Health Officials Now Want To Ban Electronic Cigarettes


Public Health Wales (PHW) indicates that banning e-cigars is justified arguing that they are obstacles to people who want to stop smoking. PHW claimed because of the current lack of regulation, the amount of nicotine content varied greatly and no standards on safety were adhered to. In one of the BBC Breakfast analysis, many of the 1000 people surveyed indicated they were against banning e-cigars. They further indicated that they wanted e-cigars to be allowed in public places.

The British Medical Association in its contribution indicated that it strongly supported a ban of e-cigars use in public places for normalising smoking which is generally considered a social evil. The United Kingdom is one of the largest e-cigars consumers with a total of about one million users. E-cigars in the country do not fall in category of tobacco and its many restrictions because no smoke is generated but only vapour containing nicotine. Dr. Julie Bishop, a consultant in public health (PHW), pointed that globally and in the UK too, the focus has been to spread the message that smoking is wrong. The manner of e-cigar usage and promotion are very similar.

Dr. Bishop therefore acknowledged that more required to be done but because the issue was more on public health, there was need for greater care to avoid risking the general public. She further stated that lack of appropriate regulations made the industry to vary nicotine ranges and consumers were not in a position to tell the contents they were using. It is impossible to articulately carry general tests for determining efficacy and safety of e-cigars because of lack of regulation, licensing, and standardisation of the industry and its products.

Dr. Bishop further argues that the manner of regulating e-cigars in future was very vague. She strongly suggested that current prohibition on smoking at the workplace, learning institutions, and public places should also be enforced on e-cigars in order to avoid undoing current gains in discouraging and preventing smoking. PHW emphasises that smoking is one of the main causes of diseases and deaths in United Kingdom. This can be prevented. Every ninety minutes, a victim dies of smoking in Wales.

De Pat Riordan, the director of Health and Healthcare Improvement Division (of which Stop Smoking Wales is a part), states that their intention is not putting off e-cigar users who have switched in an effort to quit smoking. The regulations as well as warnings should be targeted at giving confidence to users of e-cigars instead of making it hard to access products considered useful to the people. The BBC Breakfast Analysis also found 3/4th of the population surveyed to be comfortable when working or sitting next to e-cigars’ users. 62% felt that e-cigars are not in anyway distractive or dangerous to other people and should be allowed in public places.



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