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Intellicig is a premium E-Cigarette brand, based in the UK. This company is founded in 2008. Since then Intellicig is trying to establish itself as a global E-Cig company and they have already made sales in more than 20 countries. The Intellicig is trying to break in the electronic cigarette market, so they offer pretty cheap products. Cheap sounds good, but what about the quality? In this review we will find it out. For this review we used Intellicig Starter kit, so let’s take a closer look to the product.

Intellicig review – Packaging/shipping

Intellicig starter kitIntellicig company is unique because they offer both, 2-piece and 3-piece design E-Cigarettes. Almost all Itenllicig starter kits are 3-piece E-Cig kits, including this Starter kit, for our review. The Intellicig Starter kit comes in a modern and good looking box, containing everything you need to start your vaping journey. Package contains following items:

  • Battery x1
  • Vapour device,
  • E-Cigarette cartridges x5,
  • USB charger,

In my opinion, Intellcig looks quite good; I really hope that vapour volume and taste will be great as well. You can also choose a colour for your E-Cigarette. At the moment Intellicigs offer 3 colours for this kit: white, black and silver. Personally, I really like this, and not many brands offer such option.

Intellicgs state that they dispatch all orders in the same day.  (Note that you must place your order before 2PM, to get your product dispatched in the same day). Also shipping usually takes between 2-3 days, which is pretty good.  Overall – I am satisfied with Intellicig Starter kit. Package looks stylish and everything has its own place. Also shipping is pretty fast, so no complains so far.

Intellicig review – Battery/responsiveness

Intellicig battery

The Intellicig Starter kit comes with just one battery, and that makes whole process more complicated. Don’t get me wrong – with “complicated” I meant that you won’t be able to use your E-Cigarette, while your battery is charging. Also it’s hard to tell, when you will need to recharge your battery. It can be very frustrating if your battery is empty, when you are on the go. Personally I strongly suggest you to buy at least one spare battery, so you always could have 1 extra, fully charged battery with you.

Intellicig batteries are quite decent, and last for ~230 puffs, which is an average indicator for a cheaper E-Cigarettes.

Intellicig review – Flavour/vapour

This Intellicig Starter kit comes with 5 cartridges and 1 atomiser (vapour device). This Starter kit is a 3-piece E-Cigarette so it contains from 3 different components – battery, vapour device and cartridge. Most E-Cig companies nowadays prefer 2-piece design, because it’s more users friendly.Intellicig flavour

When it comes to flavour, Intellicig offers very limited choice. At the moment there are only 3 flavours available:

  • Regular tobacco,
  • Rich tobacco,
  • Menthol

Possibly you are wondering what the difference between regular tobacco and rich tobacco is. Actually there is no huge difference, however, regular tobacco is for the generic tobacco smokers, but rich tobacco gives you a fuller tobacco taste.

They also offer 4 different nicotine strengths:

  • 0mg,
  • 5mg,
  • 10mg,
  • 15mg.

Intellicig is one of the few companies, who produce their liquid in the UK. It’s a nice benefit, because liquid which is produced in the UK reach medical standards. So you can be sure that only the best goes into each cartridge. Most companies import it from China. All 3 flavours are quite decent with a fair taste.

10 refills cost just £8.00, which is extremely cheap, however, keep in mind, that these cartridges has a smaller capacity, so they will not last as long as other cartridges.

Intellicig review – Returns/warranty

Intellicig is a pretty decent company and they offer you a 30-day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with their products – no matter if they are used or no.

Also they offer 30 day warranty. However, this is a very short amount of time, and top companies usually offer 6 months + guarantee. I would suggest you to read their „Terms and Conditions” on their site for more accurate information.

Intellicig review – Customer service

Trusted companies are always serious about their customer service, so I am not surprised that Intellicig offers 3 different contact options – through email, via phone or live chat on their site. So there is no problem to get in touch with them.

Intellicig review – Overall

In my opinion, Intellicig offers a decent product for an affordable price, so this could be a good choice for beginners who want to test an E-Cigarette. However, I don’t like the 3-piece design, so I better prefer 2-piece design. If you are looking for a simple and cheap E-Cigarette, this kit could be worth to try. However, there are better and cheaper brands available, for example Cigees.


  1. I have tried numerous e cigs and pg in all. Intellicig is an ecig without pg. It’s flavour is excellent. .no dry mouth or throat with other ecigs containing pg was forever present with other numerous ecig brands. Excellent product.


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