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Gamucci is another major electronic cigarette brand based in London, UK. They also have additional offices in the USA and Asia. Gamucci was founded in 2007 year by Taz and Umer Sheikh. This is pretty old brand and actually Gamucci was one of the first E-Cigarette companies in the Europe. Gamucci have sold their products in over 55 countries worldwide. Electronic cigarettes sold by Gamucci is manufactured in China.

Gamucci review – Packaging/Shipping

I must say that Gamucci starter kit choice is really limited. They offer only 3 starter kits, so I didn’t had a lot kits to choose from so for this review I used their best kit – Gamucci Micro Deluxe starter kit. So let’s take a closer look to it.

This kit comes packaged in nice, white cardboard box with company logo and branding. Whole package looks simple and stylish. This starter kit includes everything you need to start a successful vaping.

In the box you will find following items:gamucci_mini_f

Batteries x2,

Tobacco cartridges x4,

USB charger,

Wall charger,

Carry case,

User manual.


Gamucci E-Cigarette looks nice and it’s decent choice, however, Gamucci doesn’t offer anything unique and there are better choices available.

Gamucci review – Battery/responsiveness

With this kit you will receive 2 rechargeable batteries and different chargers, however, this kit doesn’t include PCC (personal charging case). With PCC you don’t need to worry about batteries, because you can charge them anywhere you want even without power source. Let’s move to the batteries. Both batteries are 240 mAh, and it is a nice step forward, because old model batteries were only 180mAh large. Gamucci claims that each battery is equal to 375 puffs, which is pretty good.


Gamucci batteries lasts pretty long and are quite responsive.

Gamucci review – Flavour/vapour

I really like E-Cigarette brands, which offers various nicotine strengths and flavours. Gamucci has a wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths available.

At the moment Gamucci offers 8 flavours and 5 nicotine strengths.

Flavours available:

• Tobacco,

• Menthol,

• Apple,

• Cherry,

• Coffee,

• Grape,

• Vanilla,


Please notice, that menthol flavour is available it 2 strengths (1.6% and 2.2%), tobacco is available in all 5 strengths and rest 5 flavours are only available with a 1.6% strengths.

With Gamucci Micro Deluxe starter kit you will receive 4 tobacco cartridges with a 1.6% nicotine strength.

Another good thing about Gamucci is that they pre-charge their batteries, so you will be able to vape straight away you receive your package. To use your E-Cigarette, simply assemble cartridge to battery and simply inhale it. Congratulations, you are done! Really simple, right?

Gamucci claims that each cartridge will last for approximately 350 drags (it’s around 2 tobacco cigarette packs). But this is the tricky one, because this always will wary on individual habits.

Gamucci review – Video

Gamucci review – Customer service

Gamucci is a huge brand and they are really serious about customer service. At the moment they offer customer support over the phone or via e-mail.

Gamucci review – Returns/warranty

Gamucci offers 7-day money back for unopened and unused products. For faulty and/or damaged products they offer 30-day money back.


I must say that Gamucci E-Cigarette is a quite decent product, however, there are many better options available for the same or even lower price. If you are looking for a premium kit, I would suggest you Green Smoke or E-lites. However, if you are looking for a cheapest kit, I would suggest you Cigees – it will be a good choice, because they are quite affordable and decent.

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  1. I have been using the 2.2% strength cartomisers for over a month and think they are brilliant. During this time I have not had a tobacco cigarette once. I have my Gamucci e-cig at the same frequency as I always used to to when smoking tobacco and don’t have a problem.
    The 1.6% is a bit sweet for me which is why I use the 2.2% which gives a good kick. I’ve just ordered the pack of 36 refills for £59.99 so that will last me a good length of time and a massive saving over tobacco. Let’s hope the government doesn’t get involved because we know the price will go up.

  2. Can you explain the symptoms toxins can have from from Gamucci cartridges. I keep feeling nauseous, dizzy to the point of blacking out. shaking and generally ill.
    I have other health issues which may be causes some
    of the symptoms but don’t know where to get advice.

  3. I have been using this product for a couple of years and find it to be the best on the market, I still have the odd cigarette when drinking, I use these at work and at home. If you want to cut down or stop try these.
    Jack Beattie.


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