How often you should change an E-Cig cartomizers?


How often you should change an E-Cig cartomizers? This is one of the questions I receive eventually. So I thought that it would be helpful for you if I would share my own experience with you. There is no strict rule about this as the quality of cartomizers can vary. Some might only last one day while others can last up to 4 weeks.

So here are the things that make me want to consider changing my cartomizer. Remember that this applies to all kinds of cartomizers ranging from dual coiled ones and up to low resistance ones.
Okay, Let’s just get to the tips.

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Amount of vapour decreases.

One of the things which means that you should change your cartomizer is decreased amount of vapour. This is easily seen when you’re actually using your e-cigarette as you will need to suck much harder to get some vapour out from your e-cigarette.

Although a dying battery could be a cause of this as well, so to make sure it really is cartomizer’s fault, I would suggest you to swap or recharge your batteries.

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Poly filler might be clogged.

You should have a look at “poly filler” – the spongy material found inside in the cartomizer. In case it is black or dark brown, I would really suggest you getting a new cartomizer as it is clogged. Depending on the e-liquid flavour and thickness, the cartomizer can clog up faster.

When using coffee and chocolate flavour e-liquids, your cartomizer will clog up faster, so in a result you will have to change them more often. One thing you should remember that they “age” overtime so usually after about two weeks the vapour production as well as the performance and flavour tend to suffer.

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When I am vaping, I can feel a burnt taste. Why so?

When the poly filler is burnt, this problem might occur. It’s most likely that you will feel a burnt or chemical-like taste if this has happened. If you do so, the only option is to change the cartomizer as there’s nothing else you can do about it.

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Leaking cartomizer

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that your cartomizer is leaking. Although, if you are over-filling it, that could be the reason as well. A good way to check this is to add a few drops of e-liquid when the cartomizer filler material looks dry.

If it starts leaking through the bottom, it’s most likely that there might be a little hole (possibly atomiser coils have been burnt it) which causes the e-liquid to leak.

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Flavour mixing

Flavour mixing is the one thing I often get asked about. Personally, I don’t mix them, all I do is I just take out another cartomizer with a different flavour. So whenever I want to have a different flavour I just take out different cartomizer. For the best flavour I’d suggest keeping them in zip lock bags.

I hope that now your questions about cartomizer changing are answered. However, I would recommend you changing them every few weeks, even if they seem to be working fine, just for the sake of personal hygiene as they are cheap plus you are already saving lots of money by smoking e-cigs instead of tobacco ones.

If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to post here.

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  1. I recently bought a new tank for my ecig, problem is that i can’t seem to get a hit from it when i suck it feels really aerie and hardly any vapor comes out. I took it back where i purchased at they gave me a new cartomizer and spacer but i’m haveing the same problem. My wife has the same one and she has no problems when i take hits from hers its a clean hit with lots of smoke and the suction is tight. The guy at the shop told me its the cartomizer but i replaced and still does the same thing so please can you help me solve this problem

    • Hi Robert,
      I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your e-cig.

      First of all could you tell me what brand do you use?

  2. I’m using 88vape. Do you have many reviews on the leakage problem and how many times should I change the tank as I vape everyday and can do for a hrs at a time as I’m a heavy smoker due to my stress n depression so vaping seems to help although I have to buy a few a month as they seem to leak n have to suck harder to inhale any vape from it :(


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