Jacvapour Crystal VGO review


Jacvapour Crystal VGO review

When it comes to quality and variety in electronic cigarettes, JacVapour is a name that delivers on both counts – a fact that does not go unnoticed even by seasoned e-cigarette users. JacVapour offers a very impressive range of e-cigarette products that are sure to fit everyone’s taste, from starter kits to e-liquid stock. In the past, I have mostly reviewed cig-a-like kits only. Now I am willing to try something new, and what better way than to review e-cigarettes, particularly by JacVapour?

It is hard to miss how ego cigarettes are now gaining more attention over traditional e-cigarettes. That’s the reason why I wanted to test one of the best EGO type e-cigarettes available in the UK market today. For this review, I focused on the Jacvapour Crystal mini vgo starter kit, which is turning out to be one of the most popular JacVapour ego type kits. Let’s check it out!

jacvapour crystal vgo review


Jacvapour Crystal mini Vgo2 is a great choice for both beginners and more experienced users of ego type e-cigarettes. The kit comes with following:

  • 1x refillable 2.4ohm Crystal metal tank with e-liquid capacity of 1.6ml
  • 2x 400mAh automatic Vgo2 batteries
  • 1x unit 5v charger
  • A replacement long-wick coil
  • A spare mouthpiece
  • A Lanyard

E-liquid, which is excluded from this kit, must be purchased separately. The metal tank can be refilled around 10 times before the coil will need to be replaced.


JacVapour offers free shipping to UK addresses on all orders more than £50. International orders are also entitled to free shipping provided they are valued at more than £60 will be shipped free; however, the shipping period is likely to be longer.

Exact shipping durations may vary, depending upon when the order is placed and the distance from the shipper to the recipient.



Users will find the JAC Vgo2 batteries to be a vast improvement from other types of e-cig batteries. They are made to have increased charging capacity, cutting down the frequency of having to charge the batteries. The 400mAh batteries of this starter kit allows up to 4 hours of continuous use before there is a need to recharge it the two batteries.

jacvapour vgo battery

At only 58mm, the 400mAh batteries are quite small yet more than substantial. All you have to do is attach it to the tank. Its small size makes the length of the assembled cigarette come up to only 132mm. This results in an e-cigarette that is definitely portable and easy to use. The long-lasting batteries are also definitely enough reason for many to decide that the JacVapour is a highly reliable e-cig unit.


jacvapour ejuiceThis kit contains a 2.4ohm Crystal metal tank which has an e-liquid capacity of about 1.6ml. Since it is windowed, you will be able to monitor the e-liquid content, knowing when a refill is needed. As for the coil, it will have to be replaced after a while, and it is likely to take around 10 refills before replacement is necessary.

Users are given a wide selection of e-liquid flavours to choose from when they buy a JacVapour e-cigarette kit. I have tried other brands and tested their various e-liquids. Personally, I think JacVapour has one of the best e-liquid flavour selections out there. Not only does it guarantee a smooth taste, it also gives one of the best “throat hits” anyone has ever had for a long time. The volume of vapour released is nothing to scoff at, either.

If you want to know more about the e-liquids available from JacVapour, you can check out our Jacvapour e-liquid review.

Warranty and Returns

JacVapour offers a 14-day returns policy if you decide it is not for you. However, this policy does not cover the cartomisers and e-liquids.

Warranty coverage is also provided for their batteries and PCC products. You can check out their website for the applicable terms and conditions.

Customer Service

For a company that claims to be serious about providing excellent customer support, JacVapour is going about it in a seemingly half-hearted manner, offering only one way to communicate with their customers. While other firms also encourage social media and telephone communication, as well as live chat support to connect with their customers, JacVapour provided an email address only. Their website does not provide any telephone numbers or even a mailing address.


This smart-looking e-cigarette is definitely one you wouldn’t mind getting caught using.



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