago which has been steadily growing. Interestingly, it has recently become an official partner of Birmingham City FC, so you can expect to see their advertising if you follow English football. The most noticeable thing about Nicolites is that their starter kit is very basic when compared to others. However, it is also cheap, so this may be suitable for the more cost-conscious among us.

Nicolites review – Packaging/shipping

For this review, I bought the Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, for £19.99. I mentioned above that this kit was extremely basic, and it really is the case. I would say the price is fair, since the kit is cheap but not the cheapest on the market. It comes in a small disposable packet, with no case or box. The kit simply contains:

  • Rechargeable battery x 1
  • Cartomizers x 2
  • USB charger x 1

As I said, there are other cheaper, disposable kits, but at least with this one, you receive 2 carts and a rechargeable battery, so it can be reused. That said, with just two carts, a battery and a USB charger, this is one of the sparsest kits on the market.

One thing that surprised me was that the web address is printed down the side of the battery, but it is not the correct address and leads you to a non-working page, while their actual page is slightly different. I am not sure how this has been missed, but was definitely something I haven’t encountered before!

Overall, for the price, what you get is ok, but I would personally prefer to have some kind of box to keep your E-Cig in.

Nicolites review – Battery/responsiveness
I found that the battery life itself was fine – in line with other good E-Cigs – but for me, having a second battery is a huge bonus, and if I can help it, I normally go for kits which include two, so you are not left needing a vape while you are recharging.

Other packs also include a wall socket charger, while with this starter kit, you are slightly more limited. You need either to have your computer or laptop handy, or possibly charge it in your car. This kit might suit you if you are often around your computer though, or have a newer car with a USB socket.

So this really depends on the individual – if you are often around a computer, or have a newer-style car with a USB socket, then this kit can be a good starting point in your journey with E-Cigs.

Nicolites review – Flavour/vapour

Nicolites cartridges

Ok, so another thing where Nicolites are slightly limited are the flavours, since they only produce 3 – tobacco, menthol and cherry. If you like trying out new tastes, then consider this before you buy, but this won’t be a problem if you are looking mainly to replace your tobacco cigarettes. For the price of the kit, being the same as about 3 packs of normal cigarettes these days, what you get is enough to keep you going for a good while.

The flavours themselves are actually good though – I tried the medium-strength tobacco flavour, and it replicated the taste of real cigarettes as well.

Nicolites review – Customer service
As with the other brands I have reviewed, I wanted to test Nicolites’ customer service, so I sent them an email, and it only took a few hours for me to receive my response, which was also very helpful. I can only say from my one experience with this, I was pretty satisfied, with the way Nicolites handles their customers.

Nicolites review – Starter kits

Nicolites starter kitNicolites only really offer the starter kit I have covered in this review, so it is pretty straightforward – if you like the sound of this spartan but good value kit, then it is worth having a go – nothing complicated here, and one reason it could be a good choice to start out is that there is very little packaging, meaning there is very little in the way of waste if you decide to switch to another brand, so it is better for the environment which is always a bonus.

Nicolites review – Overall
I would recommend Nicolites if you are completely new to the world of vaping – they are cheap, basic and very uncomplicated, while still giving you the basics that you need to start vaping. I was a little disappointed by the wrong web address on the side, but I thought the actual look of having it printed there was ok. If you are looking for something a bit more substantial, then check out our reviews of some of the other top brands, e.g. Green Smoke and E-Lites.


  1. I agree. I am finding that, if my battery runs out, and, after charging, and replacing the cartridge I was using, even though it’s new runs out quick.

    I have tried emailing them, but never get a response.

    • Contact via phone they will send replacement. I have had no problems with customer service .
      Battery’s don’t last for ever and have had to have several replacement s .I have found when battery starts to die cartridges seem empty put on a new battery and they are as they should be. So you will need to ring and get a replacement battery. Hope this helps

  2. I have been on these long time worried about what’s been said about them on the news also fed up about the batteries as had lots of dud ones also the cartridges always one not working in the pack please can you help . June

  3. Hi all.
    I’ve been using the Nicolette’s menthol for around 8 months now. I purchased the starter kit and after about 3 weeks I started to notice some cartridges were not working in it.
    I called the company, got straight through explained what was happening and they told me it is usually because the battery is faulty.
    They sent me a replacement for free, which arrived in two days and I have not had a problem since. I now have purchased another rechargeable, so whilst one is charging I can still smoke.
    And had no problems.
    I am very happy with the service I received and very happy that I am now horrible smelly cigarette free.

  4. After firstly trying E Lites and being bitterly disappointed I discovered Nicolites and decided to try it.. to my satisfying amazement this brand gave me the hit I was looking for. Although I haven’t stopped smoking ive cut down significantly from around 20 a day to approx 40 a week.. I think a second battery may solve the issue as I find myself smoking during recharge..

  5. These cigarettes have got a nicotine chamber where
    the cartridge is added along with an atomizer and a battery.
    All the contents of these e-cigs are approved by doctors to be okay for consumption. The new e-cigs however
    offer a clean smoking experience with no cigarette smell
    or stained teeth at the end of it.

  6. I use the UltraVape Nicolites Compatible, better flavour and last longer and come in packs of 5, they also cape better too.

  7. So even though the smoke puts a strain on your system, when you breathe out strongly you feel good.
    This is the substance that has been plaguing the traditional cigarette for time immemorial.
    Now, I can “smoke” in the car and not worry about
    offending anybody with the smell or the smoke.

  8. i have found that a lot of the refills (especially when there on offer) are empty and you immediately get that horrid burnt plastic taste . false economy i now use an ecig that you can fill with e juice

  9. I have no issue with the e-cigarettes, I use them and am quite happy with them. As for customer services I can only say they are very poor. I sent them an email with an order issue I have last week but no reply, I resent the email yesterday – still no reply, I have tried phoning twice, once last week then again today but I only receive information that I’m still on hold but somebody will be with me soon. When? I haven’t got all day. Very, very poor.

  10. I have used nicolites for 15 months and I have only had 2 none working ends, all batteries have never failed me.
    I have still got the very first one I started with.

  11. I have used Nicolites now for 6 months getting through one a day, I have purchased 6 batteries and only two remain working, the packaging is excessive I’m sure it bumps up the price considerably, however in my opinion the worst thing is the amount of refiles that simply dont work, I estimate somewhere between 1 in 25-30 do not work. and as a individual refill is about £2.30, over 6 months its quite a bit of money, Not a good product if you value this review, try another brand, dont waste your money on nicolites.

    • They are liars – bought a single one at local shop;just to try out and test before I paid out for a full kit ……… supposed to be equivalent to a pack of twenty. After about two hours the light at the ‘tip’ end, started flashing …… IT HAD RUN OUT!! – ‘ RIP OFF MERCHANTS ‘!

  12. Hi, I have been using nicolites for a while now but I’m really disappointed with the battery life. I have one that will last all day the second one I bought will only last 2-3 hours if I’m lucky. I have asked for a replacement twice now and still had no response. Would be great if some one could resolve me issue??

  13. hi, I’ve had mine for a few weeks, it seems pretty good.
    i cant really say I’ve had any issues with nicolites apart from not having anything to put the carts, batteries, and usb in. I’ve ordered from the website, and within 48 hours the goods where delivered. all in all a good experience.

    it’s a bit of a shame that you can’t get a “mixed” pack of different flavors and strengths.
    it would of been nice to have a go with different strengths.

  14. I purchased the starter kit which worked twice then packed up. The charge did not seem to last. I,ve also had a couple of the disposable which were duds. No contact numbers..disappointed,

  15. Hi,
    I work on a drilling rig, we are trying to get Nicolites products out to the rig, can anyone please tell me what markings are on the back of the packet, skull and crossbones etc.

    This would greatly help the cause, depending on the markings, they could be classed as dangerous goods for freight purposes and that means we cannot air freight them out.

    Any help will be appreciated.


  16. Hi, I noticed their customer service varies depending on who you speak to but my conclusion is very poor. Have sent an e-mail for 2 batteries replacement but no replay for over a week (over 3 weeks now!). Rang customer service, the lady on the line was kind and helpful, confirmed the replacement would be with me in 1-3 days. Delighted, but I was wrong. After 10 days, nothing arrived. Called them today again. This time 20 something guy with northern accent, he is very rude, didn’t respond to my question. While I was explaining my issue, he interrupted in patronising and forceful tone and start repeating ‘it will arrive tomorrow, if not call us back.” My question is simple, “when did you send it out?” Why does he have to be so upset?? May be he was over defensive. In the end he just hung up! I have now decided to say very good bye to nicolite due to its cost and most of all this gobsmacking and outdated customer service.

  17. Have just moved to a rural area from London area and couldn’t find a supplier for cartomisers. To order online I would have to know when delivery would be made to stay in and sign for the delivery. Therefore e-mailed Nicolites twice for a local supplier – no reply. Phoned them and hung on for nearly 20 minutes before giving up. Have now found a cheaper and better supplier of compatible cartomisers that you get the next day and don’t have to stay in for delivery signature.. No dud ones either! Goodbye Nicolites – how do you still keep going? You just don’t care!

      • Hi Kyle
        if you still need a supplier of Nicolite compatible batteries and replacement cartomizers have a look at my 12/9/2015 comment below (more like an essay :-)
        Kind Regards

  18. I am really disappointed on the customer service. and delivery procedure.

    Every single time I have to call the centre to tract my order.
    and every single time when I call, they couldn’t check but they had to call me back
    this is ridiculous. Guys, don’t order from here.
    You will be exploded.

    I had enough after using Nicolites almost 1.6 years.

  19. SUCH A BAD customer service.
    The guy just hang up on me when i say, i will hold the line until you find my order.

    EXTREMELY POOR service.

    and of course, i never receive email reply. not sure what they are doing all day, just answering the phone, and say ‘we will call back’. that’s all. nothing else.

    The worse customer service ever in my entire life.

  20. I am at my wits end that a company of this calibre cant even get a 35.00 order done excuses after excuse it nearly two weeks very pissed off and I think its a comedy compsny

  21. I have also asked to speak to Russ who is in charge of this company after several attempts no call why I am not surprised !!!!
    really my 12 year old can do a better job
    lets see if I get a reply if they read bad reviews

  22. Every single time I have to call the centre to tract my order.
    and every single time when I call, they couldn’t check but they had to call me back
    this is ridiculous. Guys, don’t order from here.
    You will be exploded.

    I had enough after using Nicolites almost 1.6 years.
    another not happy customer

  23. Hello folks
    Personally I’m surprised at all the negative reviews as I have not encountered any problems with the product itself.
    However I’ve had no reason to contact the company so can’t comment on their customer service.
    I managed to stop smoking all together since I purchased my starter kit from Tesco (not even 1 ciggy :-) ; over 30 years of frequently, and unsuccessfully, attempting to stop with the aid of nicotine replacement products such as patches and nasal sprays, chewing gum, etc.
    I use the menthol variety and have just swapped from high to medium dose.
    Since quitting the smoking I’ve had absolutely NO CRAVINGS what so ever!!! I never thought I could stop.
    I think that using a product that mimics a cigarette has really helped me deal with the behavioral/ habit aspect of my smoking addiction :-). Allowing the hand to mouth contact, together with inhaling and exhaling what looks like smoke has meant I really do NOT miss smoking. I never thought I’d say that!
    I bought my Nicolite replacements at Tesco and several large national petrol station chains for those of you having problems.
    However I’ve just started ordering mine online from Health and Care.Co.UK
    Try the link below as they are the cheapest I’ve found so far and with FREE delivery; £4.95 for a pack of 3. Further reductions if you buy 5 or10 packs at a time.
    So far only ordered twice and they arrived through the letter box via normal post within 48 hours of ordering.
    I agree about the need for a second battery though; I need to be able to smoke while charging.
    I bought my second battery from Magic Mist company as they had a special offer on their BRISTOL starter pack at £6.99 ( includes 1x re chargeable battery, 1x USB charger and 2x cartomizers) usually around £20. This brand’s Bristol range is fully Nicolites compatible . I tried the 2 cartomizers that came with the starter pack but preferred Nicolites taste, but that’s just personal taste preference; their product seems to work as well as Nicolites’ to me ( pack of 5 replacements was £6.99 if I remember correctly).
    If you google Magic Mist e-cigs you’ll get their site address and the special offer should still be on for starter pack as it was only a couple of weeks since I got mine and they had other e-cig compatible ranges.
    I have yet to get a pack of Nicolite with faulty cartomizers, maybe I’ve just been lucky. However, apart from Magic Mist, it is the only disposable cartridge/cartomizer cigarette look alike I’ve tried so I don’t know how it compares to similar items.
    Having just proof read the above as I’m dyslexic and have to spell check everything I write or no one would have a clue what I’m going on about.
    It sounds as if I’m being paid by the 2 companies I’ve mentioned, but I honestly have not. (however if any of their staff are reading this, I wouldn’t say no to some free menthol samples :-) .
    This is my first review ever and got carried away. lol
    Not sure how easy it will be to give up the e-cigs, but no probs so far with reducing to medium strength.
    I’m so genuinely pleased with myself.I’ve finally stopped consuming tobacco; I can’t say enough good things about this new technology…. AND I’m saving money as well as my health!
    After all it really is a matter of life and death for 50% of us smokers.
    If you smoke and want to stop. Give it a go!!! It worked for me.
    Now I just need to buy the ” I hart VAPING” T-shirt.
    Good Luck

  24. Hi I am new to the nicolites having been a smoker for 57 years, I did smoke 40 odd a day then made myself go out of the house for a smoke as couldn’t give up altogether this rapidly brought me down to between 20 and 30 a day depending on what I was doing, I wanted to stop because of 2 reasons I am disabled and due to my disability ( my body is twisting) and It is going to affect my lungs so need to stop also the price!! I have tried e cigs but couldn’t use them they immediately bring on an asthma attack, I have tried patches but I’m allergic to plaster and they bring me out in itching great hives, I don’t like the tablets etc. as the taste of neat nicotine in my mouth is horrible and can give a burning sensation, so I spotted these in the chemist and bought the single non rechargeable battery and I’m so pleased I did 1st of all I didn’t think of it as an e cig (I always said I wouldn’t use them as I see people walking round town etc. clutching them as if their life depends on them) and they puff puff away at them all the time, as I said I didn’t think of them as e cig because they look like a ciggie so far I am really pleased with it and have so far got down to that 1st cig in a morning I have been on it now for 2 weeks I smoke like a ciggie and at the same rate ie approx. once an hr. and I’m still on that but yesterday bought a pack of rechargeable ones with 2 cartomisers, the “cig” and a usb port charger £19.99 at same chemist I bought original and all my meds and got the surprise of my life they were on offer at £5.00 so bought 2 so I can always have one in the car, also there is a high strength and a medium cartomisers, I went onto the web site printed down side of ciggie and what came up looked and seemed genuine, will let you know if I have any problems in the future but so far am delighted x


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