Your E-Cig batteries – What you need to know about them


The discussion about battery life for the electronics in our lives may seem like it takes a Ph.D. to totally grasp and understand them. It seems like everything in our day takes batteries now between our cell phones, laptops, P.D.A. and more. To make it simple for you, the EERE (Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy), has determined to get the most from a lithium-ion battery, don’t let them get too cold or too hot. They recommend keeping them at 14°F and 86°F and they will perform better and last longer.

With that being said, experts on batteries say that the biggest cause of problems with batteries is letting them get too hot. When a battery gets hot, it will drain quicker than usual. So with that bit of information, you should remember going forward that you shouldn’t ever leave your electronic devices that use lithium-ion batteries in your car on hot days. While they aren’t near as important as the life of a child or pet, think of them along the same lines. When the temps are hot, take them in with you.

And heat itself isn’t the only enemy of batteries. Humidity or any type of extreme weather conditions can affect lithium-ion batteries. This is especially so when it comes to electronic cigarette batteries. When they have been exposed to heat or other extreme weather conditions, you may experience any of the following:

  • Bubbling
  • Bulging
  • Contract / Expand
  • Device Damage
  • Flames
  • Melting
  • Quit Working
  • Smoking
  • Sparks

They have also been known to blow up, explode in some extreme cases. Anyone that vapes needs to be aware and cautious of the weather turning extreme at anytime and anywhere. If you work in an uncontrolled temperature environment, avoid taking your electronic cigarette and the lithium-ion batteries with you. Even in a closed bathroom or a car that has been closed up on a hot day can be the wrong environment for your e-cig and its batteries.

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Is Your Electronic Cigarette Safe In The Cold?

Lithium-ion batteries are just as affected by extremely cold weather as they are by extremely hot weather. The components of the batteries will expand when they are exposed to frigid temps. Any person using electronic cigarettes should learn and remember the temperature range that is recommended by the manufacturers. The extreme cold, the extreme heat and even humidity can affect your e-cigs battery. [vc_separator]

Why Does Temperature Affect The Battery?

The changes of ambient temperature occur among battery electrons which affect the unit’s ability to properly work. When the temps increase, the electrons become excited which decreases the electrons, which is a natural reaction in the majority of systems. When rapid temp changes are combined with high humidity, the potential increases the forming of condensation. As such, it becomes a potential hazard for the battery and your electronic cigarette. [vc_separator]

Lithium-Ion Batteries Exploding Risk

You’ve probably heard or read about batteries exploding, catching fire and the electronic cigarette user being burned. Because e-cigs are a relatively new item, the news of their battery malfunctioning has overshadowed other battery failures. More than forty recalls have been issued since 2002 for other electronic devices due to battery failure. Those other devices include cell phones, laptops and several other electronics that use lithium-ion batteries. [vc_separator]

How this Effect Electronic Cigarettes?

For those who vape, summer is just around the corner. This is the time to take stock in the type of batteries your e-cig users and find a dry, cool, but not too cool place to keep them. And get in the habit now of not leaving your e-cig device in your car. Here are a few suggestions and tips on how to handle your electronic cigarette and batteries:

  • Only the chargers and connectors that is specific to the battery
  • Always make sure there are instructions with the batteries you buy
  • Do not leave a the battery unattended while charging
  • Do not charge it longer than recommended
  • Charge your batteries in an area that is equipped with a smoke alarm
  • Do not charge the batteries in your vehicle while it is unattended
  • Any battery that is damaged or has been dropped or overcharged, replace it
  • Use on original manufacturer’s equipment parts
  • Be cautious of products that are low-priced and unknown names

Electronic cigarettes can provide you an alternative way to get the nicotine delivery you crave. They can be perfectly safe when taken care of properly and with the proper batteries and other accessories. Follow the tips we’ve offered and you’ll enjoy many hours of vaping.


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