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One company or e-cig brand that is well known when it comes to electronic cigarettes is Liberty Flights. This brand is among the pioneer e-cig brands that were established when the electronic cigarette industry was still an infant. As the years went by, the electronic cigarette industry recorded massive growth and so was the Liberty Flight e-cigs. Over the years, Liberty Flight became one of the most trusted and loved cigarette brands.

There are so many things that make Liberty Flight among the best brands of e-cig. One of these reasons is the wide variety of flavours that the users get to choose from. With over thirty different flavours to choose from, users will definitely find what they need. These flavours have been professionally made and are of the highest quality. Each flavour also has varying nicotine levels depending on the users’ preferences.

Liberty Flights cigs are unique and of the highest quality. There is a multitude of electronic starter kits offered by this company but for now we are going to focus on one of the most popular starter kit: CE4 EGO V2 Dual Starter Kit. This is a very popular kit and a good number of users have this kit. The kit retails at 44.99 pounds. The package comprises of: two clearomizers, a carry case, one USB charge cable, a 5ml e-liquid and two manual ego rechargeable batteries.

When you purchase the CE4 EGO V2 Dual Starter Kit, you will have the option of choosing between the traditional tobacco flavours or the new menthol flavour. The tobacco flavours have 18mg tobacco strengths and would be ideal for any one who loves vaping. There are also two options for the batteries and these are the black or steel batteries.liberty flights review

Liberty flights review – Packaging and Design

Everything that you need is found in one pack. The CE4 EGO V2 Dual Starter Kit is basically one elegant black case which has all the contents that have been mentioned above. This case essentially looks like the standard eyeglass case and thus in case you do not like carrying around something that resembles a cigarette pack, then, this pack will do you a lot of good. Everything from the clearomizers to the premium manual batteries are all neatly arranged in this case. If you prefer the steel batteries, your electronic cigarette will even look greater once assembled with chrome accents.

The electronic cigarette industry is always growing and undergoing a lot of change at all times. What every electronic manufacturer is striving to achieve is to produce products that are user friendly. Liberty Flights cigs are user friendly in the sense that the manufacturer provides a flexible USB charge cable which will enable you to charge your e-cig from a wide range of USB ports. However, this cable does not include a USB mains adapter plug and in if you really need one you have to get it by yourself. The manufacturer nonetheless recommends charging the batteries using the optional LI-PO safe charging bag which is safer and the risks of damage on your batteries are significantly reduced.

Liberty flights review – Flavour/Vapour

liberty flights e-liquidAs earlier mentioned, there are over 30 different flavours that users can choose from. Nonetheless, for the CE4 EGO V2 Dual Starter Kit, users are restricted to only the menthol flavour and the traditional tobacco flavour. These two flavours have nicotine strengths of 1.8%. This is safe and good for starters as well as long term users.

Assembling and using the Liberty Flight cigs is very simple. You first of all have to add the e-liquids drop by drop to the clearomizer tank. After this you then assemble the battery to the cigarette and you will be good to go. Users must remember that the battery is manual and thus they must press down the single button so as to ensure vapour production when vaping. The tobacco flavour is so much similar to the tobacco cigarette and this is recommended for users who are trying to quite smoking the tobacco cigarette which is way much more harmful to one’s health.

Liberty flights review – Battery/Responsiveness

The two batteries included in the CE4 EGO V2 Dual Starter Kit are rated 650mAh. Any experienced person will tell you that it is worth to invest a little more to get the dual start kit. The dual batteries are advantageous in the sense that you will be able to vape the whole day without any battery disruptions once these two batteries are fully charged. The eGo rechargeable batteries are efficient and durable. The manufacturer offers a twenty eight days warranty on the batteries from the date of delivery.

These rechargeable batteries are manual and the performance will also largely depend on the users. People who vape heavily will see the battery lasting for less time as opposed to those who vape lightly as the batteries will last for longer periods of time. The batteries have a 5-click on and off mechanism and the users should remember to click on so as to provide power to the clearomizers and produce vapour.

liberty flights batteryIn order to recharge the batteries, users will have to screw the battery into the USB charge cable that is provided and the cable plugged into a power source. The two batteries are durable and sufficient to take you through the day.

Liberty flights review – Warranty

When you purchase CE4 EGO V2 Dual Starter Kit directly from Liberty Flights website you will enjoy a 14-day warranty from the day of delivery. This will cover for any faulty products. However, the warranty does not cover products that have been mishandled or tampered with.

Liberty flights review – Conclusion

Liberty is one of the oldest yet among the best e-cig brands available in the market today. These electronic cigarettes are classy and easy to maintain. The overall performance of Liberty Flight cigs is satisfactory and there are no known or reported major complains about this e-cig brand. If you want to get the highest value for your money, then, look no further than the widely ranged flavoured Liberty Flights electronic cigarettes.


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