JacVapour Series-B Review


As a long vaper, I have become quite picky about my device and the liquids I use, but I saw some great reviews on the Jacvapour Series B and thought I should give it a try. I was expecting to be disappointed, maybe even disgusted, but it proved me to be pessimistic! [vc_separator]

The Packing and Shipping

The product arrived before the estimated due date and was packed in an excellent manner! For the price I paid, I expected it to arrive in a bubble envelope at best but was packed very professional with plenty of padding to avoid damage. I have received fine china with less packing that cost much more than the Series B did. I was very impressed but wondered if it were all show and no blow? JacVapour Series-B[vc_separator]

The Battery and Responsiveness

I am not real pleased with the USB charging port situation. But the 18650 batteries last me for three to four tanks before they need recharging, so the issue with the charging port is a minor issue for me. I have found that I can charge the unit in an upright position using the USB port by letting it overhang on the edge of my desk or a table. Not ideal, but a work-a-round I can live with.

I can go days without having to recharge and not lose any of the power for getting a hit. Not sure if maybe I got a top pick of a good batch in manufacturing or if all of their products are just as good, but the Protank 3 has lasted me longer than any comparable unit by other manufacturers. From certain angles, the steel battery cover gives the unit a mech-mod look that makes it a stand-out right and not look like everyone else’s.

One annoying problem I had was it wouldn’t fire on a regular basis. I checked the battery and all was good there, so I called customer service and they advised me there was a batch that had this problem, verified the batch number on the packaging and said I could return it for a replacement free of charge. I got the replacement in 2 days and I went on happily vaping with no problem!



The Vapour and Flavours

There are three different types of e-liquids offered from JacVapour: Standard, UK Made, and Vaprorless. In the PG I have tried the Tobacco, Tobacco DKTAB, Tobacco Reds USA and Tobacco Virgin flavours and love them all. I’m not much of a fruity flavour person but gave the Apple and Cherry in both the PG and VG a try and they were pretty good. To satisfy my curiosity, I gave the Cappuccino, Chocolate, and Coffee in the PG group a try and found my all-time fav to be the Coffee in the mornings and the Chocolate in the evenings.

The PG Green Peppermint and the PG and VG in Menthol and Mint flavours were good, but the Kiwi in the PG just didn’t do it for me at all. And nor did the Vanilla or Watermelon flavours in either the PG or VG groups. Those flavours were just too strong in both groups and not something I will try again. [vc_separator]

The Guarantee and Warranty

As with any product, the guarantee and warranty are always a concern, but the replacement for the defective unit I mentioned earlier was impressive. They were quick to resolve the issue and apologetic for any inconvenience I was caused. It was nice to actually have a customer service that was concerned and genuinely willing to make it right and make me happy. [vc_separator]

In Conclusion

This is an awesome looking e-cig unit that has been built very well, despite the issue with the bottom placed USB port. That is bad designing, but I feel confident Jacvapour has received enough negative comments on this issue their engineer team is probably working on a new and improved unit. I will quickly recommend this product newbie and intermediate vapers as well as the most advanced and experienced vapers without any hesitation.

I absolutely love the tilt design. It is easy to hold and doesn’t have that box feel or look that many devices on the market do have. Setting up the unit and adjusting it while using it has been the easiest of all e-cigs I’ve tried. While I still have my favourite brand that I don’t see leaving for this unit, it is one I have on stand-by and will use when mine isn’t easily accessible.



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