Jac Vapour E-Cigarette review


Jacvapour Review – Is it worth to try it?

Jacvapour products have been on the market for several years and have attracted a lot of followers. Reputable, high quality and boasting impressive performance, it’s easy to see why Jacvapour has become so popular over the last few years. Rapidly becoming the UK’s most popular e-cigarette brand, Jacvapour’s products are an affordable and reliable way to quit smoking for good. Let’s take a closer look to our Jacvapour review.


Best JacVapour Products for 2018:

V1P PCC kit

jacvapour v1p review

The V1P PCC kit brings vapers all of the benefits of increased charging capacity and storage. This portable complete kit comes with all of the essentials to get started with vaping.

With its inclusive V3i battery and a choice of cartomisers, the V1P PCC kit allows you to charge your device while on the move while supplying a useful storage case for all of your accessories. With a battery capacity of 2300 mAh, charging only takes around 6 hours so you can continue vaping more quickly than ever.

The kit comes complete with a portable charging case in a stylish graphite finish, 5 mixed cartomisers or refills, 5 mixed bungs, a coloured V3i LED tip and a 5 volt USB charger so that you can embark on your vaping journey without needing to invest in any extras.CTAred


JacVapour Series-E Aero Kit

series eThis kit comes complete with JacVapour’s high capacity, high quality Series E battery which now comes in an appealing new design with updated packaging and a black fire button. Boasting superior reliability and even better performance, the Series-E battery features a solid stainless steel build for extra durability together with a stylish compact design and cutting edge features.

The Series-E Aero Kit is the ideal choice for vapers who want a kit that offers impressive reliability and power in a convenient portable package. Only 78mm in length when the beauty ring is attached, this battery has a spring loaded positive connector for better tank contact as well as advanced and reliable safety features.

The click button feature allows vapers to quickly and easily select between the three variable voltages, and as the battery is compatible with any 510 thread or eGo tank, it is a versatile choice. An Aero Tank V2 with new and improved airflow and a 1.8 Ohm V1 dual coil is also supplied with this kit as well as a USB charger and a beauty ring.



JacVapour Series-S Starter Kit

series sThe cutting edge Series-S from JacVapour has been designed in the UK and suits all kinds of vapers from those who are new to e-cigs to those who have been vaping for some time and who are looking to widen their experience.

With a 900 mAh capacity battery, the Series-S has a new and updated sleek design with attractive gunmetal detailing. Designed to adapt to the user as they progress on their vaping journey, the Series-S is capable of sub-ohm vaping and both mouth to lung and direct lung vaping for extra versatility.

This great value kit comes complete with everything you need to get started, with a Series-S battery in black, a matching Series-S tank, a 1.0 Ohm mouth to lung S-Coil, a USB charging lead, user manual and 10 ml of e-liquid so that you can begin vaping straight away.



JacVapour Series-B box Mod

Jac Series-BThis premium 50 watt box mod was voted as the best in its class by Gizmodo UK thanks to its unique combination of advanced engineering and ergonomic design in a neat, compact package.

The Series B box mod features a spring loaded positive connector as well as variable wattage and variable voltage modes for optimal flexibility. With its quick release magnetic battery cover which gives quick and easy access to the battery compartment as well as advanced safety features such as protection against reverse circuiting, short circuiting and overcharging, this cutting edge device is also sub ohm compatible to cater for the needs of all kinds of vapers.

The Series B TILT comes complete with a user manual and USB charging cable, however, the battery must be purchased separately.



JacVapour Series-B DNA 75w Box Mod

series b dna box modJacVapour’s newest device, the Series-B DNA 75w box mod, was designed in the UK and combines the company’s proprietary design with Evolv’s cutting edge DNA75 chip for an impressive performance in a compact and stylish device.

Perfect for the most demanding vapers, this temperature control box mod is the smallest DNA75 mod available on the market today, measuring just 88mm x 22mm x 35mm. Thanks to its dual layered finish, it boasts excellent durability, delivering up to 75 watts of power and a maximum temperature of 600F.

Other features of this device include a spring loaded positive connector, variable temperature and wattage control modes, an electroplated magnetic battery cover and a 0.91 inch OLED display.

This device’s Evolv DNA75 chip not only gives an outstanding performance but also allows for complete customisation to suit the individual vaper’s preference thanks to the Evolv Escribe software, making this an exciting and unique vaping device.



Beginner’s Vape Pen Kit

beginners vape penFor those who are brand new to vaping and who are looking for the ideal e-cigarette to help them to quit smoking, this beginner’s vape pen kit from JacVapour is the perfect choice.

This kit comes complete with all of the essentials to get starting with vaping including a set of replacement coils and an e-liquid of your choice. The Series-S is one of the best all in one devices for novice vapers who are just making the switch from tobacco cigarettes.

Engineering and designed in the UK, this e-cig meets the new TPD regulations and also works with both direct lung and mouth to lung coils for extra versatility. Not only that, but the Series-S also supports sub-ohm vaping down to 0.5 Ohm, making this a great choice for all kinds of vapers.



Basic Electronic Cigarette Kit

basic starter kitIdeal for newcomers to vaping, the Basic Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit from JacVapour is a simple plug and play device so that you can get starting with vaping straight out of the box.

The kit comes complete with a 65mm V3i automatic battery as well as a pack of black mixed cartomisers in either a strength of 12mg or 18mg to suit your preferences in five exciting flavours including Tobacco Virgin, Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, and Vanilla so that you can experiment and find your favourite.

Easy to use, and affordably priced, this user-friendly kit is a great choice for light to moderate vapers who are making the switch from tobacco cigarettes for the first time.



Social Starter Kit

social starter kitIf you are a beginner who is just starting out with vaping, or are currently a light or social smoker who is keen to try vaping for the first time, the Social Starter Kit from JacVapour is the perfect choice.

The comprehensive kit comes with everything you need to get started with a V3i automatic battery in your choice of colour and size, and a pack of black mixed cartomisers in a choice of strengths (either 12mg or 18mg depending on your preference).

The cartomiser mixed packs come with 5 different flavours: Tobacco, Menthol, Tobacco Virgin, Cherry and Vanilla, so you can soon find your favourite taste. Best suited to light vapers, this kit is an affordable and simple way to quit tobacco cigarettes.




Let’s continue our JacVapour review with more in-depth details. The kit comes in a nice presentation box, including all a quick start guide and step by step instructions.

Also, shipping is really fast. Standard shipping usually takes 2-4 working days. If delivery is urgent, you can use an option to get it in 1-2 working days (remember that this may not be available at certain time of the year like Christmas)



Now, while attractive packaging and PCC are obviously a very welcome bonus, the most crucial test is the battery – a poor quality battery will ruin the entire e-cigarette.

To begin with, the JacVapour starter kit comes with 2 batteries, both of which are the black, rubberised automatic batteries. I must say that batteries have a great look and feel. Another nice thing about JacVapour batteries is that they are almost same size as a normal tobacco cigarette.

BatteriesWith all signs seeming positive, I have to say I was actually pretty relieved when it came to taking a drag – drawing on it was smooth, and there was no need for any ‘primer drags’ to get the vapour going, as with some E-Cigs.[vc_separator]

Jacvapour PCC

I would have been extremely disappointed if the battery had not been up to scratch, but it was fantastic. The only downside for me was the lack of branding on the battery itself, although this clearly has no bearing on its performance, which is first-rate.

The one thing that immediately impresses with this kit is the portable charging case just mentioned. This isn’t just some cheap bit of plastic – it is a sleek aluminium slider case which slips gracefully in and out of your pocket. It appears very well-made and the mechanism itself feels solid, so I am confident this PCC will be extremely durable, even with heavy use.

Charging the batteries is simple – once they are connected in the casing, it is just a question of using the button and indicator lights on the back. The battery screws easily into the charger, and then it’s basically ready to go – it takes around 2 hours to fully charge a battery, which is fine for a light to moderate vaper like me.

pccThe container itself can hold either the full E-Cig with one battery or one battery and two carts. It’s wonderfully refreshing to be able to charge your battery when you are out and about, rather than have it run out in the middle of nowhere – there is nothing worse than a dead battery when you are craving a nicotine hit!

Overall, there is not much more to say about the PCC, other than that this little star is right up there with the best of the charger cases on the market in terms of quality and appearance, and it slides so smoothly into and out of your pocket – I am extremely impressed. For those who wish to know the actual size, it is 110mm x 62mm x 16mm.





Another 2 essential elements when judging the product are the flavour and vapour produced by the cartomisers. JacVapour supplied me with a pack of their tobacco flavoured carts – these ones had 24mg nicotine content (very high), and usually cost £6.49 for a pack of 5.

24mg is stronger than the carts I normally use – I usually go for a medium-strength 12mg or a higher-strength 18mg.The various options for nicotine content are Low (6mg), Medium (12mg), High (18mg) and Very High (24mg). Deciding which flavour e-cigarettes to smoke is down to each individual’s personal preference and, for me, you can’t go wrong with the normal tobacco taste – their version is not far off the real thing.

Bearing in mind the size of the battery, the E-Cig also puts out a good amount of vapour, which is on a par with the better E-Cig brands.

One area that JacVapour cartridges stand out from the other E-Cigs I have reviewed is the fact that they are refillable – this is an excellent feature because it means you can reduce your costs further by buying and refilling with e-liquid instead of just disposing of your carts when they run out.

The e-liquid is available from their website in both PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycol) forms. It is not only the ingredients that differ here – PG e-liquid is the standard liquid on offer from the majority of the big E-Cig sellers out there. It produces a bigger hit on your throat and, although it produces slightly less vapour, the liquid lasts longer.

VG is an alternative to PG and emits more vapour, but you receive less of a throat hit and vaping it uses more e-liquid. It’s a good alternative for those who may be allergic to PG.
So again, JacVapour gives you an added option to suit your needs. I haven’t tried PG e-liquid yet, but it is on my ‘to do’ list and I will report on that as soon as I have.

There are 8 different flavours available: tobacco, tobacco reds USA, tobacco virgin, cherry, mint, menthol, vanilla and cappuccino. If you prefer to buy the e-liquid and refill the carts yourself, then this becomes less of an issue since while they sell just 5 tobacco flavours, they also offer 11 ‘non-tobacco’ varieties. There are some pretty interesting ones here as well – kiwi and grape to name just 2 of them.

To sum up, both the flavour and vapour are first-class, but you are restricted in your choice if you stick to the pre-filled cartomizers, although this is a non-issue for those who prefer to refill their own cartridges.



JacVapour offers a 14 day returns policy (excluding cartomizers and e-liquid) if you decide it’s not for you. They also provide a warranty for their batteries and PCC products. Check out their website for the latest terms and conditions!



JacVapour has created a truly solid product here, and one that certainly ranks among the best electronic cigarettes I have tried.

The biggest positive for me were the Portable Charging Case (PCC), which not only looks and feels fantastic but also offers a great way to charge your e-cigarettes on the go. The second bonus was the ability to refill the cartridges with e-liquid, allowing you to save more money in the long run. These aspects mean JacVapour appeals to both the new e-cigarette user and the seasoned vaper.

If this e-cigarette sounds like it could be the one for you, then be sure to use our exclusive JacVapour discount code to save a little on your next purchase.



  1. purchased javcapour 3 months ago and all i can say that this is a great e-cig! love it. Affordable, top quality and with many different flavours. i strongly recommend this to anyone who want to quit smoking!!!!!

  2. Ordered Jacvapour e-cig a while ago. Can say only good things about it – I’m still vaping it and I never felt better!

    I’m so happy that there are E-cigs nowadays. i recommend to try these to everyone who want to give up smoking!

  3. I’m not sure how long ago it is since you reviewed JAC – and I went for JAC based on your review!

    Things seem to have moved somewhat, I was a Sky Cig customer before but went through PCC’s at an alarming rate – they were replaced but it just became a pain so I looked elsewhere.

    What I liked was the PCC which looks great and is really solid. The batteries come in different lengths, steel, black and white and there’s an option for rubberised and coloured tips. You build up points to use against further purchases, I’ve used their customer services and they are brilliant, delivery is fast and problems are dealt with (had a battery problem and it was replaced without having to return). I’ve tried a few of their refill liquids – mmmm raspberry! – and they taste good, go to 24mg which is great for a 40 a day woman! And there’s 15% off with the code above on EVERY order.

    Two brilliant things are the cartridges are refillable with either VG or PG so the cost of running it is reduced massively and they’ve just brought out a mini tank. Whilst the mini tank isn’t yet perfect it’s 100% against a cartridge – you can see how much liquid is in it, it’s like a slimline tank style e cigarette and weighs about a third of a normal one. The only downside is that because there’s no button the tank can leak so it needs propping up and it’s not really portable – a little bung or lid would sort this out – so I’m still using the cartridges when I go out.

    It’s so easy and a million miles away from Sky. I know you’ve covered a lot of this so I’ll stop now but just finally I am down from 40 to 15 in 3 weeks, not wanting more than that and for the first time really feel that I can look to stopping altogether.



  5. firstly, i want to say thank you e-cigaretteuk! Without your reviews I would still be a smoker.
    Because of you I was able to compare best e-cigarette brands and find my favorite – Jac Vapour. It is trully amazing brand.
    thanks again!

  6. Jacvapour definitely is my most favourite brand! They offer sooo many products and flavours – i don’t have time to even test them all! But I will.

  7. So after reading loads of reviews I couldn’t decide between this one and Cigees. After flipping a coin I decided to go with Jacvapour especially as they offered a no quibble money back guarantee. They arrived extremely quickly and first impressions were very good. Stylish case and a good looking e-cig all in black. Size was the most lifelike I’ve experienced to date as was the weight.ok. Sadly, that’s where my satisfaction ended. Very disappointed with the amount of vapor it produced and I really could not get on with the taste. To me it was a cross between very very metallicy and almost a liquorish taste. However, it did satisfy my nicotine addiction if not my smoking pleasure. The other disappointment was battery life. To be fair, I did have a spare battery and a mobile charging unit, but it only lasted about 5-6 hours (5-6 smokes). So all in all very disappointing. However, I contacted customer service, they mailed me back within a couple of hours, I sent entire pack back and I’d say within 5 days all monies paid was back in my bank account, no quibble. Based on this last bit, I would strongly recommend giving them a go, you never, know, based on other reviews, it could well just be me?

  8. I’ve been using JAC for almost two years now. I switched from 30 Malboro Lights a day to vaping and haven’t smoked since. Well actually that’s a lie – afew months ago I got caught out on a late night with no spare battery or charger and ended up smoking a packet of cigarettes but was relieved to wake up the next day craving my e cig and had no desire to go back to smoking.
    The service from JAC has been outstanding. I switched to their new mini cartomisers a few months ago and will not look back. Even when they had a supply issue due to quality control (now resolved) they had the decency to refer you to a rival manufacturer whose product was compatible with their batteries. Not many manufacturers would have the confidence to do that.
    Not only are their products of very high quality but whenever you have a question or request they will revert to you the same day with a full and usually satisfactory answer. My only complaint is that since I have so many batteries now after two years of use that I would find a battery tester really useful to see which ones should be discarded. Unfortunately there isn’t one available. They did suggest a regular battery tester but that won’t work on an automatic battery that has no current when idle.
    Other than that small issue I would award them 100% for customer satisfaction.


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