New Italian Study Reveals E-Cigs Work for Smoking Cessation


What some may not be aware of is that legal agencies are having troubles determining how to cope with E-cigarettes. Some nations are hoping to regulate e-cigs as medications, while other countries have preferred to handle them as tobacco goods. There are also a handful of countries that have banned vaping altogether.

To get a better comprehension of how vaping impacts smokers, some Italian researchers have recently developed a fresh new project that showed some worthwhile results. The Health Institute’s Italian Observatory for smoking, Alcohol and Drug Use had joined up with Hospital San Giovanni Bosco in order to examine how electronic cigarettes truly impact smokers that have been attempting to quit.

E-cigarette use was being monitored among some 34 Italian smokers during a 4-month period to find out how many of them could successfully stop smoking altogether or cut down on tobacco use. The results of the study concluded with researches stating, “One in two smokers could give up traditional cigarettes, with a significant reduction in respiratory impairment, thanks to a guided use of the electronic cigarette.” When the 4-month trial reached its end, there were 50% of the smokers that were vaping and had totally stopped using any tobacco. With the smokers who were left, 24% of them were continuing to smoke tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, while only 26% had just gone back to the regular smoking.

Perhaps the most encouraging result of this trial was that the number of those that continued to smoke tobacco was significantly lower. Every participant had either reduced tobacco cigarette intake or had completely kicked the smoking habit. “We found a significant reduction in the number of daily cigarettes with a consequent significant decrease of carbon monoxide,” stated the study’s director, Roberta Pacifici.

So here once more we have a study done independently that proves that E-cigarettes are in fact an effective means for smoking cessation. Despite the fact that they aren’t able to completely stop the use of tobacco, they are capable of providing a bridge to significantly minimise smoking. Smokers are able to stop completely in half of the cases. This could be life-changing news for several smokers. How about yourself, were you able to quit smoking by using E-cigarettes? After you began vaping how long did it take you before you were able to be totally tobacco-free?


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