How to pick up right nicotine strength?


Nicotine requirements vary. Actually most important thing is to know how much you smoke now. What kind of a smoker you are? A heavy smoker? Or just a moderate smoker? Personally, I am a moderate smoker, so since I switched to E-Cigarette, I use around 12 mg nicotine e-liquids.

I have no crave for normal cigarette anymore. So here is a guide, how to pick your nicotine strength:

  • If you are half pack, a day smoker then you should try with 12 mg or lower.
  • If you are 1 pack per day smoker try 12 mg to 18 mg.
  • If you smoke more than 1 pack per day, then you are a real smokaholic! In this case try 24 mg or 36 mg e-liquids.

Why You Should Get a Starter Kit?

So the main when buying E-Cigarette is to find out how many mg of nicotine your body needs while you quit tobacco smoking. For beginners, I would suggest to start with E-Cigarette kits.

You will get all in one package, so you won’t need to think about how to put it together. Each starter kit has different nicotine strength cartridges so you can easily experiment with them.

Lowering Your Nicotine Strength

Over time, when you use E-Cigarette, you can slowly decrease your nicotine strength, if you wish to. I suggest you to do this only then when you are totally free from tobacco cigarettes. If you start it before you really quit tobacco smoking, possibly you will return to cigarettes.

So start only then, when you are 100% free from normal cigarettes. There are people like me, who enjoy E-Cigarette and all those great flavours, so I do not try to quit E-Cigarette, at least for now. However, there are many people who use E-Cigarette to finally quite smoking at all. So if your goal is to quit smoking, then just lower your nicotine strength gradually.

I would suggest you to do it week per week, so your body will be able to adopt the new nicotine amount. Do this until you are smoking-free. Furthermore, it is not recommended to smoke a lot before going to bed, because you will not sleep well then.

In the mornings, you need a bigger nicotine hits than later, so you can mix E-Cigarettes. (e.g. you can use an 18 mg e-cigarette during the day and 12 mg at night and before bed).nicotine-dosage

Can I use E-Cigarettes at the same time with normal cigarettes?

So personally when I started E-Cigarette, I was still smoking normal cigarettes frequently. Main reason why I did this was because I wanted to feel the difference between them. There is nothing bad to smoke both as long as you know your limits.

It is quite hard to overdose with E-Cigarette. If you have a strong need to have a normal tobacco cigarette, then have one. I have not heard of anyone having problems with this. Just remember it is recommended to make the switch to E-Cigarette as soon as possible.

How long it will take to completely switch to E-Cigarette?

Another very popular question is: “How long it takes to be totally free from smoking? When I am going to feel comfortable with E-Cigarette?” I will reply you – it really depends on person. For a lot of  people it took just 1 day, however, some others need 1 week.

So it’s up to you and your body. Personally, for me, it was really easy, and I was able to make a switch to E-Cigarette immediately. Just motivate yourself for faster results. The sooner you make the switch the better.

Your health will start to improve immediately, and your lungs will start to recover. Furthermore, you will save a lot more money. I guess those are great arguments to switch to E-Cigarette! At least for me!

I am not a doctor, and I do not have the qualifications to give you health-related advice.  
All decisions should be taken seriously and carefully. If you have specific diseases, please contact to 
your doctor and ask if you can use E-Cigarette. All information I publish here is based on my own experience.



  1. Hi there, thanks very much for your informative info! Ive been surfing for two hours and yours is the best ive found! I only smoke 8mg cigs and most often on a weekend when im out and having a few drinks. I can go from sunday til thursday without a smoke so its really more social/alcohol than anything…which is why i want to know with the twisp-how can i work out dosage of nicotine…i dont want to stop smoking and then find out im taking more nicotine through the twisp! Loving the feel of the vapour though, its better than the real thing!


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