Have E-Cigarettes Been Found Safe to Use? Shocking Revelations


Oh – you do as well wish to know the unbelievable truth? Read on in order to know…

The Wrong Thing with Smoking

Activists in anti-smoking like highlighting dramatic application of ingredients present in the smoke generated by tobacco cigarettes.

For instance, Hydrogen cyanide was employed at Nazi concentration camps, yet another known as formaldehyde is usually employed for preserving corpses.

Even then, it is how you utilise cigarettes with tobacco that occasions problems.

Burning tobacco generates smoke, which as it cools down, produces numerous chemicals plus tar. In fact, going by harm-reduction tobacco experts, we yet have to identify a lot of chemicals contained in the smoke of cigarettes.

We are however aware that many among them are cancer-causing agents.

Safety of Electronic Cigarettes

No combustion takes place with e-cigarettes, which is a fortunate thing that is also contrary to tobacco cigarettes.

Contrary to this and following several analyses, we are exactly aware of what electronic cigarettes contain. Propylene glycol is the chief ingredient, used in numerous applications, among them medicine, cosmetics, asthma inhalers, sterilising drinking water, air conditioners, foods and for producing stage smoke.

This Propylene glycol is a compound that has been applied starting Middle of 20th century. It is considered in general considered inhalation-safe. It even has been employed for sterilising air in wards for children. Still, a minority of individuals may find it allergic. (If you have allergic reaction to it, try to instead use vegetable glycerine.)

The vegetable Glycerine as well has been evaluated by scientists then found safe to inhale.

Majority of e-cigs as well have nicotine. It is not healthy in entirety (has similar effects with caffeine), since nicotine does not pose cancer-causing risk, but only carries some fraction of tobacco-burning risk.

In a study which summarised electronic cigarette analyses, Professor Siegel observed that:

Not any of the over 10,000 chemical components found within the smoke of tobacco, including more than 40 carcinogens already known, has been demonstrated as being present within the e-cigarette vapour or cartridge in any amounts exceeding trace proportions … the electronic cigarettes indeed are safer than cigarettes with tobacco.

Thoughts of Scientists Regarding the E-Cigarette

In general, scientists have said e-cigarettes are much safer to use than regular cigarettes.

The expert opinion expressed most dramatically is perhaps that by David Sweanor, who said:

We should think in ‘safer’ terms, as opposed to the ‘safe’ unattainable standard …. Despite risks related with soccer for instance, I would prefer for my children to play soccer compared to playing with hand grenades which are live.

The Government of United Kingdom’s Nudge Unit concurred with this, stating:

It can no doubt save a huge number of lives, along with pounds in the hundred-millions

The chair, Professor John Britton, of Royal College of Physicians Source Tobacco Advisory Group, belies that:

If all smokers within Britain quit smoking cigarettes then began using electronic cigarettes, 5 million lives would be saved. This is massive prize worth considering in prospective public health.

Short-Term Gains in Health when using Electronic Cigarettes

The fact we are aware of regarding e-cigs is dependent upon science, together with analyses of ingredients used. As e-cigarettes have been utilised for below 10 years, no empirical evidence is available to us concerning long-term effects of cigarettes.

This matter is different effects which run for the short term, however.

We conducted a survey in 2009 along with University of Alberta inquiring what smokers felt upon making the switch to the e-cigarette. Results appeared to be clear:

Content of Other Studies

We have so far been unable to watch any control group all through for a period of 40 years and monitor how e-cigarettes affect them over a long-term period. However, there is huge amount of studies available to the effect that electronic cigarettes are safer to a vast degree compared to tobacco cigarettes.

Inhalation of Nicotine

A particular study focused on inhalation of nicotine. A study was done in 1996 where scientists put rats within some chamber then pumping nicotine in for a period lasting 20 hours daily, 5 days within the week. The rats still remained healthy even after a period lasting for two years. Slight loss in weight was the only noticeable side-effect.

Blood Effect

An expert of World Health Organization wished to test what effect vaping had on bystanders.

The researcher achieved this by testing white blood corpuscles within blood.

Smoking occasions increased white blood corpuscles, produced to counteract damage occasioned by smoke from cigarettes.

The researcher discovered there was not any increased count of white blood corpuscles whether in blood streams of vaper’s or smokers.

Effect upon the Heart of Vapers

A study in 2012 by Konstantinos Farsalinos, an expert, showed vaping did not have any effects of acute form on cardiac functioning, yet just very minor effects relating to heart rate and blood pressure.

Effect upon Lungs of Vapers

Dr Murray Laugesen conducted an evaluation which was among the first ones. It discovered contrary to smoking that persons who vape absorb nicotine within airway passages and not lungs. The studies conducted into vaping effect on lungs have so far only discovered slight airway-resistance increase (which effect could be occasioned by air that is humid as well.)

A survey featuring a total of one thousand vapers is available for determining effect of vaping on their lungs. Get to learn results here!

Are Electronic Cigarettes Therefore Dangerous or Safe?

No, electronic cigarettes are unhealthy and not safe, which at least does not happen in perfect terms. Researchers provide estimates indicating they carry roughly 1 to 2 percent of smoking risk. This poses same risk to health as taking a single coffee cup.

They however are appreciably safer to use when compared to regular electronic cigarettes.

All about the Shocking Reality

It is shocking truth that despite electronic cigarettes having ability of saving lives – along with millions others – they lack the backing they warrant.

Electronic cigarettes with nicotine have been banned in New Zealand. The government acknowledges they are much safer compared to cigarettes and worry it may affect the official policy they hold regarding ‘denormalising’ smokers. The apparatus is even banned within Middle East, where press stories claim the gadget has 10 times or over the amount of nicotine found in traditional cigarettes.

Within the United States, this device can be used legally. However antismoking organisations get funded by pharmaceutical firms that sell competing nicotine brands for campaigning against the gadget.

The European Union commission is attempting to place a ban on the e-cig, with an MEP offering highlights in tax revenue terms, occasioned by its popularity. Is this not shocking?

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