Jacvapour E-liquid review


In the UK, mention e-liquids, and one of the names that are sure to come up is JACVapour. This company is a manufacturer of quality e-liquids, which also come in a wide range of nicotine strengths and variety of flavours that give more choices for e-cigarette users. All their products have also gone through independent tests in reputed UK laboratories to ensure that they have passed the highest quality control and safety standards.

Aside from conventional flavours such as menthol and fruits (Apple and Watermelon, for example), there are also more offbeat flavours, such as Strawberry Chew.

Jacvapour e-liquids are also available for those who are looking to refill their e-cigarette tanks and cartomisers. This is on the assumption, of course, that the tanks and cartomisers are refillable.

When choosing e-liquids, users can take their pick between Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycol (VG). Depending on the concentration or the blend of these two ingredients, the throat hits are bound to be different. Normally, the one with more PG gets a greater throat hit than the one with higher concentrations of VG.

It is also possible to mix the flavours and the strengths together. This is to customise the flavour and the nicotine strength according to one’s personal preference. If you mix Apple and Vanilla flavours together, the result is a flavour that resembles Apple Crumble. Those who want a nicotine strength that is on the midway point between the too high 24mg and the too weak 12mg would do well to mix the two strengths together. This will yield a nicotine strength that is around 18mg.

PG puts more emphasis on the flavour instead of vapour. VG, on the other hand, produces more vapour, but not too much on the flavour. By mixing the two together, it is possible to come up with a combination that gives you the right amount of vapour while still enhancing the flavour of the liquid. You can definitely play around with the combinations to get the results you want.

Customers can choose from among JacVapour’s Standard E-liquids, UK-made E-liquids, and their latest, the revolutionary vapourless Clear Steam E-liquids. All JacVapour e-liquids are available in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg nicotine strengths.


UK-made E-liquids

jacvapour e-liquid uk madeJAC Vapour has been hard at work in its UK-based laboratories to come up with new innovations in electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. One of the results of their efforts is the UK-Made E-liquid, which has successfully passed the highest standards in quality and safety.

JACVapour’s UK-Made E-liquids are also available in various strengths and sizes. Let us take a look at the most popular flavours of this e-liquid.

Banana Milkshake Flavour

This creates a perfect simulation of the flavour of a banana milkshake. In fact, many liken it to Banana Nesquik! It is sweet, creamy, and a little on the strong side. This means that it may not be ideal for those who are looking for a flavour for an all-day vape. In small to moderate doses, it could turn out to be one of the most fulfilling vaping sessions you will ever have!

Blackcurrant Squash Flavour

Users who love anything sweet will definitely lap up this flavour. It has a distinct, very sweet flavour that is reminiscent of the Ribena-style blackcurrant. Many love this because of its strong flavour, and how its scent and taste linger longer than most other flavours.

Bubble Gum Flavour

You wouldn’t be blamed for forgetting that you are vaping and thinking that you are chewing bubble gum instead. That is how close this flavour is to an authentic bubble gum. It is juicy and just the right intensity, so it is safe for vaping all day. This is highly recommended, especially to those who are still starting out in using e-cigarettes and e-liquids.

Pure Menthol Flavour

A traditional flavour, menthol is almost a default flavour in e-liquids. However, JACVapour took it one step further by adding a premium taste to it. This bestselling flavour features a refreshing minty flavour that is sure to last long, even after you are done vaping. Here comes another twist: you can mix the Pure Menthol e-liquid with the Real Tobacco e-liquid. This guarantees a sure-fire tobacco menthol hit that you won’t find anywhere else.

Real Coffee Flavour

Real coffee is somehow bitter, and that is what JACVapour brought into the table with the Real Coffee premium e-liquid. The bitter taste is close to the real thing, as if you are enjoying toasted coffee beans instead of e-liquids. If you are looking for even a tinge of sweetness, as you do in other brands, you might be disappointed. We are talking about real, premium coffee here. If you love your coffee and you are partial to espresso, then this is perfect for you.

Raspberry Flavour

Normally, the problem with anything-berry flavour is how sweet it is. JACVapour hit the right spot by making its Raspberry flavour e-liquid retain its fruity flavour without making it too sweet. It even maintains a zesty aftertaste, and the scent that is left afterwards is nothing to object about. Since it is raspberry, you can expect a bit of tart taste to it. It is also refreshing, so it is small wonder that it is one of the bestsellers in the UK-made E-liquids line.

Real Tobacco Flavour

It does not get any more traditional than this. However, do not expect anything boring here, because the tobacco flavour used by JACVapour is so realistic you could easily forget you are smoking an e-cigarette instead of an actual tobacco joint! It makes use of real tobacco essence, thereby producing an ultra-realistic smoky flavour. Even the distinct aftertaste associated with tobacco is also present. Those who prefer something sweet and light are advised to stay away from this one, though. It is quite strong; after all, it is from real tobacco essence.

For adventurous tobacco lovers, you can try mixing the Tobacco flavour with Toffee-flavoured e-liquid if you want something with a bit of caramel-like sweetness to it. Or you can try mixing it with Smooth Cigar. This easily produces the unique Cigarillo flavour.

Real Vanilla Flavour

 There is nothing plain or boring about the Vanilla e-liquid from JACVapour. Creamy and rich, we love how it leaves a sweet aftertaste. The Vanilla flavour is often chosen because of its versatility, since it can be mixed with other flavours to come up with more distinct results.

Mixing Vanilla with Apple results to a flavour akin to Apple Crumble. If you like your coffee with a bit of sweetness to it, why not mix Vanilla with Real Coffee? This way, you can have a Vanilla Espresso flavour.

Smooth Cigar Flavour

If you are looking for a strong flavour, look no further than the Smooth Cigar e-liquid. Just like the Real Tobacco flavour, it is made using real tobacco essence. Thus, it retains that same smoky essence. As mentioned earlier, one of the best combinations you can make with this flavour is the Cigarillo flavour, which entails mixing Smooth Cigar with Real Tobacco.

Spearmint Flavour

Who doesn’t love spearmint? It is minty yet sweet at the same time, reminiscent of Wrigley’s spearmint gums. The refreshing properties of spearmint are found in this e-liquid from JACVapour, making it one of the bestsellers. Just like the Real Vanilla flavour, it is also very versatile, mixing well with other flavours.

Strawberry Chew Flavour

When it comes to the fruity flavours offered by JACVapour, there is no doubt that the Strawberry Chew flavour is a top favourite. Since it is strawberry, it is both refreshing and sweet, and the aftertaste is highly satisfying. It is ideal as an all-day vape, and is sure to suit the taste of everybody.

Toffee Flavour

Toffee has that distinct sweet, buttery flavour, and it is perfectly transformed into this JACVapour e-liquid. Since it comes with a tinge of maple syrup, it becomes an excellent base for mixing with other flavours, such as Real Tobacco and Smooth Cigar.

Be warned, though, that this is the sweetest flavour in JACVapour’s UK-Made E-liquids. Therefore, you might want to reconsider getting it straight or purely on its own. When mixing, you should also avoid combining it with other sweet flavours.



Vapourless E-liquids

jacvapour vapourless e-liquidJacVapour has also come up with its line of vapourless e-liquids, known as Clear Steam vapourless e-liquids. These e-liquids produce the least amount of vapour, to the point that they seem inexistent. This is quite a welcome change from those that produce too much vapour. Users who seek discretion, or want to go under the radar about smoking, will definitely find this option preferable.

Here is how Clear Steam works. Once vaped, the vapour produced immediately dissipates or disperse before it can be exhaled by anyone, least of all the vaper.

When it comes to nicotine strength, flavour, and degrees of throat hit, Clear Steam e-liquid is comparable to the other JACVapour e-liquids. The only difference is on the discretion level.

Clear Steam vapourless e-liquids are available in 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg strengths, and in the following flavours:

  • Banana Milkshake flavour;
  • Pure Menthol flavour;
  • Real Tobacco flavour;
  • Real Vanilla flavour; and
  • Strawberry Chew flavour.



Standard E-liquid

standard jacvapour e-liquidJACVapour has also developed a line of premium e-liquids, available in the following flavours:

Apple Flavour

The Apple E-liquid boasts a green apple flavour, complete with that hint of tartness (and just the right amount of sweetness) often associated with fresh, green apples. It has the right amount of sweetness and intensity that makes it ideal for use by new e-cigarette users.

 Cappuccino Flavour

JAC Vapour has come up with this creamy, rich coffee flavour in its e-liquids. As expected from true cappuccino, it also comes with a sweet aftertaste. If you love your milk coffee and would want to get your fix in a different way, this is the perfect way to go about it. Try mixing it with the Chocolate flavour in order to come up with a mocha taste. If you mix Cappuccino with Toffee, you will get that bit of caramel in the aftertaste. If you are a true-blue cappuccino lover, however, you can get a double shot by mixing it with Real Coffee.

Cherry Flavour

The Cherry flavour comes with a hint of sweet candy. Don’t worry, though, because the sweetness is not overly done. Combine it with any of the tobacco-flavoured JACVapour e-liquids to get that perfectly contrasting taste.

Chocolate Flavour

Chocolate has always been seen as a decadent flavour, and that is no less the case in JACVapour’s Chocolate e-liquid. The taste has that hint of sweetness, with a bit of milk thrown in for good measure. Of course, you can try pairing it with other flavours to come up with more satisfactory vaping flavours. A popular pair is Real Coffee, but if you are a little more adventurous, mix it with Mint for a mint chocolate vaping experience.

Coffee Flavour

Rich coffee is always a good thing to have in the morning, and if it comes in the form of an e-cigarette, it’s definitely going to be a whole new experience! This e-liquid has a slightly bitter, with a hint of caramel sweetness, in it. It’s not too strong, but it’s not at all weak, either. If you prefer your coffee sweet, this is for you. If you’re wondering what you can mix it with, you can look into Toffee, Chocolate, or Vanilla.

Grape Flavour

The sweetness of grape is fully embodied in this fruity flavour. It reminds you a little of grape bubblegum. It is not too overpowering, and can even be used as an all-day vape. Beginners in vaping will find this to be a great choice to make the transition.

Green Peppermint Flavour

Mint is always a winner in our books, and the Green Peppermint does not disappoint at all. With a little bit of spice thrown in, the minty and refreshing aftertaste of this e-liquid is quite an experience every vaper should try at least once. It tastes a bit like any mint-flavoured chewing gum, only better.

Kiwi Flavour

It is hard for many products to capture that true kiwi flavour, but JAC Vapour managed to do so with this e-liquid. It has that slight tang that is usually found in crisp, fresh kiwi fruits. Many deem this to be the perfect transition e-liquid, since it has the right flavour and intensity to gradually move from tobacco flavours and on to lighter fruity flavours.

Menthol Flavour

A classic choice, the refreshing menthol flavour is ideal for vaping all day. The little bit of sweetness, followed by the fresh minty aftertaste strikes that balance that makes it ideal for just about anybody, especially those who are still unused to e-cigarettes as a whole.

Mint Flavour

Not to be used interchangeably with Menthol, JACVapour’s Mint flavour is sweeter yet still refreshing. It can be taken on its own, but it is also ideal for mixing with other flavours, especially when you want to add a hint of minty taste in them. Add this to Chocolate for a minty chocolate flavour, or mix it with Blackcurrant Squash flavour.

Tobacco Desert Ship Flavour

If you are familiar with the taste of Turkish tobaccos, you will immediately recognise this one. Those tobaccos have a nutty taste to them that is difficult to replicate. With the Tobacco Desert Ship flavour, JACVapour managed to get the best things about Turkish tobaccos and added enough sweetness to give it a distinctive taste. This is slightly reminiscent of the flavour of Camel cigarettes.

Tobacco DK-TAB Flavour

If you want to have a stronger caramel taste in your e-liquid, we recommend the Tobacco DK-TAB flavour. It is smoother, lighter and sweeter without being overpowering.

Tobacco Flavour

Let us just say that this is the default setting for most e-cigarette users, especially those who are just starting out. However, JACVapour still infused it with a bit of sweetness. In short, it may be a general flavour, but there is nothing generic about it.

Tobacco Red USA Flavour

American tobacco – in any shape or form – is extremely popular. JACVapour’s version made it more smoky than the usual tobacco flavours. This is comparable to the popular Marlboro Red.

Tobacco Virgin Flavour

If you do not like the Tobacco Red USA flavour because it is sweet, you could go for the Tobacco Virgin flavour instead. It has no sweetness, but still has that smoky quality to it. This is close to the Golden Virginia or Drum British-style of rolling tobaccos.

Vanilla Flavour

This is definitely lighter than the Real Vanilla flavour. It still has that hint of sweetness to it, and remains to be a good match for any flavour because it adds more than a little creaminess to it. Get that Apple Crumble flavour by mixing it with the Apple e-liquid.

Watermelon Flavour

If you are after a tropical taste, the perfect combination would be Kiwi and Watermelon. Fortunately, JACVapour’s Watermelon flavour has that amount of freshness and zest that will make that tropical taste possible. This is also ideal for mixing with Grape flavour.



There is no doubt that JACVapour remains to be one of the very first names when it comes to high-quality and premium e-liquids. There is no shortage of flavours to choose from and, whatever your preferred strength levels, you are sure to find exactly what you need in its line of e-liquids.


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