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If you are new into whole E-Cigarette thing, and you are not sure, if you really want to make a switch form tobacco to electronic cigarette, then I assume that you are looking for a cheap, affordable and high quality E-Cigarette. I must say that Neatcigs is one of the cheapest E-Cigs available in the UK market. However, they are brand new company, and they aren’t very popular, so possibly that’s the reason why they offer lower prices.

I am the person, who trusts to brands. I better pay more for a top quality brand than risk with unknown brands. However, Neatcigs offers are really competitive. You can get a simple starter kit for just £11.99, and that’s insane! With this simple kit you will receive 1 cartridge, 1 battery and a charger. Remember, that 1 cartridges is equal to 20 cigarettes (approximately). So 1 cartridge should be enough for you to understand if you want to continue or no. If you enjoy vaping and you want to move forward and quit smoking completely, then pack of 3 cartridges cost £5.98  and pack of 5 cost £8.99.

Neatcigs are perfect if you want to try an E-Cigarette, because they are pretty cheap and you can afford this E-Cig with any budget. However, if you like it and you want to continue using electronic cigarette, I would suggest you to choose more advanced brands like Green Smoke or Cigees.

At the moment Neatcigs offer 6 flavours:

  • Menthol
  • Cherry
  • Tobacco
  • Strawberry
  • Fruit
  • Watermelon

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In conclusion, Neatcigs cartridges are cheap and affordable. They are great if you want to “check out” E-Cigarette. If you are sure that you want to switch from tobacco to E-Cigarette, I would suggest you more advanced brand, for example, Green Smoke, Cigees or E-lites.

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