New Research Finds a Link between Smoking and Increased Risk of committing Suicide


Reports abound regarding how smoking can end up causing cases of stroke, cancer and heart disease. Some new kind of research has however surfaced which points to a sinister threat from use of tobacco. Researchers have discovered that smoking bolsters that risk of committing suicide, after conducting an evaluation of death-causes for over 100,000 smokers.

Researchers examined diseases which led to deaths of multiplied thousands of smokers in the previous study. A minor percentage of them lost their lives as a result of suicide, with 80 percent dying from typical diseases related to smoking. The scientists had stated the first time around that no link existed in-between using cigarettes and suicide. However, a new group of researchers is challenging such an assumption and have startling figures to support their case.

Dr. Karver Zaborniak, Margaret Green and Jitender Sareen all from University of Manitoba carried out reexamination of the death-causes. They discovered female smokers were much more likely to take their lives by 4.4 times. Their male counterparts were likely to take their lives more by 3.2 percent. The trio conducting this research discovered current smokers are more likely killing themselves after conducting analysis of 15 additional studies. Following this, researchers speculate that extensive exposure to nicotine could alter brain pattern and thereby increase occurrence of depression. On the flip side, the reason could be because individuals with suicidal tendencies have a greater likelihood of smoking.

It is quite clear that this matter requires further research done to full comprehend how smoking habits have an impact on mental health. Any increment in risk of committing suicide poses real threat which one has to take seriously.

This offers an additional reason why smokers ought to consider abandoning tobacco and making the switch to e-cigs. One may gradually reduce intake of nicotine using electronic cigarettes, until freeing oneself completely of both tobacco and nicotine. Have you yet switched to e-cigs?


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