Is CBD Oil Legal In The UK?

Although in the UK the use, supply or possession of cannabis oil is still illegal, regardless of the purpose that it is being used, the law has been changed recently to recognise one of cannabis’ components, the cannabinoid CBD as a type of medicine.

This new classification is based on a number of scientific studies that have been performed looking into how effective CBD is, and there have now been standards established regarding its safety and quality in order to protect the well-being and health of patients.

Every product in the UK which contains CBD extracts is considered by law to be a medicine rather than a nutritional supplement or a cosmetic which was once the case. The upshot of this is that, while cannabis oil remains illegal, CBD oil can legally be used in the UK for medicinal purposes.

is cbd legal

Why Has The Law Been Changed?

There has been a change in UK legislation as CBD has been proven in several tests and studies to have medicinal value in the treatment and relief of a number of medical conditions. In both the USA and the UK, CBD has repeatedly been shown to be effective in the treatment of epilepsy, inflammation, anxiety and pain, among other issues, whether the patient takes it in tincture, extract or oil form.

Another reason why the law has been changed is because recently, UK citizens have been buying CBD products illegally to try to treat their medical problems. These illegal products came from sources which were unregulated and may therefore have been unsafe for use due to them containing potentially harmful ingredients or additives.

As CBD oil is now a recognised medicine, it can be subjected to stronger regulation to ensure that CBD products are safe to use and that they are both effective and high quality. Companies which make CBD products now have to demonstrate that the products they make meet these standards before being permitted to be sold in the United Kingdom.

Why Is CBD So Popular In The UK?

Many people in the UK are now taking CBD oil to relieve their medical problems thanks to its naturopathic properties. These include its anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic, anti-spasmodic and anti-anxiety properties as well as its ability to support cognitive function and to regulate mood.

Although CBD oil has long been popular in America, some people in Britain still have concerns about whether or not they are allowed by law to use CBD since it has a link to cannabis. There is, however, no need for them to be worried. Many people are also afraid that CBD may cause them to become high, however again, this is a common misconception. CBD may be a cannabinoid like the psychoactive compound in cannabis, THC, which causes euphoria, it does not have any psychoactive properties itself, and therefore cannot intoxicate the user. This means that it is not a drug.

Also, CBD is not only derived from cannabis plants, it is also extracted from other plants like hemp which are from the same sativa family. Much of the CBD oil available in the UK is derived from such sources.

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