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Electronic cigarettes are getting more and more popular in past year, but what do we know about them? We hope that this article will be useful for you, if you are interested into history of electronic cigarettes.

1963 The idea about electronic cigarette first appeared in 1963 by Herbert A Gill. He described his devices as „a smokeless and non-tobacco cigarette”. This devices main goal was to provide a harmless and safe smoking. Idea was great and Gilbert was approached by several companies interested in manufacturing it. However, this device never reached manufacturing and disappeared from the public records after 1967.

2003 – A Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik is widely credited with the invention of the first modern electronic cigarette. He invented this device after his fathers death – his father was a heavy smoker and died from lung cancer. In 2003 he came up with the idea of E-Cigarette. After a 1 year, electronic cigarettes were launched in the market under the name „Ruyan” which means to resemble smoking.

2004 – In this year electronic cigarette or  „Ruyan” was introduced to the Chinese market.

2006 Europe introduced to electronic cigarettes by British businessman Greg Carson. E-Cigarettes were introduced under the brand name of the „Electro Fag”. E-Cigarettes become more and more popular in Europe and created many debates in Parliament. Luckily electronic cigarettes wasn’t included in the smoking ban.

2006-2007 – Electronic cigarettes are introduced to the U.S.

2008 In March 2008  Turkey’s Health Ministry bans the importation and sale of e-cigarettes. Health Ministry Drugs and Pharmacy Director, Mahmut Tokaç, claims that E-Cigarettes are just as harmful as regular cigarettes. The vice president of the Foundation Combating Smoking in Turkey, Kıyas Güngör, claims that “nicotine is the most dangerous element among 4,800 poisonous chemicals in cigarettes.”

In September 2008 The World Health Organization stated that electronic cigarettes will not be considered as a smoking cessation aid.

October 2008 – „Ruyan” sponsored a scientists in New Zealand to test and analyse carcinogens and toxicants in their electronic cigarettes. Overall,  the E-Cigarette tested was deemed as „a safe and healthier alternative to smoking.”

2009 – The FDA instructs the US Customs and Border Patrol to limit electronic cigarette import into the U.S. This was very effective and actually banned imports of the E-Cigarettes. The FDA claimed that electronic cigarettes are a “drug device” which can be harmful, therefore required pre-approval, registration and listing with the FDA.

2010 –  AAPHP states that they support E-Cigarette sales to adults, however, they are against sales to minors. Also the AAPHP recommends that  FDA should reclassify the electronic cigarette as a tobacco product not as a drug device. A study at University of Boston concludes that E-Cigarettes are much healthier than real cigarettes. In the reports, the amount of carcinogens found in electronic cigarettes was 1000x lower than found in tobacco cigarettes.

2011 – U.S. Court of Appeals decided that E-Cigarettes are not drugs or drug devices. The FDA was allowed to regulate E-Cigarettes as tobacco products.

2011 – in the USA  one of five adults who smoke regullary have tried E-Cigarette

2012 – E-cigarette sales increased from 50 000 in 2008 to 3.5 million in 2012.

2013 – 11% of UK regular smokers are using electronic cigarettes and 24% had used them in the past.

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