JacVapour E-Series review


JAC Vapour E-Series review

E-cigarette users now have something to look forward to trying out: the JacVapour E-Series of starter kits, manufactured by one of the most reliable names when it comes to innovation in the e-cigs industry. From the looks of things, it looks like JacVapour is on a roll, pulling out all the stops and employing all its technological resources and expertise in its recent releases.

One of the most notable among the crop of recent JacVapour offerings is the JacVapour Series-E Aero Tank Starter Kit.jacvapour e-series review

Features and Specifications

Let us take a look at the key features of the Series E Aero Tank Starter Kit by JacVapour.

The JacVapour Series-E claims to provide an affordable option between classic eGo-type 510 batteries and more serious (and pricier) big battery mods. It offers several previously unseen features as well as some improvements in existing battery design.



Three-Click Power

Users are given full control on the consumption and usage of the device. Its three-click power management feature ensures that battery power can be controlled with just three clicks on the Power button. They will be presented with three voltage settings that they can choose from.

It goes without saying that this control feature also allows users to control the strength of the vapour produced by the device.

High-capacity battery

The battery size of the Series-E is just right: it’s not too big as to result in a bulky or heavy device, and it is not too small to cause doubts regarding its capacity or performance. Its compact size makes it a convenient option.

Despite its compact size, however, it is noticeably more powerful than the batteries of older models from the same manufacturer. Its 1000 mAh capacity allows for longer and more vaping sessions between charging. The volume of vapour produced is also very satisfying; definitely better than that produced by previous batteries.

Since the rechargeable battery and the atomizer share an obscure spring-loaded contact point, charging is more reliable and even faster. Users will also be spared from the device malfunctioning or stopping intermittently due to loose connections or misplacement of the battery contact point.

Compatibility with 510 tanks

Since most tank now makes use of 510 fitting, the Series-E battery can now be used even with other tanks. Certainly, there won’t be any compatibility issues if users already own eGo threaded tanks, provided they have 510 fitting.


Composition of the JacVapour E-Series Starter Kit

The JacVapour series-e starter kit has the following inclusions:

  • 1 unit Series-E Battery (with optional additional unit)
  • 1 unit Aero Tank, with two coils
  • 1 unit Short Lead USB Charger
  • 1 unit Beauty Ring
  • 1 unit Custom SERIES-E Hard Case

If users prefer to get a tank other than the Aero Tank, they can opt to get the relatively cheaper Pro Tank 3. Personally, though, we see nothing wrong with sticking to the Aero Tank, which is made from advanced stainless steel and has 2 coils.

Users also get to choose 1 or 2 Series E variable voltage batteries with 1000 mAh capacity.


JAC Vapour E-Series Starter Kit Review

When it comes to the aesthetics, the JacVapour E-Series is seriously edgy-looking. Its sleek design is primarily attributed to the stainless steel finish of the cartomizer. It also comes in just the right size, perfect for carrying around effortlessly and whipping out easily when the desire to vape comes up.

The Kanger Aero tank included in this starter kit is versatile and made for efficiency. This is apparent in how it allows users to pick the airflow they are most comfortable with. Simply put, users can simply manipulate the Aero tank to choose the strength and volume of vapour production of the device.

Refilling the aero tank also takes almost no effort at all. Compared to other devices or other brands, it may appear a bit heavy, which can be off-putting for some. However, this actually adds to the sturdy quality of the tank, so users feel more at ease knowing that they have something that will serve and last them for a long time.jacvapour series-e kitCurrently, the starter kit’s tank has 2 coils, which can be interchanged easily. The two coils can already get users through around two weeks of heavy vaping. Of course, if you want uninterrupted vaping, you might want to consider getting extra coils. Word is that JacVapour will be coming out with an upgrade on its coils, and we look forward to what else is in store for e-cigs users.

The JAC Vapour series-e makes use of a 1000 mAh capacity battery and features a three-click power management mechanism. This mechanism coincides with the three voltages provided in the device. Users get to choose from among 3.7 (red light), 4.2 (green light) and 4.8 (white light) volts, and this can be done by simply clicking on the Power button three times.

E-cigs users are also particular about the safety features of their devices, and the Series-E certainly ranks high. The battery has an automatic shut-off feature, preventing it from draining when it’s not in use. It also has an integrated ventilation feature and a 5-click locking mechanism to keep it more secure.

The 1000 mAh battery also guarantees a long life. In fact, users can go on vaping the E-Series heavily for one full day before it has to be recharged.

For the modest price of £49.99, it is no wonder why many e-cigs users are turning to the JacVapour Series-E Starter Kit. And it’s not just the beginners who do because even those who vape heavily also find great satisfaction from this unit. Great value for money is guaranteed with this high-quality product from JAC.


JAC Vapour E-Series Video review


JAC Vapour E-Series Product Highlights

  • Sleek and elegant stainless steel Kanger Aero tank with adjustable airflow and a 2.5ml e-liquid capacity
  • Three-click power management, with three variable voltage (3.7V, 4.2V and 4.8V) options
  • High-capacity 1000mAh compact battery
  • Customisable vapour production and throat hit settings

As a launching promotion of the E-Series starter kit, each kit already includes one 10ml e-liquid bottle. Not to worry, though, since e-liquids can be purchased separately, and users will get to have their pick from the wide variety of e-liquids currently available in the market. Extra mouth pieces may also be availed of, and users will get to choose between rubber mouthpieces and mouthpieces with metal tips.

As mentioned earlier, buying additional coils is not a bad idea. Coils are available at £2.25 apiece, depending on the ohm variations preferred. Getting the high-resistance coils – 2.0 ohms should be more than good enough – is also highly recommended, especially if you are into intense vaping. [vc_separator]

The Verdict on the JacVapour E-Series

The Series-E battery boasts a design and functionality that satisfies the high standards of discerning e-cigs users. It is powerful and gives as good as it gets in terms of battery life and performance. Users are sure to get more than their money’s worth with this product.

The versatility of the Series-E, evident in its variable voltage feature, is what makes it stand out. The fact that switching through the different voltages is done just by clicking on the button makes it very user-friendly, which is a major plus when it comes to e-cigarettes. With the right tweaking of the voltage and vapour production and strength, you’ll get the throat hit and vaping quality that hits you in all the right places.

To get the most bang for your buck, make sure you get the Aero Tank or the Pro Tank 3. The Series-E battery may not be the cheapest among the bunch (it costs £22.99 to the £18 regular eGo 510 battery), but it will more than make up for the price difference in terms of its design, functionality, and versatility.



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